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International Superstar Jon Bricks is Still HipCo and Reps Liberia: Behind the Scene Photos of Still HipCo Music Video

Check out behind the scene photos from the music video shoot of Jon Bricks hit single "Still HipCo" featuring China's hot boy Zheng Zheng. As Liberia goes through this tough time, Jon Bricks gives hope to all the youth of Liberian by inspiring them to stay positive and keep their creative juices flowing. Be on the look out for this amazing video "Still HipCo"   Listen to "Still HipCo" here:                                                                                                                                                        

Fatu Kekulah: Liberia's National Hero During Operational Kick Ebola Out

                                                                                  Fatu Kekula, Liberia's national hero during operation Kick Ebola Out. At the age of 22, this Liberian nurse creatively treated four (4) Ebola cases, with three (3) of her patients also surviving. Fatu never imagined how critical her nurs ... ing training would become until her family was struck with the Ebola virus. Despite providing her patients with constant care, Fatu never contracted the disease herself due to her innovative "trash bag method." Now, aid workers are teaching Fatu's techniques to other West Africans who don't have access to hospitals or standard protective gear as a way to protect themselves as they care for their sick loved ones.