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Do not allow the struggle to affect you negatively

31 December 2016 / Menena Smith Menena Smith Once there was a smart, intelligent  and beautiful young lady. She was fond of everyone that came across her, without the knowledge that the world is a cruel place and that disappointment is a part of human characteristics.  She showed genuine desire to help and improve the world, all Race, Enthic background  and Sex. She was very generous to everyone she met.  As the times and days went by, she was betrayed by two (2) of her most trusted friends.                                                                                                                Instead of sitting in her little lonely corner, having  negative  views of everyone,  she meditated upon the fact that, sometimes these things happen to teach us life's lesson and mode is for the future ahead.                         As times went by, she thought to herself , " If I can overcome betrayal twice in my life, I am convinced and confid

The 10 Dopest Liberian Music Videos of 2016

31 December 2016 / Berenice Mulubah  Hottest Liberian Music Videos From full-on cinematic experiences to surreal interpretations, the top music videos this year showcased not only the best creativity but also the best in visual art.

Why Master Queen Won't Host Miss Liberia 2016 Red Carpet

30 December 2016 / Berenice Mulubah  Master Queen There are a lot of predictable things about Miss Liberia 2016, including beautiful ladies on stage, great performances from artists and Master Queen hosting the red carpet.  Unfortunately, not all dreams do come true.  After an intensive promotion on the Queen hosting the red carpet, she posted in her Facebook group, the day of the event, that she won't be hosting the red carpet.   If you are wondering what went wrong, worry no more, I have the gees for you. Master Queen told C Liberia Clearly that it is all about a business deal that went bad.  The organization was to make a payment months before the event, but didn't follow through, up to the day of the event.  Master Queen said, "since November, the Miss Liberia team had my name on commercial without any payment.  Everyday I called the organizer, it was a different story.  He didn't even call me, I had to call him."  We contacted Mr. Zubin Cooper

Exclusive - G-Rize Extended Interview

30 December 2016 / Berenice Mulubah  G-Rize In this complete, extensive interview, G-Rize talks about the entrepreneurial spirit, longevity and relevance of Master Piece.  What is D.O.F all about? D.O.F is an independent labor that my manager and I started 2 years ago. I came up with the name after I had to make a decision. Either go after something that was easy or stay with what I love even thought it hard which is this music business. I kept telling myself "Go for it, don't quite. Dream bigger than your fears. Put your dreams over your fear. That's when the name came to me D.O.F Dreams Over Fears. I can still remember I was in Maryland when I that happen. I call my manager and told her about D.O.F and she said that's good lets go with it. When did it first occur to you to create D.O.F?    Like I said when I had to make the decision to either stop doing music or hold on to it no matter what.  So 'Master Piece'; how l

Inspiration: Liberian Celebrities with great body transformation

29 December 2016 / Berenice Mulubah  Munnah Are you wishing to lose weight in 2017?  Get some inspiration from our very own Liberian celebrities.  Here are some of our celebrities who dropped  pounds over the years. If they can do it, you can.  I'm sure these folks enjoy eating Liberian food like we do. Check out these great photos and see the transformation.  Your favorite celebrity might be on the list. Bernice Blackie Deng Cece Maintain F dot A dot I definitely have to make this list next year.  20 pounds to go, I am on it. 

A Red Lobster Moment: Great Food! Jennifer M my waitress was awesome

28 December 2016 / Berenice Mulubah  Jennifer Morris Today, I went out to eat with a friend of mine, at the Red Lobster in Jacksonville, NC.  My oh my, what an amazing experience?  Check out my dish.  Looks delicious? It tasted delicious.  Chef Tyler did his thing.  The broccoli was not over cooked, as you can see in the picture.  The steak was juicy and tender.  Yummy!   The lobster was well season.  I didn't get to meet the chef, but I remember his name because they meal was that good.  What topped off the experience was Jennifer M .   She was very prompt and friendly!  Jennifer was very attentive to our needs and had a great personality. She made our experience above average for sure!

Love and Hip Hop Star Chrissy Monroe Jamming to DenG 'Make Dem Talk'

28 December 2016 / Berenice Mulubah Chrissy Monroe Liberian international superstar, Deng hot new joint is all over the place, including in Love and Hip Hop star, Chrissy Monroe car.  She posted this on her Instagram this morning.   We are looking forward to the world enjoying more beautiful music from Liberia. 

Video: Frank Artus in Tubmanburg Bomi County - Kids Christma Party

28 December 2016 / Berenice Mulubah  Frank Artus Annual Christmas Party December 25, 2016. Frank Artus  welcomed about 200 children in Tubmanburg, Bomi County, Liberia, for a jelly good time.   It was his annual Children's Christmas party presented by the Artus Frank Foundation.  Check out the live video below.  

C Liberia Clearly Top Ten Highest Rating Articles

27 December 2016 / Berenice Mulubah  MUNNAH These ten articles took our blog to the next level.  Checking out the articles that are trending on C Liberia Clearly Blog, starting with the least.   10. Former Stripper Sandra Johnson Claims Cypha D'King is Gay - Uses Girls as Cover Up 3280 views:   9. Top Five Liberian Wedding Songs 3377 views 8. Piff Entertainment CEO Andrew Samuka Hijacks Money From Liberia Music Awards After Party 3619 views 7. Munnah's Recent Photos Has Social Media Talking 4126 views 6.  Liberian Movies: Hottest and Sexist Liberian Actors 4634 views 5. Liberia's Culinary Ambassador Chef Thalmus Hare To Build First Liberian Culinary Institute 4642 views 4. Exclusive Interview with Skin Whitening Mogul Rose Fualem aka Rose Fualila 4944 views  3. Politics Ruins Everything 8126 views  2. Liberia Wins African Athletics Championships Bronze Medal 14256 views  1. Michelle Obama, Daughters, La

Broadcast Journalist And Former Lawmaker, Martin Kerkulah Is Dead

26 December 2016 / Berenice Mulubah  THE LATE MARTIN KERKULAH The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) is bereaved.  The death of Martin Kerkulah, who served the National Legislature as Bong County Representative, took many by surprise today. ‘Martin’ as he was called, died at the ELWA Hospital following a brief illness early Christmas morning on December 25th, 2016 family sources said. Martin is the 17th Liberian journalists who died in 2016.

British pop singer George Michael dies at 53

26 December 2016 / Berenice Mulubah  George Michael Popular British pop singer, George Michael has died at the age of 53. He was a member of the singing group, Wham! in the 80s and would go on to have a successful solo career. According to his publicist, he ‘passed away peacefully at home .’ The statement continued, ‘ It is with great sadness that we can confirm our beloved son, brother and friend George passed away peacefully at home over the Christmas period .’ Born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou in north London, he sold more than 100 million albums throughout a career spanning almost four decades. He won numerous awards during his career including three Brit Awards, four MTV Video Music Awards and two Grammy Awards.

C Liberia Clearly: Christmas Help for Four Fredia Medical Clinic Patients

26 December 2016 / Berenice Mulubah C Liberia Clearly team at Fredia Medical Clinic On December 24, 2016, C Liberia Clearly team made a surprise visit to Fredia Medical Clinic at police Academy Junction and paid four patients medical bill. Merry Christmas Y'all, from me and my team.

Juli Endee ft. Flavour – Atulaylay (prod. Masterkraft)

26 December 2016 / Berenice Mulubah Juli Endee ft. Flavour – Atulaylay (prod. Masterkraft) Liberia’s Traditional Queen and Artist, Ambassador Juli Endee is set to hit the African musical chart by storm with the release today in Nigeria of her latest track. The single titled Atulaylay seeks to promote peace and harmony in Africa. It features Nigeria’s music super star, Flavor Nabania. The song is produced by Africa’s most sought after music producer, MasterKraft, who was recently crowned Africa’s Music Producer of the Year 2016. The single is set to be released on Saturday, December 24, 2016 in Liberia where there are very high hopes by fans that it would top the local market. The effort by Queen Juli Endee is intended to throw the spotlight on and give struggling Liberian music industry a rare notoriety while at the same time promoting peace in the region. The video is set to be released early 2017. Click Here to Listen  

New Music: Den-G ft. KCee – Make Dem Talk

25 December 2016 / Berenice Mulubah Award winning Liberian singer, DenG teams up with Nigerian super star, KCEE on a smashing new jam titled “Make Dem Talk”. The new Mystro produced tune Has been released today, December 25, 2016 as a special Christmas gift to their fans across the African continent. A very happy DenG disclosed that he is excited to be introducing his sound but more excited to be working with Nigerian superstar, KCEE. In his words “I was ecstatic when my management told me we would be recording with KCEE. He is a phenomenal talent and very humble despite his tremendous success.”                                                                    Click here to listen

David Mell: We Can't Handle Negative Press at this Level - Liberian Entertainment Industry Don't Need Bloggers

25 December 2016 / Berenice Mulubah  David Mell on set The blogging culture is very new to the Liberian entertainment industry and the fight against it is strong.  Blogging is about seven years young and four years strong.  Not every entertainer is feeling this aspect of the industry, including David Mell.  Yesterday, the Melody maker, David Mell took to social media to express his distaste for blogging and the negative press that comes along with it.  According to the artist, the industry only needs positive press.   What an illusion?  Media is a major part of fame and the entertainment industry, if anyone believe that they can't deal with it, that individual needs to reconsider their path.  The ones who can, will move forward.   I can name more than ten Liberian artists who are handling negative press very well. It's because these entertainers understand what they sign up for.  

Royal Family Radio exclusive interview with Berenice Mulubah

25 December 2016/ Berenice Mulubah    It was nothing but steam in the Royal Family Radio studio on December 24, 2016.  The all time, Liberian controversial blogger, Ms. Berenice Mulubah was in the building, being interviewed by radio host, Mr. Victor Jones.  Check out the interview below.   Click here to listen

George Weah to Open Football Academy in Liberia

Monrovia - The multinational group of companies, known as Diya, has announced a long term global partnership with Liberian football legend George Weah. The deal will see the group scout locations around the world for a number of Hope Football Academies that will look to develop the world’s football talent, particularly in emerging nations where youth have very few pathways to opportunities. The “centers of hope” will begin in Liberia where local African talent will be given a chance to follow in the three-time African Player of the year winner who also became the African Player of the Century. “I am pleased to partner with the Diya group of companies because I share their vision for using the world game in a very positive way in order to help develop emerging nations and offer hope and opportunity to young people where they may have little or no options available,” Weah said. “We look forward to this center of hope in Liberia.” The

Delta Respond to YouTube prankster Adam Saleh says Delta booted him for speaking Arabic

Adam Saleh is known for his elaborate pranks on YouTube, but he claims what happened to him on a Delta Air Lines flight is no joke. Delta released a statement Wednesday after a YouTube star who is famous for hoaxes posted a video on social media accusing the airline of discrimination after he spoke in Arabic on a flight. Adam Saleh, who has risen to fame for elaborate pranks, posted on Twitter that he and a friend were kicked off of a Delta flight after speaking in Arabic. “We got kicked out of a @Delta airplane because I spoke Arabic to my mom on the phone and with my friend slim,” he said in a Tweet. Delta says there is more to the story. "Based on the information collected to date, it appears the customers who were removed sought to disrupt the cabin with provocative behavior, including shouting," Delta said in a statement Wednesday. "This type of conduct is not welcome on any Delta flight. While one, according to media reports, is a known pranks

Marvalous MC arrives United States for concert

22 December 2016 / Berenice Mulubah  Marvalous MC at the airport with Abel Reeves Sr. Bassa rap king,   Marvalous MC has arrived in  Des Moines, Iowa to attend the concert of  AIEF and the Bassa Association Iowa.  The concert will be held on Saturday, January 14, 2017 at 9 PM - 2 AM CST, Events Center West, 1701 25th Street, West Des Moines, Iowa.

Liberia to Implement US$10M Project For Unemployed Youths

21 December 2016 / Berenice Mulubah  Monrovia - Fifteen thousand Liberian youth are expected to benefit from a US$10 million youth opportunity project aimed at reducing the unemployment rate affecting the youth population. The project is a five-year plan of the Liberian government for youth development and capacity building, and it is sponsored by the World Bank. The project is expected to be implemented on a stage-by-stage basis. Youth and Sports Minister, Saah Charles N’Tow told a news conference in Monrovia Tuesday, that the program is designed to benefit youthful Liberians across the 15 counties. He said the decision was made following series of consultations on finding means of addressing the youth unemployment situation in the country. He described it as “being more gender sensitive”. “We still suffer from some of the effects of the global economic crisis." "We still suffer from some of the effects of the war and it is difficult to gener

Karine K Wesseh: The Time is Now

21 December 2016 / Berenice Mulubah  Karine K Wesseh Karine K Wesseh has a message for us all, check it out.   "It's about time that we the youths of Liberia open out eyes and stop living that ''I DONT CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS ABOUT ME'' lifestyle, because you should care in this day and age. For so many years we have been the last in many things. We are last in graduations, We are last in marriages, we are the last in the Entertainment industry, we are the last in economics growth and worse of all, we are the very last in supporting one another successes. Regardless of all this, it i s safe to say that we are not to be blame for our problems.  LIBERIAN CIVIL WAR is the one to blame. Unlike other African countries, our country was in civil war since 1989 until 2005 when Liberia finally set up a government and had a presidential election. Due to Liberian war, most Liberian parents did not go to school, and they did not experience civiliza

Comedian Paul Flomo just got engaged

21 December 2016 / Berenice Mulubah  Paul Flomo and fiance He makes money from being a jokester, but his engagement is not a joke. Comedian Paul Flomo is ready to get serious and settle down.  The entertainer joined his fiance, Lucretia Musu Holt, at Morocco's international airport yesterday, when she flew down from Canada.  They both flew into Accra, Ghana, where he got engaged.  The couple wedding date is set for March 2017.  Congrats to you, Paul Flomo.  We are wishing you nothing but the best. 

Yung Muse Baby Mother Proves to Disgruntled Fan that Her Butt is Real by Getting Out of Character

21 December 2016 / Berenice Mulubah  Ruthie Best Sometimes, we all get provoked and pushed to the edge by fans, but it is all a part of the package for fame.  Ruthie Best, the mother of Yung Muse's child, got out of her quiet, in the shell character, yesterday, when she flashed fans with a photo of her butt out.  Some believe her butt is fake and she wanted to prove them wrong.  Not sure if it was the best move for the young mother. 

Soccer Star Ashlyn Harris Shares Her Liberia Travel Diary: Supporting African Girls in Sports

December 19, 2016  12:34PM  Photo: Courtesy of Ashlyn Harris While most people were scrolling for Cyber Monday deals, U.S. Women’s National Team goalie Ashlyn Harris and coach Jill Ellis boarded the first of three flights taking them from Orlando, Florida, to Monrovia, Liberia. It was only appropriate that they arrived in the capital of the coastal West African country on Giving Tuesday: the two came as sports envoys of the U.S. embassy to visit the Monrovia Football Academy, the first of its kind in Liberia to combine formal education with soccer training. In a culture where soccer, or football, is commonly referred to as manball, it was with great enthusiasm that the women’s soccer stars visited to support firsthand the work the academy is doing to break traditional gender barriers. “They’re doing groundbreaking work by giving girls the chance to play football, and we want to help in whatever way we can,” says Ellis. That included coaching lessons from Ellis,

Ms. Monrovia: Your Love

20 December 2016 / Berenice Mulubah  Your Love by Ms. Monrovia CDT Records and Promo presents Your Love by Ms. Monrovia  CLICK TO LISTEN

Liberian Cultural Association wins New York 'Love Your Block' award

Liberian Cultural Association STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- The Liberian Cultural Association of Clifton was one of 25 groups throughout the five boroughs -- and the only one on Staten Island -- to win the city's "Love Your Block" award. The "Love Your Block" initiative, which is in its ninth year, helps provide an opportunity for resident-led volunteer neighborhood groups to transform and improve their communities through local action with the help of city services. The award is presented by Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYC Service and Citizens Committee for New York City. "When we come together to beautify our neighborhoods, we build a fairer and more just city that is stronger than it was yesterday," de Blasio said. The Liberian Cultural Association and the 24 other winners each received a $1,000 cash grant, project planning assistance and city services to beautify and transform a public space. "Love Your Block grants give community

Video: Joseph Weah Brags About His Life in China - Watch Now

19 December 2016  Joseph Weah Joseph Weah takes the definition of "living the good life" to another level. In a live video on Facebook, he ranted on and on about so much.  You have to watch the video to believe.  Check it out below. 

Miss Liberia 2016: Miss Liberia Returns After 3yrs

Miss Liberia 2016 The Eleven Stripes Incorporated in partnership with Liberian Enterprise Incorporated announces the official launch of Liberia’s foremost national social event Miss Liberia 2016. According to a press statement, the event which will be held in Monrovia on Wednesday 9, November 2016, is under the auspices of the Government of Liberia (GOL) through the Ministry of Information, Culture Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) and the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MGCSP). The launch takes place after a three year hiatus imposed by the Government. According to the organizers, Miss Liberia is back and better than ever. This year’s theme is “Beautiful Mind’s and Everything Liberian”. The date is set for December 30th at the new Destiny Entertainment Center.

Coast Guard, Canada Navy seize 26 tons of cocaine in Pacific

Coast Guardsmen stand over pallets containing more than 26 tons of cocaine worth at least $715 million, on the flight deck of of 418-foot Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton, Thursday, Dec. 15, 2016, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The cocaine was brought ashore Thursday following multiple recent seizures by the U.S. Coast Guard and the Royal Canadian Navy in the eastern Pacific. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky) FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) - More than 26 tons of cocaine worth at least $715 million was brought ashore Thursday in Florida following multiple recent seizures by the U.S. Coast Guard and the Royal Canadian Navy in the eastern Pacific. Coast Guard officers said at a news conference Thursday that the drugs brought to Fort Lauderdale came from 27 separate vessel interdictions and five bale recovery operations off Central and South America over the past three months. Pallets containing the drugs, many wrapped in brightly colored plastic and some bearing labels such as

C Liberia Clearly Personalities of the Year 2016

17 December 2016 / Berenice Mulubah  Emmanuel Matadi 2016 has a been a TREMENDOUS year of wins for Liberia. We had local heroes taking the nation on international platforms and making big changes locally.  It is only right that we honor these folks for such an amazing job.  kudos to everyone who played a role!  Check out the names of those who made our list. 1.  Emmanuel Matadi: Being glued to the TV to watch him represent Liberia at the Olympic was everything for me. I was so proud and yes, he is a winner in our eyes.  He ran his first-round race in 10.31 seconds to finish sixth in his heat.  Amazing. Kudos.  2. Mariam Kromah: Yes, she was right up there with Matadi.  She came fifth-placed in the 400 meters Heat Six with a time of 52.79 seconds and leveled with Aliyah Abrams of Guyana in the 38 th place on the overall rankings of 57 competitors. 3. Master Junior Pewee Russian: Represented Liberia at the 11th Zhengzhou China International Shaolin Wushu festival