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Kizzy W Wins Tunes Liberia Award 2019 Producer of the Year: Celebrates a School of the Blind

Kizzy W visits School of the Blind Kizzy W unselfishly took his celebration to the school of the blind and shared his experience with the kids.  On February 23, 2019, Tunes Liberia awarded Kizzy W as Producer of the Year. The singer, songwriter and producer, immediately headed to the School of the Blind to share his happiness where needed most.   

Legendary Hipco Artist Takun J Recieves Tunes Liberia Prestigious Award

Takun J Jonathan Koffa widely known as Takun J, was honored with a Legendary award at the 2nd annual Tunes Liberia Awards, on Februrary 23, 2019. Takun J is one of the backbones of mainstream hipco music and a voice for the voiceless. His music focuses on social and political issues. Congrats to the king.

Who Did It Best: Liberian Celebrities Tub Pose Face off

Rachael Dahn, Mai Myers, Faithvonic Another day, another entertaining topic!  Scroll through to see stars such as Rachael Dahn Libdiva , Mai Myers , and Faithvonic posing in a tub. You decide: who did it best?

Jussie Smollett Looks Cute in Mugshot Released By Chicago Police - Click link to see

 Police in Chicago has released the mugshot of Jussie Smollett hours after the actor was arrested for allegedly lying to police about being the victim of a homophobic attack. The 36-year-old “Empire” star is dressed in a black puffer jacket and looks weary in the photo. He turned himself to the police today around 5 a.m. local time. A bail hearing has been set for this afternoon. Smollett, who is gay, claims he was the victim of a violent racial assault on January 29 in which two attackers shouted racist and homophobic slurs, poured liquid substance believed to be bleach on him and threw a rope around his neck. Jussie Smollett mugshot 

Liberia: Opposition Parties Make History As United Front

Joseph Boakai, Charles Brumskine, Benoni Urey, and Alexander Cummings sign Memorandum of Understanding Four powerful political parties in Liberia today signed a Memorandum of Understanding agreeing to come together under one umbrella  competing against the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change.   Mr. Joseph Nyumah Boakai of the former ruling Unity Party, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine of the Liberty Party, Mr. Benoni Urey, of the All Liberia Party and Mr. Alexander B. Cummings of the Alternative National Congress all took turns signing this unusual MOU. Mr. Urey is the forerunner of this unit. “Today Liberia is once again making history. Over the year we have heard the clarion call from Liberians both at home and abroad and also the call from our international partners of the need for the opposition to unite,” Mr. Urey declared. “Today, we are signing a document that begins the process of the unity we have been craving for years. We have decided to put Liberia first

Liberia: J Flow Debuts Hot New Look

Liberian singer J Flow Legend Musik artist "J Flow" posted a photo of her fresh new cut with the caption, " “Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it’s about deliberately choosing to be different. The New Me." Check it out below: 

Representative Kolubah Accuses Speaker Chambers of Being Bias

Representative Yekeh Kolubah On 20th February, Rep. Yekeh Kolubah accused Speaker Bhofal Chambers of undermining his concerns and using his authority to suppress the Montserrado County District #10 Rep.  During an interview on "50-50", a local talk show hosted on Sky FM, Rep. Kolubah today his audience that  his concerns are not getting necessary attention, which deny him from fully representing his district. According to Kolubah, Speaker Chambers agenda of the House doesn't includes any of his concerns and the Speaker also refuses to recognize him when he has a point to make in session. He believes that the lack of respect for the House from members of the public results from the way the House is being conducted by Speaker Chambers. He cautions that Liberians will hold lawmakers responsible for not proceeding the right way and for their failure to tell the president where he is going wrong. The Montserrado Rep. threatens to apply his legal authority since he

Hott TV Launches 2019 Music Video Awards

Hott TV 2019 Music Video Awards On 20th February 2019, at Oporto Restaurant,  Hott TV team, including DJ Blue, Master Queen, Double H and Cypha D'King,  announced their newest addition, the "Hott TV Music Video Awards". The TV Station aims to foster creativity in the video industry, as well as reward video production companies for their contribution to the growth of the industry. The award ceremony is schedule for Saturday, 21st December 2019. We have seen tremendous improvement in the artists music video quality. This award show is highly needed. It will encourage more creativity within the industry.  

Liberia: Bucky Raw Feels Unwelcome Within the Liberian Music Industry - The Industry Wants Me To Pack My Load

Bucky Raw Bucky Raw, who was once a hip hop rapper, didn't make a name within the Liberian community until he was featured in the Liberian Entertainment Awards   Cypher few years ago. The artist gave a jaw-dropping performance, rapping in his local Liberian dialect, that drove everyone wild. Since then, his popularity has grown at home and abroad. But, with the fame came along some challenges for the young artist. Over the years, the artist has stepped on many toes, including some key players of the industry. In a post on twitter, bucky raw expressed his inner feelings about the industry.    “The industry wants me to pack my load I jeh arriving. Y’all not see nothing yet .” Are folks hating on Bucky because of Jealously or because of his ego and unpleasant interaction with the industry players? What do you think? 

Liberia: Bucky Raw Team Kissing Up to Nigerian to Get A Deal

Bucky Raw In the Liberian Entertainment Industry, when the higher-ups speak on being humble and respectful, the first respond you receive from most entertainers is "I don't kiss ass." A comment that has been used by Bucky team over the years. Is this phrase limited to just the Liberian Entertainment Industry? Looking at these text messages between Bucky's team and Don Jazzy, it is contradicting from what we have been told. It sure do look like ass kissing. Don't get me wrong, being humble and respectful, especially when you need someone to dedicate their time to you, is highly encouraged. What is not acceptable, is for Liberian entertainers to be so disrespectful and rude to their own people within the industry, but willing to kneel down to foreigners. Check out these screen shots and give us your input. 

Liberian Musicians Climb Nimba Mountian: CIC, JSlught and More

CIC on top of the Nimba Mountain Couple of Liberian musicians took a trip up the famous Nimba Mountain on February 18. Leading the pack was CIC and JSlught. Check out pictures from the trip.

Liberia: Martial Artist Master Russian Offers Self Defense Class for Womem to Prevent Sexual Crimes

Martial artist Master Russian Award winner, Martial artist "Master Russian" has joined the fight against domestic abuse and sexual violence.  Self Defense for Women and Girls Against Rape and Domestic Violence is a campaign launched to stop Violence against Women by Master Russian Martial Arts and Fitness Academy at the Chinese-Liberia Wushu School, SKD Sports complex.  Day 1. In Margibi County. We are calling on all Women organization Schools and Churches to take advantage of this opportunity and help stop Violence against our Mothers, Sisters, Wives, Daughters, and Spices, by learning some Self-defense techniques in Martial Arts. Call us now it is free. 0886658780/0776204549... We too can help make Liberia a better place for all

Liberian Music: Bucky Nation Rips Angel Michael to Shreds After His Bucky Raw Rant

Liberian comedian Angel Michael If you have been following Liberian Entertainment News, you are aware that Bucky Raw's fans, refer to as Bucky Nation, don't play when it comes to defending Bucky Raw's honor. Few days ago, award winning comedian Angel Michael had a taste of Bucky Raw's die hard fans wrath. Bucky Nation are out on social media reading Angel Michael up and down for stating that Bucky Raw needs to be condemned for domestic violence.  Bucky Nation was not having it. They went on trolling the comedian, bashing and ranting, referring to him as a hater.

Liberian Music: Things DenG Could've Done Differently to Protect His Career

Liberian artist DenG Honor is just as important to give as constructive criticism.  Before writing about some of the mistakes DenG made during his career, let me give him his flowers.  DenG is an amazing singer and also, an amazing songwriter. I wish someday, he will get awarded for his songwriting talent.  Unfortunately, this article is about some of his weaknesses.  Many famous people use social media as a platform to do good and to use their voices to create positive change, but some don't. From making problematic statements to trying to get attention, some demonstrate a complete lack of self-awareness. DenG had made a household name for himself over the years, portraying a positive image that drew many to his music. Within the last year or two, things started to go down hill, as his fame grew.  Check out few mistakes DenG made online during the course of his career.  1. Sudden image change: Entertainment business is very very tricky.  It is very easy to turn f

Top 5 Liberian Hipco Artists

Hipco music originated in the 1980s, even though most believe it was created in the 90's. The style of music, which is a combination of hip hop and Liberian kolloque on an afropop beat, existed in the 80s, but was given its name in the 90s and became mainstream in the 2000s. Below is a list of the top 5 artists who have risen to the top of the Hipco genre over the years. Takun J  Takun J made his mainstream debut in the early 2000s when he was featured on the hit song "Pot Boiling." Since then, he had made series of hit songs, including "They Lie".  Takun J has received over 13 awards and known for his humanitarian services as an anti-corruption activist and anti-rape activist. Bucky Raw Bucky Raw has been in the rap game for a while, but he made his household name when he was featured in the Liberian 2016 Cypher. He is known for his hit song "pump tire" and "womi". The artist went on to become the first Liberian ar

Liberia Honours Ghanaian Military Officer

The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) had a further shot in the arm as being a special contributor to international peace, when the Government of Liberia conferred a high national award to Lieutenant Colonel (Lt-Col) Emmanuel Larbi Sarpong Gyadu, Commanding Officer (CO) of GAF’s Army Recruits Training School (ARTS). On Monday, February 11, 2019, the President of the Republic of Liberia and Commander-in-Chief of her Armed Forces, George Manneh Oppong Weah, decorated Lt-Col Gyadu with Distinguished Service Order (DSO), at a parade to mark the 62nd Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) Day. A citation accompanying the award read “Your service to our country brings credit upon yourself, the Ghana military, the Government and People of Ghana and the men and women of the Armed Forces of Liberia”. It further reads, “Lt-Col Gyadu’s outstanding support to the AFL is in keeping with the finest tradition of military service and reflects distinct credit upon himself, his family and the Ghana Army”. Lt-

Rhode Island Lawmakers Reintroduced Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act for Liberian Refugees

Democrat lawmakers, Jack Reed and David Cicilline of Rhode Island have reintroduced the Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act, which aims to allow eligible Liberians to apply for permanent residency and provide them with a pathway to citizenship. The purpose of the bill is to prevent Liberians, whose temporary status in the US will soon expire, avoid deportation. According to these lawmakers, “Many Liberians came to America to escape violence, instability, and disease and are now pillars of our communities.  They are making important economic and civic contributions and should be allowed to stay,”. “Some who were brought here as children have grown up and now have children of their own who are U.S. citizens.  Instead of splitting up families and deporting them to a far off land where they no longer have a home, these folks should have the opportunity to stay, play by the rules, and get on a pathway to citizenship.” Reed, who introduced the Act in 1999 and has done so every ses

Liberia: The Scoop Owner Rachael Dahn Posts Killer Bikini Photos (Click to view photos)

Rachael Libdiva Rachael Dahn aka Ms. Libdiva is as brilliant as she is sexy. The Scoop CEO posted these sexy lingerie photos from her Valentine's Day photoshoot. Check them out below:

Liberia: Sea Shepherd Awarded Military Honor

 Sea Shepherd was awarded the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) by Liberian President Dr. George Manneh Weah at the 62nd anniversary celebration of Armed Forces Day in Monrovia on February 11. Captain Alex Cornelissen, Captain Peter Hammarstedt, Mr. G.M. and the former Minister of National Defense, the Hon. Brownie Samukai   The DSO is the highest military award given by the Ministry of National Defense and the Armed Forces of Liberia, recognizing exceptional service to the Republic of Liberia. Captains Alex Cornelissen and Peter Hammarstedt, Sea Shepherd Global’s CEO and Director of Campaigns respectively, attended the conferment ceremony in Monrovia where Sea Shepherd was honored for “the immense support and contribution in assisting the Liberian Coast Guard to fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing in Liberia.” Since February 2017, Sea Shepherd has been working in partnership with Liberian authorities on joint at-sea patrols that have res

Liberia: Bucky Raw's Reaction to Winning Awards in Liberia's Entertainment Industry

Bucky Raw "If you win an award in Liberia Industry, your price stays the same, if you even had one to begin with." Research shows that artists don't earn cash prizes alongside their pretty new trophies like athletes get for taking home the top spot at professional sporting events. But that doesn't mean awards ceremonies like the Grammys, the Oscars, the Emmys, and others are a complete waste of time. Most people watch awards shows to see their favorite recording artists take home top prizes, like the coveted Album of the Year. But the people who mostly benefit from winning at the Grammys are the ones whose names you’ve never heard of.  Songwriters, producers, and other behind-the-scenes roles often enjoy the best benefits from Grammy wins. Those awards are more of a big deal for them. And it doesn't matter what they won for, winning a Grammy opens all kinds of doors. It's a huge accomplishment.  Winning a Grammy doesn't mean you'll win mone

Liberia: Milton Klechee Up Close with Legendary Jimmy Cliff

Jimmy Cliff and Milton Klechee A recent photo of Liberia's youngest traditional artist "Milton Klechee" and the legendary Jimmy Cliff hanging out, has recently surfaced the internet. Rumor has it that the two might be working on something for the fans. If this is true, it will be amazing. We will keep you guys updated. 

Liberia: Supermodel Cianneh Browne Looks Golden in New Photos

Liberian Supermodel Cianneh Browne Award wining Supermodel , Cianneh Browne just dropped these super sexy photos with her in amazing body paint by FX artist Aleah Kraft. Check out her photos below.