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2015 Top 100 Liberian Songs

 After the Liberian civil war, the Liberian Music industry has been fighting to put back the pieces.  For most artists, part of the fight is producing quality audio and videos,  has been a never ending battle, but 2015 was a sign of hope for the Liberian Music Industry.  A lot of amazing music and quality works were produced by these artists. Check out the top 100 songs produced in 2015.  To listen, Click Here 2015 Top 100 Liberian Songs

PHOTOS: Angel's Lips Launches Master Queen Collection

Master Queen Behold, the dark side of Angel's Lips, the Master Queen Collection. Official. The line, which launched yesterday, is a collection of Angel's Lips darker shades like the Black Widow and many more dark colors. This collection is the first official lipstick line to debut in Liberia by a Liberian entrepreneur.  Bravo ladies.

Next Movie Star 2015 3rd Runner-up E Owusu Dahnsaw Prepares to Return to Liberia

Next Movie Star 2015 3rd Runner up E Owusu Dahnsaw Actor E Owusu Dahnsaw, the only Liberian among the eight winners of the Next Movie Star 2015 and the 3rd Runner-Up, winner of the Most Photogenic and Mr. Game Changer titles, prepares to return to his native land, Liberia.  This morning he posted on social media, "Being the ONLY LIBERIAN against 7 NIGERIANS in the Grand Final only required the hand of GOD. Thank GOD LIBERIA made it!!!!!  I appreciate all your support during the Competition. AM COMING HOME SOON."  I'm sure his friends, family and nation are gladly waiting to receive him.

PHOTOS: Angel's Lips to launch Master Queen's Collection

Angel's Lips CEO Lisa Togbah (left) and Master Queen (right) Come December 26, 2015, a new collection of Angel's Lips will be launched in Monrovia, Liberia, at the Peace Cafe.  This might be Angel's Lips best campaign yet. The CEO, Lisa Togbah, who arrived in Monrovia few days ago, teamed up the hottest female DJ in the country,  to launch a brand new collection named after celebrity DJ Master Queen. 

Liberian Designer Precious Precious Showcases Precious Pieces Couture at Checago Bright Foundation 5th Annual Gala

December 10, 2015 by Berenice Mulubah Precious is an artist bringing arts alive through fashion.  Each of her pieces is uniquely created based on the personality of the individual showcasing it.  Precious revealed her chic wear line, Precious Pieces Couture by Precious Precious, at the Checago Bright Foundation 5th Annual Gala.  It is reported that the designer will be debuting her men's collection right in time for the Liberian Entertainment Awards.                                                                                  "The world has seen only a spark of what I can do, there is a whole flame inside of me." Precious Precious   Precious Precious, designer/CEO of Precious Pieces Couture

Exclusive interview: Clarence Success Cooper on winning the Mr. Universal Ambassador of Africa

9 December 2015 by Berenice Mulubah Clarence Success Cooper, Mr. Universal Ambassador of Africa Berenice Mulubah speaks to the Liberia-based model who has become the first Liberian to be sole winner of the prestigious Mr. Universal  Ambassador of Africa.  How did you get selected to participate in Mr. Universal Ambassador? I came across the pageant information on Facebook.  I contacted the event director and expressed my interest. He replied me and asked if I am the current Mr. Liberia or if I had model before and have any awards that has to do with fashion or modeling.   I told him that my country held the last Mr. Liberia pageant back in early 2002 and since then interested male models with personalities like me have not had the opportunity to compete in such events to showcase our talents. But not withstanding I have model both local and internationally for some big names and big events in the fashion world where I received some accolades.  He requested that I send

New Music: Black-1 – She's Fine ft Fresh Prince (4x4)

  She's Fine: Black-1 ft Fresh Prince (4x4) 05 Dec 2015 ⋅ by Berenice Mulubah     Black-1 is once more tapping into the Afro-beat sound with She's Fine, adding a little Ghanaian swag by featuring Fresh Prince (4x4).  The end result is a sensational vibe that allows him to maintain his roots while entertaining all ages and types of people. “She's Fine” is hot, that's the bottom line, best way to enter the last month of the year. "She's so fine and I want her to be my friend.  She's fine, she's too damn fine and I want her to be my girlfriend." Check out the video above.

2C Lights Up The Stage In Patriotic Shirt That Had Fans Talking

Berenice Mulubah | December 1, 2015 2C walking the streets of Atlanta  Liberian artist 2C, hits the stage at Queens Lounge in Atlanta, GA, wearing a red, white and blue patriotic shirt from his comrades, Ghanaian artists Ruff N Smooth , which left fans buzzing about the next day.   The artist is known for wearing some dope and daring fashions, usually designed by him.  From bling-bling in his mouth, multiple chains dangling from his neck, to daring African outfits, fashion is definitely a part of this artist image.  check out few of his outfits.

Sekou Selli Exclusive Photos: Fitness Model Flaunts Six-Pack Abs

Berenice Mulubah | November 23, 2015 6:00AM Sekou Selli Sekou Selli goes topless for his fans, showing off his incredible body to the world.  The fitness model knows the ins and outs of health wellness and has the body to prove it.  He credits his extensive knowledge to his passion for fitness.  Sekou had a passion for fitness as a 11yr old boy running around Camp Johnson road, in Monrovia Liberia, doing push-ups and playing soccer.  He took his passion with him to the United States and later became a United States Marine.  The retired Marine/fitness model has a MBA and currently pursing another degree in physical therapy. Sekou is also running a successful fitness business, training individuals on how to be healthy and live happy, through physical and spiritual fitness.  To learn more about this amazing model, check out his site                                                                Sekou Selli  

Copy Dey Code - Roland Ross ft VIC

Berenice Mulubah | November 20, 2015  C opy Dey Code, a hot new song by lyrical Hipco artists Roland Ross and VIC.  This song is prove that Hipco has substance and it is here to stay. 

F.A. New Song "Desire" Comes With Controversy

Berenice Mulubah | November 11, 2015 6AM F.A’s new song "Desire" is finally here — and it is causing a lot of rave and rant on social media.  From fans tweeting, sharing, buying, downloading and re-posting the song, to friendly rivalry debating that F.A is sporting a Nigerian accent in the song, one thing is for sure, folks are talking about "Desire."  There are few negative backlashes, but most of the social media comments are positive and supportive.   Click to listen

HipCo Artist RawPekin Critized F.A New Song Featuring Nigeria Artist Chidinma

Berenice Mulubah | November 16, 2015 Left to right: Rawpekin and F.A Soul Artist Faquama Anthony Deline, Mr F Dot A released his new song "Desire" featuring Nigerian artist Chidinma at 1PM GMT, on November 16, 2015.  Few hours after the song was released, Hipco artist wrote this statement about the song on his facebook page:  I know Liberian people are coming to Eat me, but I will keep it 100,  I'm not like others, I call it how I see it,,, OK the FA NEW song,  I fuck with FA but I'm not feeling the new Song. The Record Don't Sound ‪#‎ original‬ Maybe is me but am just saying. No hard feelings... Check out the song and let us know what you think.…/desire-single-feat.…/id1058934616


November 12, 2015| 2:00pm  Faquama Anthony Deline, Mr F Dot A F.A popularly known as Mr F Dot A, was born; Faquama Anthony Deline, in Monrovia, Liberia. An experienced performer, F.A. has opened for artistes such as Freddie Jackson, KC & JoJo, Chico Debarge, Cherrell, Donnell Jones, Anthony Hamilton, Too Short, Pimp C (RIP) and collaborated with local artistes in the United States, establishing his fan base in the American-based Liberian community. In 2008 and 2009, he was awarded the prestigious Best Artiste of the Year title, by the Liberian Entertainment Awards, and nominated for Best R&B Artiste by the Liberian Image Awards, his visuals for his latest single, “Always” also has been nominated for Best Video. Although, some categorize his music as Rhythm and Blues, he has coined his own term: Rhythm & Roots which can be described as a sensual mix of Afro Pop, R&B, Soul with melodies that naturally move the body. Like many young Liberians displa

Fifa: Musa Bility rejected as presidential candidate

12 November 2015 Musa Bility Liberia's Musa Bility has been ruled out as a candidate for the Fifa presidency following integrity checks. Football's world governing body has approved five of the presidential candidates, with suspended Uefa boss Michel Platini also not included. The Frenchman could be added should his ban end before February's election. Prince Ali bin al-Hussein, Jerome Champagne, Gianni Infantino, Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al-Khalifa and Tokyo Sexwale have been approved. Bility, the 48-year-old president of the Liberian Football Association, was given a six month ban from all football activities in 2013 for using confidential documents from African football's governing body in a legal challenge against Issa Hayatou. He was involved in a fight against Caf's rule changes to

Liberian wins top prize for fighting rape

November 9, 2015 Abraham Keita A Liberian teenager has been awarded a prestigious international prize for his role in fighting sexual abuse against girls in the West African state. Abraham Keita was only nine years old when he joined a child-led protest in West Point, one of the biggest slums in Liberia's capital, to demand justice for a teenage girl who was sexually abused and brutally murdered by her foster parents. He later became a member of the Children's Parliament, the driving force behind a campaign to enshrine children's rights to education, healthcare and birth registration in law. Liberia's 2012 Children's Law has since been hailed as one of the most comprehensive on the continent by campaigners. "I was inspired to do something by the murder of the girl in West Point and the terrible situation in Liberia for young girls - the victim could have been my sister or a close friend," said Keita, now 17, who was name

C Liberia Clearly Arts and Culture Grant Winner Announced

Berenice Mulubah | November 2, 2015  C Liberia Clearly Arts and Culture Grant was established on August 17, 2015 to encouraged Liberians to promote Liberian arts and culture and encouraged creativity.  The timeline for entry was from August 17, 2015 to October 31, 2015.  The requirement was very plain and simple, you had to be a Liberian artist, submit an original song with a video concept for the song.  Nine artists entered contest but only six qualified.  Four of the artists were disqualified because a video concept was not submitted with their songs.  One of the four artists disqualified is the renowned Hipco artist, Tru Storry.   The six qualified contestants are:  Musulyn Sweetz Myers submitted Sweetz Bitter Acapella Dash Coleman submitted  Love You Mercy FearlessLioness submitted Love Me Trigg submitted Hood Forever 2 Dahai submitted She Say She Wants It Naweh Diggs submitted We Are One  These artists submitted six great songs, unfortunately, only one winne

Inspirational Messages from 6 Powerful Liberian Sisters: My Sista's Journey

Berenice Mulubah | October 30, 2015 My Sista’s journey is a circle of influential Liberian women sharing life-lessons, successes,challeng es and even disappointments in unique and creative ways through social media. Through personal stories, videos, and images, their goal is to inspire, empower, motivate, and transform the lives of women from all walks of life and create a sisterhood worldwide.  Check out few words from these inspirational Sistas.   Left to right, top to bottom: Shoana Cachelle, Saran Kaba Jones, Karen Koukou-Twaglee, Barkue Tubman, Patrice Juah, Celi Marie Dean   Below are videos with powerful messages from these brilliant women.  

Liberia's Hottest Female DJ: Master Queen

Berenice Mulubah | October 30, 2015 From the runway to the airwaves, Grace Weah aka Master Queen is a beautiful and hot lady of Liberia. She is not only a DJ but she is also a model. She is versatile artist who can make the air-wave shakes and rock the runway.  Master Queen is  popular and appreciated by the Liberian artists around the world.  as well. Her radio show "Grace the Occasion" is the hottest on Hott FM 107.  Her hot appeal is enough to increase her level of fame.  She has Miss Sayon Town, Miss Bushroad Island, Miss Mama Point and District 1 first runner up, under her belt.  From Crystal FM 95.5 to Hott FM 107.9, Master Queen is now a household name in the Liberian Entertainment Industry.  She recently joined the Angel Lip's team as a face of their brand.  Check out Liberia's hottest female DJ, Master Queen. Grace Weah aka Master Queen Master Queen posing for Angel Lip's

Ace Harris: Sexy, Cool and Talented

Berenice Mulubah | October 29, 2015 Ace Harris: ATLiberia Research claims most talent agencies look for 60% looks and 40% talent.  Lasanna Ace Harris aka Ace is the full package and so much more.  Ace Harris is an award-winning, Grammy-nominated producer who has worked with T.I., Nicki Minaj, Lecrae, Kid Ink, & Meek Mill.  He is back to his Liberian roots working to make the Liberian Entertainment industry grow.   Ace Harris is sexy. He is hot, tall, dark and handsome.  He definitely passed 60% looks, he's at 100%.   Ace Harris is cool.  Speaking with Ace, we found out that he is very spiritual, hard working, dedicated and importantly, he is a father and a loving husband.   Ace Harris is talented.  This amazing artist just dropped his collaboration album "ATLiberia" and it is dripping with nothing but talents, hard core lyrics.  A mixed of hip hop and afrobeat, AtLiberia is one of the most talked about albums in the Liberian community. 

Bility formally submits his bid for the Fifa presidency

October 28, 2015 Liberia FA president Musa Bility Liberia FA president Musa Bility says his campaign team have successfully submitted his candidacy to Fifa to stand in February's presidential elections. The 48-year-old's campaign manager, Edwin Snowe, met with Fifa's acting secretary general Marcus Kattner on Monday morning at the world governing body's headquarters in Zurich. Bility has received the backing of the five member associations necessary to stand, which have been passed on to Fifa's Electoral Committee. Musa Bility's campaign manager Edwin Snowe with Fifa acting secretary general, Marcus Kattner   "I am a very happy man," Bility told BBC Sport from his base in Liberia. Bility is only the second African to formally stand for the Fifa presidency, after reigning Confederation of African Football president Issa Hayatou - currently the acting Fifa president given Sepp Blatter's suspension - tried and faile


October 26, 2015  Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, Jr. The Cummings Africa Foundation (CAF), a foundation founded by Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, Jr. and his family, over the weekend announced that it will pay the 2016 WAEC exam fees for the Liberia Senior High School Certificate (LSHSCE) and the West African Senior School Certificate (WASSCE) Exams for candidates in the top schools in Liberia. In a press statement issued from Monrovia and copied to Africa TV1/Africa Radio One on Sunday, quoted Mr. Cummings as saying  “It is important for more candidates to have the opportunity to write these exams. He added that “ this financial support will serve as a bridge for those candidates who have promise but due to their financial situation, are unable to register to take the exams.”  According to Mr. Cummings, “students are the future leaders of Liberia and it is important that we support them to succeed to ensure that they, in turn, also feel vested and give back to  Liberia.” Ms. Fat