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Liberia: Kpanto Entertains Small Crowd at Australia Concert

Kpanto's Australia tour's first night in Perth on April 1st was a tour in terms of attendance, but the artist still managed to put up a fantastic show in spite of the low crowd. Despite Kpanto's tremendous popularity, the attendance was unsatisfactorily low. A video that was just found online shows that there were between 25 and 65 people present. According to the promoter who planned the event, the actual number was 210. Despite all, the musician provided a standout performance.

Liberia: Gospel Artist B2Y2 Releases New Hit Song "No Stress"

B2Y2, a singer and songwriter who is well-known for the calming quality of his voice, is a pioneering musician who has just released his debut Gbema song titled "No Stress." According to B2Y2, "No Stress" was conceived with his Liberian audience in mind. No Stress infuses hope and encouragement into the lives of its listeners. "No Stress" is now playing on all major music platforms.

Liberia: Afropop Star J Wils Releases New Song "Vibe With You"

The official music video for J Wils's newest song, "Vibe With You," which was premiered at the Kizz Daniel Concert in Liberia, has been released. Just recently, J Wils gave a stunning performance in Liberia 2022 at the Kizz Daniel Live concert. He began by presenting his most recent record, in addition to other songs that had recently been released or were soon to be released, such as Mama, Sip-N-Dip, and Taken. Along with other musicians, he got the opportunity to share the stage with Kizz Daniel, Davero, Kobazzie, Teddyride, Stunna, J Slught, Baddgal Aiira, Angel Michael TV, and Giant German Gina. Vibe With You is available on every significant music streaming platforms.

Liberia: J Wils Finishes 2022 with a Performance alongside Kizz Daniel

J Wils, a Hip Hop and Afropop star, had a busy year in 2022, with several releases (Vibe With You) and news appearances in both America and Africa (Liberia News Agency), but the best part was his return to his mother's country, Liberia. It completed a long-planned trip to reconnect with his loved ones, particularly his mother; having the opportunity to perform in one of Africa's premier stages: Monrovia's ATS Stadium, and next to International apropop stars like Kizz Daniel, Davero, Kobazzie, Teddyride, J Slught, and others, was the perfect year end present for the afrobeat star. We're excited to see more from J Wils. Follow J Wils at Web: Instagram: Jwilslive Facebook: J Wils live Media Requests: Contact J Wils at

Liberia: An Open Letter From Diversified Integrated Vocational Educational Foundation CEO, Patrick V. Suomie

My name is Patrick V. Suomie, the Founder and C.E.O. of Diversified Integrated Vocational Educational Foundation, a nonprofit organization established in the state of Georgia, United States, In 2022. I am a Liberian/American, a Soldier, and a Humanitarian. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Management Systems from Purdue University Global. Purdue is an accredited, private university with its main campus in Indianapolis, Indiana. Currently, I am enrolled at Columbus State University, reading Cybersecurity Management at the graduate level. When I emigrated to the U.S. 12 years ago to find a better living, my vision for Liberia was to return home (Liberia) and be a part of the peacebuilding and youth development initiatives. That vision drove me to establish the Diversified Integrated Vocational Educational Foundation (DIVEF). Our mission is to "assure the public of safety by operating a safe rehabilitation facility

Liberia: Spoon TV CEO, Stanton Witherspoon Hit With Wire Fraud and Conspiracy Charges in U.S.

Stanton Witherspoon, a Liberian national living in the United States, is one of 25 people arrested by the United States Department of Justice on charges relating to a fraudulent nursing diploma and transcripts operation revealed in Florida, New Jersey, and New York. The indictment charges defendants Stanton Witherspoon of Burlington County, N.J.; Alfred Sellu of Burlington County, N.J.; and Rene Bernadel of Westchester County, N.Y. with conspiring to commit and committing wire fraud," the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida said in a press release issued late Wednesday. According to the indictment, Witherspoon, Sellu, and Bernadel solicited and recruited individuals seeking nursing credentials in order to work as an RN or LPN/VN. It is alleged that these defendants conspired with Sanon, who operated Siena College and is charged with wire fraud conspiracy, to make and distribute counterfeit and fraudulent diplomas and transcripts. These forged documents claimed th

Liberia: Through NAAFA, President Weah Distributes Life Jackets to Fishermen.

Fishermen from all over Liberia are arrived in Monrovia to take part in President George Manneh Weah's Lifejackets grand formal launch, on Friday, January 20, 2023, in the borough of New Kru Town on the D-Tweh football field on Bushrod Island. According to the Director General of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA), it was a successful lifejacket launch. Each fisherman recieved a free lifejacket from a sitting president for the first time in Liberia's history. According to Madam Emman Metieh Glassco, President Weah has provided the world with a clear picture of Liberia's fisheries potential, drawing financial help from the World Bank, Japanese, and Icelandic governments, among others. Madam Glassco recounted that in 2021, at the official launch of the outboard engines in the port city of Buchanan, fisherman from around Liberia petitioned President Weah for the procurement of lifejackets to ensure their safety at sea. She mentioned that President Wea