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Cece Maintain and Monica Godwin: Who Wore It Best

Cece Maintain and Monica Godwin Cece Maintain and Monica Godwin are rocking a beautiful cream lace dress.  Who wore it best?

National Drugs Service Warehouse in Monrovia on Fire

The warehouse of the National Drugs Service (NDS) and laboratory of the Liberia Medicine and Health Products Regulatory Authority late Tuesday evening were gutted by fire leading to the damage of drugs and laboratory equipment worth over half a million United States Dollars. Both buildings are located in the compound of John F. Kennedy Memorial Medical Center. The cause of the fire is yet to be established, but eye witnesses and security personnel at Hospital told FrontPageAfrica that some maintenance and rehabilitation works were carried out on the building. Wielding was also done at the building. "The wielding men worked here today and changed the zinc and when they left, after few hours we saw fire in the warehouse," a security officer explained. The laboratory manager of the Liberia Medicine and Health Product Regulatory Authority, Alexander E. George, described the burning of the laboratory as a serious setback for the country. The laboratory was us

Flex vs Foreign Ward: A New Beef Brewing

I have to write this the real chichipoly way, because it is too juicy to be standard.  So, apparently, Foreign Ward reached out to Flex camp, offering to be a ghost writer for Flex. That didn't sit well with Foreign Ward old friend, DJ Lib, who is now associated with Flex camp.  DJ Lib posted this indirect message on his Facebook page for Foreign Ward:     If you say you don't need no one to be successful and your music is this & that, why you writing long message trying to be apart of what we got going? # moneymakingafricans the family   The indirect shots started flying back and forth, after that.  Things started to get really mess.  You know how we are, we love messy situations.  We will definitely monitor this beef and see what the outcome is going to be.  According to our sources, Flex team has hired a writer and it is not Foreign Ward.  

Tiger Woods Arrested for Alleged DUI

Tiger Woods arrested According to multiple reports, champion golfer Tiger Woods was arrested Monday for an alleged DUI. The New York Post reports that Woods was booked at the Palm Springs County Jail around 3 a.m. and released at 11 a.m. He has been charged with driving under the influence, but reports have not yet said whether police claim he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.   In his mug shot, Woods is unshaven with messy hair and vacant eyes; he looks absolutely haggard. He's been on a hiatus from his golfing career due to years worth of recurring back problems. He recently had his fourth surgery since 2014, and he's sitting out this year's PGA season. In the last two years, he's only made three starts, and has not played professionally since he pulled out of the Dubai Desert Classic in February after the opening round.  Woods just posted to his blog last week, detailing the fusion surgery he had recently, and saying he plans to

US Supreme Court bans Nigerian music star Burna Boy from performing in US, Canada

Burna Boy   A US Supreme Federal Court in New York has slammed an injunction against, Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy. The injunction prevents him from performing at any event venue or any form of recording anywhere in the US and Canada for the time being unless he settles with the New York- based promotion company, Vibesland Entertainment, LLC, founded by promoter/producer, Niyi Fatogun. Burna Boy is an independent artist signed under the Burna Boy Limited and released his OAS LP under Spaceship Entertainment label that presently holds the copyright to all his music. Advertisement  "An Hour of Wisdom with Drea" coming soon   He was sued in the Federal Court by Vibesland Entertainment, LLC, on allegations that he signed a contract for 2016 USA and Canada tour, failed to turn up and postponed the tour, which put the promoter, Vibesland Entertainment, LLC, in serious debt in the United States. Vibesland Entertainment, LLC,

Nana Addo decorated with Liberia’s highest award

President Akufo-Addo receiving the award from Liberia's President, Johnson Sirleaf President Nana Akufo-Addo has been decorated with Liberia’s highest national award, the Grand Order of the Most Venerable Order of the Knighthood of Pioneers. President Akufo-Addo was decorated on Friday, May 27, 2017, at a State Dinner and Investiture ceremony held in his honour by President Johnson Sirleaf, at the commencement of his 2-day visit to Liberia. The award was for his contribution towards the sustenance of lasting peace in Liberia, and helping to set the country on the path to recovery. The President was also enstooled as a chief by the Paramount Chiefs of Monrovia, and given the stool name Kandakai Gbogba, to wit “a good man who brings peace”. President Akufo-Addo, earlier on his arrival in Monrovia, was given the key to the city of Monrovia by the Mayor, Clara Doe. President Akufo-Addo expressed hope that Ghana and Liberia will continually search for ways t

Nigeria Wants To Train ‘An Army Of Animation Professionals’ In 4 Years

By Amid Amidi  Nigeria, currently the seventh-most-populous country in the world and projected to become the third-most-populous within the next 25 years, believes that animation could be a major driver of economic growth in the coming decades. Last Monday, the country’s minister of information and culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, gave a speech at the opening of the 7th African Digital TV Development Meeting in Beijing, China in which he touted Nigeria’s commitment to growing its animation sector. (The image at the top of this post is from one of Nigeria’s most successful animation studios, EVCL, which produces Bino and Fino . ) In his talk, Mohammed explained that “the advent of a fast-growing ‘digital age’ in Nigeria, the growing popularity of the internet, and the establishment of various media-distribution platforms have given rise to an increasing demand for content and services like animation and digital artistry.”    He said that the Nigerian govern

D'banj Celebrates Fatherhood

Nigerian Singer, D'banj who recently announced the birth of his first child said he could not explain the feeling of having a son. In an Instagram post on Children's day, D'banj wrote, “Happy first #ChildrensDay @danieldthird … I can’t really explain this feeling, but I’m so blessed to have you. “Also Happy #ChildrensDay to all the beautiful Children Across Nigeria and the world . God Bless you all.”

Is DenG losing his magic?

DenG According to an article written by the Liberian Observer, DenG songs are falling off the charts faster than before.   "From ‘Make Dem Talk’ to ‘Some Done Some Na Done,’ it now appears that the top notch artist has lost his lyrical prowess. The two singles’ ‘hot lifespan’ didn’t go past a month after their release dates, maybe owing to the fact that they have a similar message to his first hit single ‘They Vex,’ without being as catchy. Both songs fell short of tapping into his fans’ expectations, and the lyrics appear to lack that power that could speak directly to the soul." Reading the comment session of the article, most of his fans agreed with the writer.  One actually wrote, " The writer was right... Deng didn't do well in the song he ft sarkodie... He has to work on his lyrics and style I have noticed he is trying to change his original sound to something different...." ZB QuoiQuoi This was DenG respond to the author of the a

Miss Liberia Returns From Uganda - Stops in Ghana

Miss Liberia, Wokie Dolo  Wokie Dolo has concluded her week long tour in Uganda, and is expected to arrive in Accra, Ghana today, to meet with her Ghanaian counterpart. During her visit to Uganda, she celebrated  African month through humanitarian outreach programs,  interacting with teenage mothers at the Remnant Generation, distributing educational materials to orphanages. She also visited the Liberian community along with Miss Uganda.  Her tour climaxed with the Keith heart foundation, where she participated in a car wash to help raise funds for unprivileged children that suffered from heart disease.  During an interview in Uganda, she stressed, “The essence of the tour is to break the stereotype among African Queens, noting that the act of being a beauty queen is to help fix each other crown not to discriminate because of on religious beliefs, country of origin, economic background or race but we should embrace our black girls magic beyond boundaries. I love my A

10 Liberian celebrities who would make a cute couple

I decided to play matchmaker with some of our single (or not) celebs.  They just seem right for each other.  From looks, chemistry to partnership, they would lighten up the scene as couples.  Here are my 5 "what if" couples.  Precious Lakis and DenG (They would rule the universe with Class, to the 9th power)  Munnah and Sean P (There will never be a dull moment with these. They will bring spice to our world) Cece Maintain and Al Johnson (A real life entertainment) Master Queen and Alex Sonpn (They would definitely light up our social scene) Mai Myers and ConCcoins (Absolute cuteness.  They would bring us nothing but cuteness)

Meet Chauncy Yarngo, A Chef Claims To Be Remaking Liberian Food

  One of chef Yarngo presentation  An article on chef Yarngo was posted few days ago of the internet, titled " Liberian Chef Rethinks His Country’s Cuisine. "  Chef Chauncy Yarngo is a Liberian narrative.  His culinary skills have taken him far and beyond.  He's creative, hardworking and skillful.  As I read through the article, something caught my attention.   “I cannot be a chef and live here and make my country’s food exactly like they do back home,” says Yarngo about his food. “I’m going to leave the Liberian food to the chef in Liberia.”    One of the greatest impact we face from the war, as Liberians, is the infusion of many different cultures within our society.  From our music to fashion, almost everything within our culture havE been water down, because of our experiences from exile.  One thing that remains consistent is the Liberian cuisine.  Are we going to water that down too? I see Chef Yarngo creativity, I understands it and appreciate it

C Liberia Clearly CEO Berenice Mulubah Says Goodbye to the United States Marine Corps and Hello to Full Time Blogging

SSGT SERGEANT BERENICE MULUBAH, UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS, 15 YEARS HONORABLE SERVICE Over the last four years, I have written stories about many, on this blog.  Today, I get to blog about myself.   Today is my last day in the United States Marine Corps. Oorah. 15 yrs ago, I dropped out of college studying music and enlisted into the United States Marine Corps at age 24. My oldest daughter was only 8 months old. I dropped her off to my mother and away I went. That was 2002, right after 911. Off to Parris Island, I went for training. There after, I went to my first unit, MWSS 272 NC. 3yrs later, off to Japan I went for 2yrs, then back to NC for 3 more years. During that time, I got deployed to Afghanistan for 9 months, also deployed on board the ship iwojima for 6 months, went back to Japan for 4 more years and came back to NC Camp Lejuene for 3yrs. It has been 15 years of honorable service and many sacrifices. The whole experience had its ups and down

JB SoulFresh Call On Musicains To Stop Disrespecting Media Personalities, DJs, Promoters, Managers and Sponsors

JB Soulfresh Wise Words from JB of Soulfresh.  The artist posted these words early this morning on his Facebook page:  I see too many drama in our slow motion music industry these days on social media.. The chain of unity is breaking slowly especially between promoters, bloggers, djs, managers, sponsors and the artists... Every year all we hear is Liberian music is getting there.. Yeah no doubt, the music is better now, the fans are responding... But from a business stand point, we are going no where folks.. It's time to make the money and no excuse about that... But how can we make this money especially the artists? It is by beefing with our promoters, bloggers, djs, managers or sponsors? For me NO! My fellow artists, I know most of us have worked tirelessly, so we can't wait to succeed. Yes, I feel the same too but I believed we can't do it on our own. We need these guys.. So if we have problems, there are ways to state these burning issues instead o

So, How Bad Is Flex New Song "Chi Chi Poulet" ft Davido: Song Gets Thumbs Down From Fans

 Flex has a new single out today called “Chi Chi Poulet,” featuring Nigerian artist, Davido. The song is making a buzz, unfortunately, not in a positive way.  Fans are disappointed in Flex verse, calling it "lazy and wack verse." So: How bad is “Chi Chi Poulet”? Honestly, it’s not as bad as you’d think. It will annoy you no more and no less than any other lazy verse.  Flex has potential, but he need some creativity on his team. Check out the song below.

Ghana Reaffirms Solidarity, Commitment to Liberia as President Sirleaf Hold Talks with President Akufo-Addo.

President Sirleaf happily receives President Akufo-Addo at the RIA. Photo Credit: Mr. Ousman Diallo-EXECUTIVE MANSION Monrovia, Liberia: Ghanaian President, H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo says his visit to Liberia is meant to reaffirm his country’s solidarity and commitment to the Government and people of Liberia. The Ghanaian leader arrived in Liberia on Friday, May 27, 2017 for a two-day official visit. According to an Executive Mansion release, President Akufo-Addo made the statement during both a Working Lunch and a joint press stake-out with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Friday.   President Nana Akufo-Addo noted that since his election in 2016, Ghana remains proud of its relations with the Government and people of Liberia.He expressed delights over the leadership quality of President Sirleaf as she ably leads Liberia and the ECOWAS Authority of Heads of States and Government.   Speaking on security issues, President Akufo-Addo pledged G

Nigerian Gov't Mourns Moji Olaiya – One Week After Death

Moji Olaiya passed in Canada Exactly a week after late Nollywood actress, Moji Olaiya passed on in Canada, the Nigerian government through the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has described her sudden death as a big loss, especially to her family, the movie industry and indeed all her friends and admirers. In a statement issued on Thursday by Lai's spokesman, Segun Adeyemi, the Minister said he “received the news of Moji’s untimely death with rude shock and disbelief.  “The contributions of the late actress to the growth of the burgeoning Nollywood will never be forgotten”. Mohammed prayed for the repose of the deceased’s soul, and for strength and comfort to her family and friends. Olaiya who delivered a baby in Canada in March died at the age of 42.

Mercy Aigbe Heads To UK For Treatment

Mercy Aigbe seeks treatment for domestic violence in the UK Weeks after she was allegedly battered by her husband, Nollywood Actress, Mercy Aigbe has traveled out of the country to meet a Specialists. The actress shared a photo of consulting session online with the caption; In the UK to see an Oral and Maxilloficial Surgeon.....

MadBeatz Radio Bans All Songs Recorded By Shadowman: Lady T the CEO of MadBeatz Radio and producer Shadowman at war

Lady T and Shadownman at war Shots were fired by Shadow's wife, early yesterday morning, under a post that was posted by Inside Liberia.  Mrs. Morgan took direct shots at her husband's ex girlfriend, Lady T the CEO of Madbeatz Radio.  The producer wife in many words, described the private parts of Lady T and her words were not pleasant.  Things quickly escalated between the two.  Lady T accused Shadow of insulting her in her inbox in defense of his wife actions.     Early this morning, the radio station CEO announced on her Facebook page that she will no longer play any songs produced by her ex, shadowman, on her station.  Hope both parties find a way to work things out and at least maintained a business relationship.  

Producer Stone Luckshine Steps Out of Bound - Calls Out Major Artist Managers on Social Media

Liberian music producer Stone Luckshine Stone Luckshine set Facebook ablaze when he posted these words on his page.   "Hmmmmm why Some liberian managers/sponsors always think they are helping or running charity homes and not looking at the business part of the industry? They ride all the big cars, spent all the money on girls, use their artists to get popular, want to be on every party, brand themselves more than their artists, and when their artists noticed they are only being used by these socalled managers and sponsors and decide to leave because their time around these labels are only about party all day and night, but at the end they get nothing. Its funny to see Some LIB MANAGERS/ SPONSORS on posters and flyers, as if they are going to perform, hahahaha. You guys really need to work hard bosses, and stop acting like you are the star. We don't know techno manager but we see his work, we don't know DenG manager but we see his work. We know QB

FreeWifi Signs With Rostrum Records: Major Deal For Romar Yeechie Daniel of Liberian Descent

FreeWifi signs with Rostrum Records Rostrum Records just announced their newest act, music group FreeWifi.  The rap group out of Minnesota, signed a record deal with Rostrum Records, yesterday.  Rostrum Records is a major record label, located in Los Angeles, California.  Grinberg is president of the label, which currently has nine artists on its roster: Wiz Khalifa, Mod Sun, The Bird and the Bee, Donora, TeamMate, Mike Taylor, BRÅVES, Juliann Alexander and Boaz. Rostrum Records has sold millions of albums and singles, and Rostrum's artists have been nominated for a combined total of eleven Grammy Awards.   Romar Yeechie Daniel of the group FreeWifi, is original from Liberia.  To follow his career and music, check out his FACEBOOK PAGE   You can check out FreeWifi new single EGO below

C Liberia Clearly 7 Life Lessons Series with HOT FM 107.9 Liberia CEO Blue Benson: Judge who is best able to further your interest in all situation. Even if it's your enemy

DJ Blue Benson C Liberia Clearly presents "7 Life Lessons" series, interviewing prominent individuals within the Liberian entertainment industry. Today, we had a one on one with HOT FM 107.9 Liberia CEO Blue Benson. Check out below.   Could you tell our audience 7 lessons you have learned out of l ife?  1. Spend less time worrying over a bad situation. Learn to Move on.    2. Talk less and Listen more.    3. Learn the most from the common people.    4. Judge who is best able to further your interest in all situation. Even if it's your enemy.    5. Always leave room for disappointment. Never take it as a surprise. Dangerous.     6. Set Goals.    7. Put God in all you do. Always work.

C Liberia Clearly 7 Life Lessons Series with Singer Kobazzie: I have learned that music is business rather friendship

Kobazzie C Liberia Clearly presents "7 Life Lessons" series, interviewing prominent individuals within the Liberian entertainment industry. Today, we had a one on one with singer Kobazzie. Check out below.   Could you tell our audience 7 lessons you have learned out of l ife?  1. Never stop believing in God.   2. Don't let others to control your life.     3. Everyone in the entertainment industry for business.    4. Having my daughter was the best decision I ever made in my life.    5. I have learned that music is business rather friendship.    6. Putting my dialect in my songs made me a different artist today.    7. I have learned that not because my mouth smell I will not swallow my spit.

C Liberia Clearly 7 Life Lessons Series with Hipco Rapper Queen V: Never make desicions when you mad

Queen V C Liberia Clearly presents "7 Life Lessons" series, interviewing prominent individuals within the Liberian entertainment industry. Today, we had a one on one with Hipco rapper Queen V. Check out below. Could you tell our audience 7 lessons you have learned out of l ife?  1.Never judge a book by its cover.    2.Never make desicions when you mad.    3.Always thankful for what I have.    4.I can achieve anything if I work hard.    5.Experience is the best teacher.    6.Life is full of surprises.   7.No condition is permanent.

C Liberia Clearly 7 Life Lessons Series with Promoter Prince Horace: When you are in the entertainment business, there's lot of temptations. #Girls. I learned to respect my relationship.

Prince Horace C Liberia Clearly presents "7 Life Lessons" series, interviewing prominent individuals within the Liberian entertainment industry. Today, we had a one on one with promoter Prince Horace. Check out below. Could you tell our audience 7 lessons you have learned out of l ife?  1. I have learned to trust God.    2. I realized to put my home first. When you are in the entertainment business, there's lot of temptations. #Girls. I learned to respect my relationship.    3. I have learned to focus on me. I'm first.    4. I have learned not to worry too much. It only hurt you more.    5. I have learned not to put trust in people. I trust no one.    6. I have learned to sit down home small. Lol.    7. I have learned to work harder and save.

C Liberia Clearly 7 Life Lessons Series with Movie Producer Catherine Lemu: I learned to keep my circle small.

Catherine Lemu C Liberia Clearly presents "7 Life Lessons" series, interviewing prominent individuals within the Liberian entertainment industry. Today, we had a one on one with movie producer Catherine Lemu. Check out below. Could you tell our audience 7 lessons you have learned out of l ife?   1.I learned to keep my circle small.    2. I've learned to never allow anything to stop me from chasing my dreams.    3. I learned to make sure my home is taken care of first before other matters.    4. I learned to stay faithful to God and put him first.    5. I learned you can be anything you wanna be if you take risks.    6. I learned that someone will always come around to love you, so don't put your dreams aside for relationship sake.    7. I learned to never tell someone my business on first encounters.

C Liberia Clearly 7 Life Lessons Series with Radio Personality Victor Jones: I have learned how to become a good husband and father to my wife and children

Victor Jones C Liberia Clearly presents "7 Life Lessons" series, interviewing prominent individuals within the Liberian entertainment industry. Today, we had a one on one with radio personality Victor Jones. Check out below. Could you tell our audience 7 lessons you have learned out of l ife?   7 things I have learned in life:    (1) I have learned to be a good leader.    (2) I have build myself a good character.    (3) when I get disappointed I always keep hope to overcome my disappointments.   (4) I try hard to love everyone that I know.    (5) I have learned how to support others instead of being jealous of them.    (6) I have learned how to become a good husband and father to my wife and children.    (7) In everything I put God first and make him my top priority.

C Liberia Clearly 7 Life Lessons Series with Video Producer Lorenzo Loveland: I have learned to always visualize my desires until they become reality

Lorenzo Loveland C Liberia Clearly presents "7 Life Lessons" series, interviewing prominent individuals within the Liberian entertainment industry. Today, we had a one on one with video producer Lorenzo Loveland. Check out below. Could you tell our audience 7 lessons you have learned out of l ife?     1. I have learned to always visualize my desires until they become reality.    2. To never take for granted the advice of older or more experienced people for granted.     3. To take advantage of every opportunity to radically expand my knowledge base.     4. I understand that sacrificing myself for a cause or person does not guarantee reciprocation.    5. In recent history i have learned that a positive mental approach to every venture i engage in benefits me health wise or biologically.    6. I have learned to not be attached to material things because everything is vain once our existence ceases,thus making me a heavy ri