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Busted! Mug Shot of Flex

By Berenice Mulubah 

Flex Sirleaf (2013):  Singer of Holy Ghost Fire The Demon was arrested in Iowa for "Black Money aka Con Artist".
Was Flex singing about his own demons within him when he sang the song "Holy Ghost Fire the Demons Dem"?
In 2013, Liberian Entertainment Awards Best New Artist, Flex served a six months sentence for scamming a man in Iowa out of his money. Of course, the most important part of the ordeal is his booking photo. The musician already paid his debt to society, but we just had to dig out his mug shot.  What do you think, did he pulled it off? Cute or not cute?


  1. Liberian liberian....why are we always trying to bring each other down? This a man who had served his time and now making positve in part in the music industry...why trying to judge this man on his past? Let us be our brothers keeper' can our artist put in more work for us when we are the same people trying to bring them down....this is completely need to stop escalating issue if you can't help solve it..

  2. WoW!your liberian people sick ooooo....


  4. CLiberia I think it's time to change the name of this blog to Bernice Mulbah..I mean since after all you are a gossip blog your views should represent your name as many other gossip blog do.
    Such a shame when I first came in contact with CLiberia clearly I was happy thinking finally someone is about to shine some light and give understanding to outsiders about good things of Liberia as a rising nation in pretty much everything(music...movies etc) but you are doing the opposite...the name Liberia clearly does not fit you as a gossip.
    I get your point on being a gossip write negatively and positivity but since most of your gossips are about Liberians then don't call yourself CLiberia clearly as if you are bringing light on Liberia. Change your blog name

    1. Thanks so much dear. I couldn't say it any more better

  5. Bernice Mulbah blog(what your name should truly be called) there's a time and place for every pick the wrong time for this pick the wrong time to post such an article on a rising star that represent a rising nation. After flex made the video with Akon Liberia more attention was given to Liberian music and even with Quincy B death(although a tragedy)...why are you taking the entire nation one step back Bernice..why let the devil use you to bring down an entire nation. You pick the wrong time

  6. Now you have anger Liberians (the only people who give majority of attention to your posts on Facebook or blogs). Only few people from other nations really know about your blogs truly. If you were on TV now your show will be cancelled because you made your audience mad and they don't want to watch anymore. Reevaluate your blog contents and change its name because it's doing contrary to name.

  7. Finally don't you wanna be a successful blog? When I say successful I mean making money ...having a lot of traffic..activities on your articles...get ads on your blog...
    Look at Linda Inkeji for example..she has been in business for just as long as you and your blog only get few 1000 of viewers. You should have more than that so you can get paid and major ads company run as on your page.
    Reevaluate your platform and see where you want to go to be a successful blog.
    If you want to gossip..then do so but be careful in so doing to not bring down a rising nation.

  8. Eversince 2013.
    Total nonsense.
    This is my last view of CBerenice Mulubah cheap gossips clearly..

  9. Flex boy that's your past and everyone had their own mistakes and flaws.
    You're not the only musician being arrested.
    We love you more.
    Holy Ghost fire the demon them.
    Some of them they don't want to see your success.
    You will rise high above their limitations..

  10. So so BS to the 100°. When will you people bring your own outside for us to read too. Let sleeping dog lie meh..chi. Learn to think positive about each other and forget this damn media manipulation episodes!!!

  11. This is why this page was designed for,good or bad everybody will see or read it.Now some of us never knew who he was; this will not stop anyone from not loving his music.Even 2pac and biggie smalls went through it but still people love them and still listening to their music and watching movies. Good C Liberia Clearly. This is why we can't learn because we don't want to know the truth.


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