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Meet Chauncy Yarngo, A Chef Claims To Be Remaking Liberian Food

One of chef Yarngo presentation
 An article on chef Yarngo was posted few days ago of the internet, titled "Liberian Chef Rethinks His Country’s Cuisine.Chef Chauncy Yarngo is a Liberian narrative.  His culinary skills have taken him far and beyond.  He's creative, hardworking and skillful.  As I read through the article, something caught my attention.  

“I cannot be a chef and live here and make my country’s food exactly like they do back home,” says Yarngo about his food. “I’m going to leave the Liberian food to the chef in Liberia.” 
One of the greatest impact we face from the war, as Liberians, is the infusion of many different cultures within our society.  From our music to fashion, almost everything within our culture havE been water down, because of our experiences from exile.  One thing that remains consistent is the Liberian cuisine.  Are we going to water that down too? I see Chef Yarngo creativity, I understands it and appreciate it, but I can't consider it as Liberian food.  He should name it something else.  

In one of the comments, under a post on social media, someone compared his creativity to that of Chef Hare.  I have to disagree. 
Chef Hare meals are authentic Liberian food.  He keeps his food originally Liberian, with a five star garnish and presentation. Chauncy Yarngo and Chef Hare are both very amazing chefs.  One is marketing Liberian food and the other is marketing something else that is influence by his Liberian heritage, completely different, I don't see comparison.  Both are chefs who are originally from Liberia, but ideology are completely different.  I support them both.  Bravo to my Liberian brothers. 
You can also read Liberian Chef Rethinks His Country’s Cuisine   amazing article. 
One of Chef Hare Dish


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