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New Music Video Alert: G-Rize's 'Show Me That'

G-Rize is out with a brand new visual for his new hit track 'Show Me That'. 'Show Me That' is from his upcoming album 'Masterpiece.' The song was produced by Bigg Timee and video directed by HG2.  Watch Below

C Liberia Clearly Blog Gives Back to the Liberian Entertainment Community

27 November 2016  The C Liberia Clearly fan club volunteered their time to give back to the Liberian entertainment community. One November 27, 2016, the fan club gave Royal Plus, one of the most popular entertainment spot in Monrovia, a make over for the Christmas holiday.  The owner and frequent customers were very grateful for the service.  They expressed their gratitude on social media.  " Entertainment is all about giving back...and your best...big thanks to Berenice Cliberiaclearlyblog Mulubah for job well done....To all liberia entertainers , talking too much on Facebook can't change anything for hard for the industry and moreover Brand yourself good." Prince, Royal Plus CEO Thanks to the amazing team

"Esther is so beautiful everybody wants to rape her": Kenyan political show dropped after male guest makes rape remark

27 November 2016  Former CNN journalist Jeff Koinange was hosting Miguna Miguna and Esther Passaris on his programme when the comments were made.  A political television show in Kenya has been dropped after a male guest made a rape remark about a female guest.  A political television show in Kenya has been dropped after a male guest made a rape remark about a female guest. The show, hosted by former CNN journalist Jeff Koinange, had Miguna Miguna and Esther Passaris as guests - both of whom are contenders for the Nairobi governor seat. Mr Miguna said "Esther is so beautiful everybody wants to rape her", in an off-air personal attack. "You are chasing men all over, nobody wants you," he continued, the BBC reported. "You think you're beautiful, you are not. Esther is just colour. Without colour you are nothing." "A woman who has absolutely no integrity. A socialite bimbo whose only claim to fame is because she is look

Fidel Castro, Cuba's leader of revolution, dies at 90

26 November 2016  Fidel Castro I remember hearing his name as a kid in Liberia.  Cuba's former president Fidel Castro, one of the world's longest-serving, has died aged 90. His younger brother and successor as president Raul Castro announced the news on state television. Castro toppled the government in 1959, introducing a Communist revolution. He defied the US for decades, surviving many assassination plots. His supporters said he had given Cuba back to the people. Critics saw him as a dictator.

'I am more determined than ever to be a voice of change in our generation': Karen Koukou Twaglee Discusses Racism

11/24/2016 by Berenice Mulubah  Karen Koukou Twaglee A determined voice, Mrs. Karen Koukou Twaglee, CEO & Founder of PDS Self-Esteem IMAGE Campaign, spoke with C Liberia Clearly on racism and social injustices.  1)I do follow your updates on social media.  I've observed that you are very passionate and vocal when it comes to racism and the Black Lives Matter movement.  What is your drive and why are you so involved? As a change agent and global citizen, I am passionate about all social and racial injustices and inequality that exist in our world, not just the Black Lives Matter movement, hence the reason I was moved to start my non-profit organization, The Power to Do Something five years ago, which focus is to educate and empower and inspire underprivileged girls, women, and orphans in Africa, beginning with Liberia.  Black Lives matter and my daily #TellingOurStory social media posts are just another dimension to me activating my power to do something in con

Exxon, COPL make Liberia comeback

After a long awaited return to Liberia, ExxonMobil started drilling at the deepwater Mesurado-1 exploration well earlier this week, according to partner Canadian Overseas Petroleum Ltd. (COPL). Map of Liberia, from COPL. COPL, along with ExxonMobil E&P Liberia, an affiliate of ExxonMobil, spudded Mesurado-1 on 22 November 2016, using Seadrill's  West Saturn drillship. The well is about 50mi offshore Liberia on Block LB-13 in some 2500m water depth, and is targeting oil in Late Cretaceous sands. Block LB-13 comprises more than 2500sq km and is in water depths ranging from 250-10,000ft. The Block is 18mi off Liberia’s central coast. Mesurado-1 is the first well operated by ExxonMobil offshore Liberia. With an estimated cost of US$120 million, the Mesurando-1 well’s primary goal is to prove a commercial quantity of hydrocarbons in the Cretaceous Santonianage reservoirs. Mesurando-1 is also expected to provide cal

Milton Klechee: Update on Major Road project,Red Light

11/21/2016 by Milton Klechee  Check out photos from the Red light main road project. The road leads to 72nd.

Milton Klechee: Update on the New OMEGA MARKET

11/21/2016 by Milton Klechee  Check out photos from the new Liberian market "The OMEGA MARKET", located in Paynesville. This market was built for market sellers to leave the streets and  have a better  place to sell, but they have refused. The market is empty, with no one selling in it. This is one major development for the sellers of Red Light to take advantage but everybody wants to sell on the streets. 

Milton Klechee: Update on the Development of Liberia's New Mall

11/21/2016 by Milton Klechee  These photos are from the new shopping mall  in Monrovia. We will keep you updated with photos on the progress.  

Video: Eric Geso live in Australia

Eric Geso Check out Eric Geso live performance In Adelaid.  Watch video before. 

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Kiss After Performing Surprise Duet at the 2016 Latin Grammy Awards

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony shocked the 2016 Latin Grammy Awards audience on Thursday when they took the stage together  and debuted their single "Olvídame y Pega la Vuelta," which they followed with a sweet smooch! Yes, J.Lo took it back to her roots by revisiting Spanish-language music with the help of none other than her superstar ex-husband who is being honored on the big night as The Latin Recording Academy's Person of the Year. The two totally rocked the stage together, causing the crowd to go absolutely wild while continuously shouting, "Beso!" Their new single is a remake of the famous Argentinian duo,  Pimpinela 's song. Interestingly enough, the message is about a lover who is asking her ex to forget about her—about her name, her face, her home—as she has learned to live without him, and she is moving on. After their performance, J.Lo prese

Representative Eugene Fallah Kparkar Dies in India After Undergoing Bone Marrow Operation

11/10/2016 by Berenice Mulubah  Eugene Fallah Kparkar Its has being confirmed that Hon. Eugene Fallah Kpakah is dead.  Hon. Kpakah was the representative for district #1(Foyah district) in Lofa County. According to reports , he died this morning in India.  The promising political force in the lower house was recently flown to India  a bone marrow operation.  His condition became critical and went in coma for three days.

BREAKING! Donald Trump Elected 45th President Of The United States

Photo credit: CNN In one of the most surreal political races our America has ever seen, Republican Donald Trump edged out a victory over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States of America. The battle between the two candidates divided our country unlike any race we've seen in recent history.  Donald Trump, businessman-turned-politician, ran a brutal campaign against the establishment and shocked pollsters who repeatedly shot down hopes that the Republicans would regain control of the White House. Throughout the long election night, financial markets across the globe plummeted as Trump gained ground with wins in key battleground states. As polls closed and results were announced from east to west, the race remained closely contested. It was hours after the final polls closed before Donald Trump was declared the winner.  Trump will take office in January with Congress expected to be fully under Republican control.


Trump delivers victory speech: I will be president for all Americans   1 Hour Ago | 02:06 Donald John Trump will be the 45th president of the United States, capping a historic and boisterous run by an outsider who captured a loyal following across a swath of America fed up with establishment politics, the news media and elected officials.

New social network by Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji to pay top users

Linda Ikeji One of Africa's most famous news and gossip writers, Linda Ikeji, just launched  her very own social network, which she says hit 50,000 sign-ups on the first day. Linda Ikeji, a former model from Lagos, Nigeria, says her social network, LIS (Linda Ikeji Social) has something others lack: a one-stop shop for everything online.  Bravo to one of my favorite bloggers.

2C’s New Song Featuring Friday the Cellphone Man Just Leaked! Hear It Now…

11/6/2016 by Berenice Mulubah  2C hot new joint, "Hard Labor," featuring Friday the Cellphone Man, got leaked few hours ago.  Bad, bad, bad, I wonder who leaked it?  I asked the artist, who claimed not to have any ideal how it got out.  On a positive note, 2C shamed critics with this tracked.  He has been criticized for not singing songs that represents his Liberian root. Let's just say, this track is pure cane juice song.  Check it out below.  LISTEN HERE

Al Johnson Denies Gay Rumors: Rumors of Me Being Gay is Disrespectful and Insulting

11/5/2016 by Berenice Mulubah  Al Johnson   Al Johnson was  amused by rumors of him being a closeted homosexual. The CEO of LIB Muzik addressed gossip of him having sexual relations with his business partner, James Smith.  “I have slept with too many Liberian girls to be called gay.  There is no gay individuals in the LIB Muzik camp.  We are all straight and into women. I love and respect the gay community, but I am not on that team.  Rumor of me being gay is disrespectful and insulting,” he told C Liberia Clearly during an interview. Al dismissed the rumors as just Liberian talk and gossip. Al Johnson is the father to two boys.  He was married to actress Sarah Paige Johnson, from the BET TV show, the Game.  The CEO/Manager is currently dating Liberian talk show host, Brenda Smith. 

Liberian-American Scientist Wins “Lifetime Achievement Award in Science Research” in Medicine

Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan, M.D. Infectious Disease Scientist and Inventor Credit: TKB Photos Washington, DC : The US-based Liberian infectious diseases scientist, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan, has been awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award in Science Research” in Medicine by the Victor E. Ward Educational Fund at its 16 th Annual Crystal Award Gala which was held under the theme, “The Enabling Power of Science and Technology.” “I am pleased to inform you that you have been chosen as the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in Science Research at the Ward Fund’s 16th Annual Crystal Award Gala. The Ward Educational Fund is pleased to present you with this award because of your outstanding commitment to science, particularly in the field of medicine with emphasis on infectious diseases,” said the Award Committee to Dr. Nyan in its communication from Ms. Vickie Ward who serves as Chair. During the Award presentation, the Committee also recognized the personal struggles,

Shining Man's Reaction to Hott FM 107.9 Liberia Interview with Berenice Mulubah

11/5/2016 by Berenice Mulubah  Shinning Man from the group Soulfresh Did you listen to Hott Fm 107.9 Liberia's  interview with Berenice Mulubah?  Hope you did, you can check out the link below.  There was a lot discussed.  Of course, your controversial blogger had a lot to say and the fans had their reaction to the interview.  Check out what Shining Man from the group Soul Fresh had to say about this interview.  "I enjoyed you on air yesterday ooo.  My favorite part was when you said the artists need to understand the music business.  Very good point.  Most artists just doing music but they don't understand the game.  Music is business, so we need to understand the business side of it." Shinning Man from SoulFresh Part 1 of the interview Part 2 of the interview Part 3 of the interview

D12's 'Give Me Love' Video: See Behind-the-Scenes Photos

11/5/2016 by Berenice Mulubah  A still from D12's music video for the 2016 single " Give Me Love" . A sneak peak into D12 new song 'Give Me Love' has fans waiting in excitement. The music video for the song is currently being shot in Miami.  The song was produced by Nigerian producer Master Kraft and video directed by another Nigerian heavy hitter, Patrick Elis. Though a release date for the video has not yet been announced, the fans are still hype about the video.  To tide fans over until the video debuts, D12 has released these behind-the-scenes photos.    

Massive 'test' cyberattacks using Mirai botnet temporarily knock out Liberia's internet

A Mirai botnet was used to flood the target with fake traffic and cripple its servers. By Hyacinth Mascarenhas November 4, 2016 05:54 GMT     The same deadly malware behind the historic internet outage in the US in October seems to have been used to target the African nation of Liberia over the past week through a series of short attacks, temporarily taking the country offline . IT security researcher Kevin Beaumont wrote on Thursday (3 November) that these were distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. They harnessed a network of compromised computers to create a Mirai botnet, which was designed to flood its target with fake traffic and cripple its servers. In October, a massive botnet powered by the Mirai malware targeted DNS provider Dyn to take down a portion of the internet in the US and parts of Europe, preventing users from accessing multiple major websites including Twitter, Netflix, Reddit and others. Beaumont said that the same cyberweapon was u

US begins deportation of Liberians

The United States (US) government has begun a deportation exercise of Liberians. The first batch of about 20 people landed in Monrovia, Liberia’s capital, on Wednesday. Persons been brought back to the west African country are classified as “undesirable” because they have committed various crimes or offences. By the end of the exercise, between 100 and 200 will be deported, the BBC ’s correspondent reports. Speaking on public radio station, Liberia’s ambassador to the US, Jeremiah Solunteh, disclosed that 53 of those to be deported have already “been processed” and are awaiting deportation. Incidentally, whiles some are being brought home, tens of thousands of others are rushing to meet a November 7 deadline for partaking in the annual US government’s diversity visa lottery – the lotto give

Liberian Music Banger Alert!!!! L.P. King Ft Just Prince - Zama Queen

By: Berenice Mulubah | November 3, 2016  Zama Queen by L.P. King Ft Just Prince Hot! Fire! Original Banger! Check out this hot new joint from L.P King Ft Just Prince.  Great Song, Mehn.  Download here for free

Flex vs Al Johnson: Did Flex Dumped Al Johnson and Stole Al's Connections

By: Berenice Mulubah | November 3, 2016  Flex Sirleaf and Al Johnson Ok guys, let's not pretend like we are not seeing this soap opera between Flex and Al Johnson.  One second, Flex is rocking with his ex-manager, Al Johnson; they are flying to Atlanta, meeting Al's connections in the American music industry and bamm, the next second, Flex is no more rocking with Al, and he is getting signed with Gproductionmuzik / KONVIC .  Now, we all know that's Al Johnson territory, he's always bragging about his connections in Konvic.  So, what is it? Did Flex realized that he didn't need a third party and left Al Johnson by the road side, to do it on his own?  Well, Al took it like a champ, he just moved right on to the next talented artist available, D12.   Flex, Flex, Flex, are you becoming the bad boy of Liberian music industry? First you threatens a blogger on social media, then you dumped your manager, what's next for you? Could your hit song, "Holy

Mary Love Prank Fans by Playing King Gucci for Hallowen

By Berenice Mulubah | November 2, 2016  King Gucci and Mary Love Oh My Gosh!!!  Mary Love almost gives her fans a heart attack when she played King Gucci for Halloween.  The Rated R languages was a shocker and completely out of the normal for Liberia's sweetheart, Mary Love.  Check out the video.   Warning: Adult content  Watch Here

African Grammy Winners of All-Time

They are all outstanding talents and acts, and as a result has risen to international stardom. We look at the Africans who have won the world’s most prestigious music award. 6) Tinariwen (1 Grammy) This band of Tuareg musicians from the northern region of Mali was formed in 1979 in Tamanrassset, Algeria. Their first public attraction outside the Sahara came in 2001 with the release of The Radio Tisdas Sessions, and with performances at Festival au Desert in Mali. They won the Grammy award for Best World Music Album at the 54th Grammy Awards, in 2011 with their fifth album, Tassili. 5) Youssou N’Dour (1 Grammy) He is the man of many caps. Singer, percussionist, songwriter, composer, occasional actor, businessman and a politician, Youssou N’Dour is of Senegalese origin. He toured internationally for thirty years, winning his first Grammy Award for Best Contemporary World Music Album, in 2005. He was Senegal’s Minister of Tourism and Culture from April 2012 to