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Entrepreneur on the Rise: Lisa Togbah of Angel's Lips

                                                                         Liberian girls, rock.                                                                         This one is amazing.            Creative and innovative, young entrepreneur, Lisa Togbah, will be launching Angel's Lips, this December, during Monrovia Fashion Week. Lisa Togbah is no stranger to hard work. She is an actress, a model, a bachelor degree holder in Psychology, and has now decided to add entrepreneur to her list of achievements. With a deep love and passion for fashion and people, Lisa created Angel's Lips Cosmetics. Angel's Lips Cosmetics is a lipstick and gloss that cater to women of color.    “I felt like, as an African woman, I wanted to create a brand that my people can relate to.”     Angel's Lips mission is to boost the confidence of black women as they step into the room.   Their slogan is, don’t be seen, be noticed. Well, CLC (C-Liberia Clearly), has clearly

Monrovia Hot Spots

Are you vacationing in Monrovia for the holidays, this year?   I have information on all the hot spots for you.   Monrovia is the most populated city in Liberia, get ready to bump into folks everywhere.   Beyond being congested, you will have fun, fun, fun.   Monrovia is truly a unique melting pot of culture, food and music.   From cane juice shops to night clubs, cold bowl shops to restaurants, there is a lot to experience.   Below is a list of everything to make your trip pleasant.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Top 5 hotels:                                                              1. Royal Grand Hotel                                                                  2. RLJ Kendeja Hotel                                                               3. Mamba Poi

$4 Million Burned to Ashes.

                                                                                 This is not one of my usual topics. I normally focus on arts and culture but I just couldn’t resist sharing this piece of information with you.   Ok, you got me, it wasn’t the physical cash that was burned to ashes but goodness gracious, 4 million is a lot of dollars to be burned in the form of marijuana.   Liberia’s Drug Enforcement Agency destroyed nearly 300 kilograms of marijuana on Friday evening in a suburb of Monrovia, the nation's capital. According to officials, the drugs were smuggled into the country by Perry Dolo, a member of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s motorcade staff.   He used one of the government vehicles to transport the marijuana from Sierra Leone.   How sad? Thank goodness, the president did the right thing by burning the drugs. Of course, she didn't physically burned it herself but it looks good on her leadership. Perry Dolo was arrested shortly after crossi

The Anatomy of Monrovia Fashion Week (Part 1): Pre-shoots

                                                                              The buzz word for the days leading up to Monrovia Fashion Week (Dec 17-21, 2013), is fashion.   Fashion is what we will be preaching, before the fashion week and long after it is over.   In the days and weeks leading up to and following Monrovia Fashion Week, I will cover all controversy, skepticism, criticism, and the success stories, friendships, support, faith, determination, shared visions, encouragement, opportunity, and outreach, that are going to make Monrovia Fashion Week a phenomenal event. Part 1: Pre-Shoots           Rebazar Forte, 6'2'' first modeled with Mod-l Agency in Liberia and has done a few shows.                                                                       Sonnie-etta Thomas, 5'11'' a professional Liberian model working in Cape Town, South Africa with D management. She has done numerous show including the Viviane Westwood Gold Label laun

A Tribute to Cecilia Armena King

                                                                                                                                          Died: November 19, 2013 This post is dedicated to a legend in her own, Cecilia Armena King.   Not only was she an amazing poet, painter, producer but she was a very interesting and deep person.   All it took, for her personality to blossom was the hour I spend with her on my talk show.                   Cecilia Armena King is the great, great granddaughter of daguerreotypist, Augustus Washington, who took the famous portrait of John Brown the abolitionist (1800-1859), taken circa 1846-47. She is the granddaughter of former President of Liberia, Charles D. B. King in West Africa, and the daughter of Cecil D.B. King and Armena Cooper Hines. Also, the granddaughter of James F Cooper, a renowned and accomplished merchant in Liberia. He was also the grandson of Augustus F Washington. Cecelia became “Miss Liberia” in 1972 Pageant” a

Politics Ruins Everything

                                                                          According to Africa Renewal, in recent months Facebook — the major social media platform worldwide and currently the most visited website in most of Africa — has seen massive growth on the continent. The number of African Facebook users now stands at over 17 million, up from 10 million in 2009. More than 15 per cent of people online in Africa are currently using the platform, compared to 11 per cent in Asia. Two other social networking websites, Twitter and YouTube, rank among the most visited websites in most African countries. Along with regular citizens, African stars, thinkers, political leaders and companies have rapidly joined the global conversation. The Facebook fan base of Côte d'Ivoire's football star and UN goodwill ambassador Didier Drogba is more than 1 million people. Zambian best-selling author and economist Dambisa Moyo has more than 26,000 followers on Twitter. Media organizations i

Monserrado County Aspirant Senator: An Exclusive Interview with Ben Sanvee

Benjamin Sanvee, a former Youth Advisor to ex-President Charles Taylor, will be running for the Senator position for monserrado county, Liberia, West Africa, in 2014.   Like Liberian folks would say, “I wanted to know where his head is.”   I emailed Mr. Sanvee some questions, which he responded to, through email.   Below are questions to Mr. Sanvee and his response.                                                                         Me: What does the word, “grassroots” means to you? Mr. Sanvee: The word grassroots to me simply means a movement that is generates from the bottom to the top   and is owned by the people. They are the driving force and what or whom ever emerges from said movement is accountable to the people.   Me: Do you consider yourself a grass rooter? Mr.Sanvee:  I consider myself a Patriotic Liberian that fights to uplift and empower my people.   Me:  Out of the Senator’s main issues of focus, which would you like to work on and why? Mr.