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Zachary Simmons: World Mission Apparel's trip to Liberia

Zachary Simmons trip to Liberia World Mission Apparel is an amazing clothing line with a great mission. A mission to Make it Happen  .    World Mission Apparel was founded by Zachary Simmons at 21 years of age and has flooded Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2014.  World Mission Apparel is currently in Liberia, West Africa, working on its "Make it Happen or Watch it Happen" project.  Within the last few weeks, Zachary Simmons and his team passed out 1000 of T-shirts to Liberian students, bought school supplies, desks and help paid for a student 1 year tuition.   To get an overview of his mission in Liberia, check out this interview below .  

Video: Majid Michel feaured on CNN African Voices

Majid Michel probably gave the folks from CNN African Voices their most unconventional interview yet. Aside his comedic self and obvious celebrity status, Majid shared a part of him that many people don’t know yet – his ministry. Majid has been passionately involved in speaking and motivating people outside his movie career, including making appearances in churches among others all in the bid to change the world. If you missed the interview on CNN, here is a look back at the feature.

The Golden Age of HipCo

By Ike E. Wonasue HipCo Rocks Fact. HipCo is popular among the younger generation from Liberia.  The older generation is still in the introductory phase.  HipCo is a new genre of Liberian music.  It derived from the famous American genre of music "Hip Hop".  HipCo is basically Rap in the Liberian Colloquial (koloqua).   This Liberian style of rap, that is spreading like a wide fire around the world, wasn't ways celebrated.  In its beginning stage, it was known as "a good for nothing music", and the artists were referred to as "Growna boys" (street boys or thugs).  Some refused to play HipCo music in their homes or social gathering, claiming that HipCo music did not have good quality sound or that it was corrupting the minds of their kids.  However, the artists kept working and putting out music that would change the minds of the non-believers.  Most of the game changing HipCo songs spoke about social issues that were affecting the nation a

DenG Returned to Liberia After Successful USA Tour

DenG DenG safely arrived in Monrovia, Liberia, this afternoon, from a successful one month tour in the United States.  The artists toured over five cities in the USA, with most being well attended by supportive fans. 

Roc Citi Fires Back at Rachael Taye "These people shouldn’t be consider role models in our community" Comment

Roc Citi Roc Citi isn't staying quite after Rachael Taye's comments on C Liberia Clearly blog.  While expressing her furstration over the lack of support from Minnesota based Liberian promoters at DenG concert, the talk show host stated, "these people shouldn't be consider role models in our community."   Below is Roc Citi rebuttal to that comment.   "As the Communications Director for Roc Citi Promotion, It is vital that I clear the air concerning allegations made by Miss Rachael Libdiva Taye,Talk show host of "The Scoop". It is indeed ok to scoop, but it’s even more important that while one is gathering facts, one should fact check the facts before dishing out information that are false or attacking others who have continue to make positive changes in our community. Let’s pulse for a moment and list the members of Roc Citi Sound/Promotion. We have created one of the strongest team in the entertainment industry in the Midwest an

Road to AFCON 2017: Lone Stars top of Group A

Liberia vs Djibouti Another victory for Liberia national soccer team, Lone Star.  In Monrovia this evening, the team victoriously welcome Djibouti to their homeland with five goals, giving Djibouti no room to breathe.  Liberia 5-0 Djibouti. Second half, hat trick from William Jebor (46', 49', 90+4') and first half, goals from Anthony Laffor (pen 8') and Sam Johnson (27') were enough to send our Lone Stars top of Group A!!!

Rachael Taye Slams Liberian Artists and Promoters in Minnesota Over their Loyalty: These people shouldn’t be consider role models in our community

Rachael Taye The Scoop Talk Show Host Shots fired! The Scoop talk show host, Rachael Taye held nothing back when she addressed the lack of support from Liberian artists and promoters in Minnesota during DenG Minnesota concert. DenG concert in Minnesota - Rachael Taye My love for Liberian music will never die. I will continue to push our artists and our music to the top. I was very disappointed in the turn up at Deng concert this gone weekend. Liberian artists, and promoters in Minnesota didn’t show up at all, instead they were at baby showers. These people shouldn’t be consider role models in our community. Piff ENT was at a party promoting Nigerian artist Tekno. When asked, he said, "Deng show ain’t got nothing to do with me." When I heard that, I was shocked. As a promoter, why would you say that? Because you wasn’t getting paid, you couldn’t go and support?  He should be strip off his title as a producer, or manager in our industry.  Alaric ENT also

Liberia: Mount Nimba may be declared World Heritage Site

Mount Nimba Range, Nimba County, Liberia Liberia and partners are concluding a dialogue to declare the Mount Nimba Range in Nimba County as one of Liberia’s world Heritage sites.The Assistant Minister for Culture at the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, Louise McMillan, says the East Nimba Reverse covering the Mount Nimba Range in northeastern Liberia is among few natural sites that could qualify as World Heritage sites. She named the others as the Kpatawee Waterfalls in Bong County and Lake Piso in Grand Cape Mount County. Minister McMillian said, though Liberia has mapped 68 sites across the country, both historic and natural centers, none has been declared eligible for global Heritage management standard. She said the Mt. Nimba East Nature Reserve’s eligibility is defended by a satisfactory co-management team organized by friendly international organizations working in the region with caretakers comprising local residents around the mountains. S