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Roc Citi Fires Back at Rachael Taye "These people shouldn’t be consider role models in our community" Comment

Roc Citi
Roc Citi isn't staying quite after Rachael Taye's comments on C Liberia Clearly blog.  While expressing her furstration over the lack of support from Minnesota based Liberian promoters at DenG concert, the talk show host stated, "these people shouldn't be consider role models in our community."  

Below is Roc Citi rebuttal to that comment.  

"As the Communications Director for Roc Citi Promotion, It is vital that I clear the air concerning allegations made by Miss Rachael Libdiva Taye,Talk show host of "The Scoop". It is indeed ok to scoop, but it’s even more important that while one is gathering facts, one should fact check the facts before dishing out information that are false or attacking others who have continue to make positive changes in our community. Let’s pulse for a moment and list the members of Roc Citi Sound/Promotion. We have created one of the strongest team in the entertainment industry in the Midwest and through strategic partnership is running the biggest and most professional establishment in the Midwest, Club C'est La Vie. Last I recall, my team (Roc Citi Sound/Promotion) created one of the few platforms that showcase and continues to showcase Liberian/African artist, especially in the Minnesota area. Roc Citi has supported almost every Liberian artist in our community who needed their work out there, and many times some of them were even compensated. Here are few of the artists that have appear on our stage: David Mell, Rawpekin, Friday the cell phone man, G-rize, Munnah, Snoti, Shadow, D12, Bryan Doe, Bigg Tyme, Xten, Goddi, YNOT crew and the list could go on forever. We did partner to bring Ruff and Smooth to Minnesota because they sang one of the hottest songs (in my view) which put Liberian on the music map to some extent. We ever discussed the possibility to do their music video in Minnesota so as to give exposure to some of our local artist. Yes, we promoted the Liberian Girl song, if that what you mean by promoting like our lives depended on it. As one of the premier entertainment groups in Minnesota, if any other promoter (outside our community) is bringing a Liberian Superstar to Minnesota, it is up to them to get us involved at whatever level, if our expertise and influence is recognized and needed. We, however promoted the show at our establishment and some members even sold tickets as a gesture to support the show.

 IMPORTANT: If you were following the activities on the date of the concert, you may have realized that there were 2 funerals and a memorial service in our community. 2 of our 5 member team was able to represent the group. The remaining 3 had close ties to the deaths and were involved with that. So Rachael, the next time you are concern about why some influential members of the entertainment community did not come to an event, pick up the phone and inquire before going off. You have our numbers and refused to use it and forgot about the importance of FACT GATHERING. Unless the SCOOP is a show for PROPAGANDA, then you are on the right track. Your decision to make false allegations is unprofessional and unacceptable. You have been in the game for a while, you should know better.. Rachael- ROLE MODELS Maybe I may be going delusional, but you noted that because some of my team members could not make the DenG concert, we should not be considered ROLE MODELS. I tell you what, if this defines what a role model is, I humbly decline being a role model or even be considered. Roc Citi promotion consist of 5 talented men, with degrees not in entertainment, but have used their spare time to help change the path of entertainment in our Community. Our lives does not depend on it nor do we lose sleep over what happens. I believe we give more than we get from what we do. You know us better than that Rachael- the right thing to do is to retract your comments and apologize to my team for making statements without finding the facts. If the scoop is going to be a respected format for viewers to appreciate, you must begin by being factual and researching. The Scoop cannot be vital in our community if the ones that can validate its worth are being accused falsely. Here are some of the facts that you conveniently left out: • Roc Citi Sound do support Liberian Artist, • All of us could not show up at this event because of death(s) in our community, • We are one of the few groups to have established a platform for local artist to showcase their work, • We have brought more Liberian artist to Minnesota then you give us credit for, • We play Liberian music even when the crowd disapproves of it. IN OTHER FOR THE SCOOP TO BE A RESPECTED SOURCE OF INFORMATION, IT MUST FIRST APPLY THE BASICS- REASEARCH AND FACT GATHERING.. IF YOU CAN GET THE FACTS - WE MAY ALL BE ABLE TO SEE LIBERIA CLEARY.."  Elmes Mulbah
Rihanna isn’t staying quiet after hearing Wend Williams’ mean comments on the air the other day.
While discussing Chris Brown and Drake, the talk show host turned her attentions to Rihanna and her dating both singers. Wendy went too far labeling her a “hit it and quit it” chick.
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Rihanna isn’t staying quiet after hearing Wend Williams’ mean comments on the air the other day.
While discussing Chris Brown and Drake, the talk show host turned her attentions to Rihanna and her dating both singers. Wendy went too far labeling her a “hit it and quit it” chick.
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Rihanna isn’t staying quiet after hearing Wend Williams’ mean comments on the air the other day.
While discussing Chris Brown and Drake, the talk show host turned her attentions to Rihanna and her dating both singers. Wendy went too far labeling her a “hit it and quit it” chick.
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