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Liberia: Spoon TV Crew visits Henry Giddings at the ELWA hospital.

In the course of their tour to Liberia, the Spoon Tv team made several charitable contributions to persons in need, including Henry Giddings, a 17-year-old who had his tongue chewed off. The crew paid him a visit in the hospital and presented him with cash help as well as an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Liberia: Spoon Tv Has Been Accused of Being a Government Operative

Spoon TV has risen to prominence as a platform for unfiltered news, political viewpoints, and social concerns. Unfortunately for the television network, the recent visit of their team to Liberia has led to some people questioning their objectives and ethics, which is unfortunate for them. Check out few post on the subject from fans around the world. "This is your Spoon TV Crew in Liberia hobnobbing with the CDC Government. My issue is not that they are meeting the Government. I believe in constructive engagement and the Government represent all Liberians. My issue is, this is the same Spoon TV that faults everybody of being in cohort with the government once they hear gossip about you being friends with the CDC folks. This same Spoon TV was disrespectfully calling out my name on their wretched show to come and appear because Jerome Verdier accused me of meeting with Jefferson Koigee and George Weah, as if it is a crime or sin to engage the CDC government or even know or talk

Liberia: In Pictures, Spoon TV Crew in Liberia

During the Spoon TV Crew's brief journey to Liberia, they were able to meet with President Weah, former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Presidential contender Joseph Boakai, Presidential candidate Alexendra Cummings, and interact with the unfortunate. Check out pictures from the trip below:

Liberia: Kobazzie Responds to the Criticism He Has Received for Not Performing at Davido's Concert

To show his support for his buddy and mentor Davido, afrobeat singer Kobazzie traveled to London, where he attended Davido's concert at the 02 Arena. The artist's admirers were ecstatic, and they thought that he would be performing at the event. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and he was only there to demonstrate his support for the cause. Following the event, dissatisfied fans and bloggers flocked to social media to voice their dissatisfaction. Kobazzie responded with the following words: It may not be today or tomorrow but one thing I know for sure, am going to perform on a bigger stage with my Liberian flag 🇱🇷 around my neck one day.

Liberia: Musa Hassan Bility gives heartfelt respond to Keff Hassan question on Bility’s tribe and religion

Check out Musa Hassan Bility respond to Keff Hassan question on Bility’s tribe and religion. “Me, ian’t pay no money to be Mandingo man oh. There’s nothing I can do about it. My mother, Mano woman from Nimba, my father, Mandingo man from Sakapea. I was not there when they were borning me. I played no part. I just saw myself in this world. If that’s a crime, there’s nothing I can do about that one. As a Muslim, culturally, we all found ourselves in the religion that we are in. I’m very proud to be a Muslim, I will exercise my religion, anywhere, everywhere, and whoever does not appreciate that, you can go with whatever you have to offer me. I have been married for 26yrs to a Christian. I got married in the church, at St. Stephens. My wife, I’ve never ask her one day, to be a Muslim, she has never ask me one day, to be a Christian. I’m proud of her, I know how much she holds God dearly, and that is it. If you don’t see life that way, I am sorry for whoever thinks that way.” Musa Hass

Liberia: Watch Teckine's Video for New Song "Ride With Me"

TecKine is a singer and a song writer who is into Afrobeats. The upcoming artist is currently signed under Legend Musik. Teckine has released a video for his latest single "Ride With Me". The track is produced by Kryze. Watch the video for "Ride With Me", directed by Eliane Reeves,produced by Jackie Russ, down below.