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Liberia Music Industry: The Rise of Female Record Labels

C Liberia Clearly Records CEO Berenice Mulubah On Average, artists and songwriters visualize males when they think of producers or of those in senior creative positions. There are less female artists winning awards, getting booked or securing major collaborations with their counterparts. With a slim chance of hope, few females within the Liberian Music Industry are fighting to change the status quo. In 2018, Mz Menneh ran a gender equality campaign for few artists. Pillz initiated an all female cypher.   Berenice Mulubah, CEO of C Liberia Clearly Records, is the first female within the Liberian music industry to own a record label. In 2015, the retired blogger and radio host launched Zama Records, co-partnering with her ex Jon Bricks, who was also the first and only artist of the label. After the two spilt, Berenice Mulubah walked away from the label in good faith. The CEO who is one of the pioneers of the Liberian blogging industry, is back with a new record label, named af

Joey Nicz: A Rising Star From Philadelphia

Joey NicZ   Self Provoked, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has been working his way to stardomb, posting some of his first music to the web in 2017. He recently lighted up the Liberian Entertainment Awards stage with an amazing performance, followed by a live interview on Fox Morning The Q.  Check out his performance during the Liberian Entertainment Awards below.