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Top Five Liberian Celebrities With Natural Big Boobs

Fake, real, whatever,  these ladies have some serious chest power.  When speaking to them in person, you might get distracted by the huge twin sitting on their chests. 1. Entrepreneur/Model Danielle Moore 2. Entrepreneur/ Socialite Celue Doe 3. Entrepreneur/Radio Personality Best Garlo 4. Entrepreneur/Socialite Vivian Hooke 5. Actress Chichi Neblet

Top Liberian Trendsetters - Fashion

In the entertainment business, fashion is huge.  Entertainers are known for setting fashion trends around the world.  These Liberian entertainers are doing just that. The sense of fashion is far from dull, but absolutely daring.   Maxwell Sandi Skylette White Alphani Douki Xten Georgee B Munnah 2C

Gospel Sensation Bernice Blackie Drops Forty Pounds

Bernice Blackie Bernice Blackie went from a solid 185 pounds to 145 pounds without hitting the gym.  The artist told C Liberia Clearly, all she did was alter her eating habit.  Less greasy food, no night eating and smaller portions, did the trick for her.   Check out a before photo of Bernice Blackie.     

Liberian Music Industry: Think of it as a business

For the passed two years,  new talents have surfaced daily, in the Liberian Music industry, but very few business minded individuals to invest in and manage these talents.  The music quality and videos quality are also improving.  Now, the industry needs Cooperate minded individuals to take it to the next level.  To do that, we need the entertainers to understand that their talents alone can't take them from a habit level to a business level. They have to present themselves as professionals, giving business owners a professional reason to take risk and invest into their talents. A lot of our musicians lack professionalism and are very ego driven. Refusing to allow and work with entrepreneurs who are willing to present them effective marketing strategies that will take them into the Cooperate world.  This industry needs communities and national support.  It is a known fact, our society do not believe that arts and culture can vitally contribute to the economic growth of the n

Charlotte Wonjah Released From Prison

Charlotte Wonjah  Charlotte Wonjah was charged with child abuse, cruelty to animals, and two counts of misdemeanor battery and sentenced to prison about a year ago, has been released and is back in the studio.  The artist is adjusting to life out of prison and taking care of herself and kids.

AG DA Profit vs Christoph

AG DA Profit Just in case you are wondering why AG DA Profit new song 'Real Talk' sounds similar to Christoph song 'Papa God', the answer is simple.   Christoph The song "Real Talk " is the second single off AG DA Profit mixtape ...He used a different beat that is a lot similar to Christoph, with a similar rapping scheme and style from Christoph song, to address the current issue that's going on in Liberia. They are two different songs, different topics, similar beats and rap scheme. . 

Liberian Business Woman: Exclusive Interview With Berenice Mulubah

Below is an exclusive interview with the CEO of C Liberia Clearly, Ms. Berenice Mulubah

Princess Fatu Gayflor Back in Studio

Fatu Gayflor The golden voice of Liberia, Princess Fatu Gayflor, has been busy as the assistance director for the Liberian Women Choir, performing at events in Philadelphia, PA. When the Princess and I spoke on the phone today, she said that she  is back in the studio working on a new single. As the assistance director of the Liberian Women Choir, she has a lot on her plate, jogging that and her personal career. Fatu is expecting to do a video shoot for her new single by the end of March and is working on losing some weight before the video shoot. She asked that her fans keep her in prayers and to expect something amazing from her by the summer of this year.

How To Embrace Your Flaws

Berenice Mulubah  I am perfect, but I am not flawless.  I am so full of flaws, it's not even funny. Everything about me is flawsome, but to most, I do come off as flawless because I have embraced my flaws. That takes courage, strength and spiritually, especially, living in a world that is obsessed with being flawless.  Trying to live a flawless life in a flawsome world is stressful.  Why go through all that stress, when you could be free and happy being flawsome?  Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with you trying to improve your life and correct your flaws, there is nothing wrong with that at all, just do it for your personal growth and not for approval.   If you are tired stressing over your flaws, and want to come to the other side, living a happy flawsome life, here are some tips.  Appreciate your individuality Your flaws may make you different from everybody else, but that's a good thing! Don't make the mistake of trying to fi

DJ Beans Gutt Releases Hot New Single 'Wattin You Want Tell Me'

Watch DJ Beans Gutt hot new single, featuring KillaLu and Shadow. 

DJBeans Gutt: More than a DJ

Shadow, Killa Lu, DJBeans Gutt When the radio personality, now turned rapper, DJBeans Gutt, first contacted me to watch his upcoming video and give him my honest opinion, it was just another whatever moment for me.  I couldn't get the video to play at first, for technical reasons.  After few tries, I just didn't bother.  An hour later, rebooted my computer and got things on track.  I clicked the play button and a grand smile immediately appeared on my face.  The first thing that caught my attention was the visual clarity.  Then, came the verses, nothing but talents, natural flows and great punch lines.  Truth be told, I am impressed. I wasn't this enthusiastic about it when he first send me the video, but after watching, I am definitely impressed.  It is very entertaining.

Why Moral Character Matters

Berenice Mulubah I am going to cut to the chase, no need for beating around the bush.  The Liberian society took a huge fall morally, during the civil war.  We haven't bounced back yet, therefore, moral has taken the back seat in our society.  Success is great, achieving it is challenging and entertaining, but to maintain it, you need a strong moral core.  Listed below are some benefits to having a strong moral core.   The Case for Strong Moral Character Achieve peace of mind. People with character sleep well at night. They take great pride in knowing that their intentions and actions are honorable. People with character also stay true to their beliefs, do right by others, and always take the high ground.  Strengthen trust. People with character enjoy meaningful relationships based on openness, honesty, and mutual respect. When you have good moral character, people know that your behavior is reliable, your heart is in the right place, and your word is good as

Blue Links Record Eyeing Nykita Garnett

Blue Links Record producer, Cypha D'King has been hanging out a lot lately with Nykita Garnett.  I think there is more to it, than two cool friends hanging out. There is a business deal in the making.  There record label is under pressure by their foreign partners to have a female addition.  Talking about gender equality.  Hope it all works out, she is an amazing singer.  The soul artist will be performing live at the Liberian Entertainment Awards this year.

Moses Swaray Hot Facebook Photos

Moses Swaray just opened a new Facebook fan page and posted some fabulous shots of himself.  Check out two pics from his recent photo shoot, the musician looks sharp.  Moses Swaray

The Importance of Saying 'No'

Berenice Mulubah, Liberian Poet and Entertainment blogger NO is a word that is sometimes difficult to utter and harder to hear.  Saying YES seems to be more fun, saying yes to parties, dating, working out, work itself, shopping, brunch, online research, social media ... the list is endless. Then there are times when you have to say NO to a loved one (like friends and family), or a client. As a blogger, I find myself in both situations, having to say no to a friend or client.  Blogging has been around since the late 90's, and it is growing into a billion dollar industry, yet, there are many who are unaware of what this industry is all about.  Questions are expected, but it do get frustrating and annoying at times, especially when you have to explain it over and over, to the same individual.  Being a Liberian Entertainment blogger, a lot of Liberian entertainers who are not knowledgeable on the job description of a blogger, mistake me for a promoter and come to me to seek hel

Liberian born Jerome Paye made history as the First Liberian Professional MMA Fighter to be on One FC Fight Card

Jerome Paye A Liberian, Jerome Paye is making international headway to be the first Liberian to set a world record as the first Professional Mixed Martial Art (MMA) Fighter to be on One FC Fight Card. Jerome Paye who currently resides in Indonesia and is fighting under the Indonesia banner proudly display his Liberian flag for the world to know his true origin. Although he has been living in Indonesia for many years and has his biggest and largest Fans there, he still has Liberia in his blood, the young charismatic fighter said. According to Jerome, he's proud to be the First Liberian to take part in such a High Level Mixed Martial Arts World Class Event in the World amongst WOLRLD CLASS MMA fighters from all over the WORLD that will be watched by Billions." He will be entering the ring with the Liberian flag over his shoulder and walking to a music by Jamaican born music Icon, Bob Marley titled: '' Natural Mystic in the AIR." Jerome vow

Liberia to Receive Preferential Flag Status with Respect to Chinese Tonnage Dues

 Pursuant to the Maritime Transport Agreement signed between the Republic of Liberia and the People’s Republic of China on 3 November 2015, Liberia will be added to the preferential list of countries when determining the tonnage dues for vessels calling Chinese ports effective as from 14 February 2016.   The Agreement serves to further develop friendly relations between the two governments and strengthen their cooperation in the field of maritime transport on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, freedom of navigation and the principle of non-discrimination.    In view of the aforementioned, ship-owners of Liberian registered vessels will be charged tonnage dues when visiting any port in the PRC at precisely the same rate as tonnage dues charged to vessels that are lawfully registered and flagged with the PRC.   Within the limits of applicable laws and regulations, the cognizant Chinese authority will take all appropriate measures to facilitate and expe

Ghana's Black Starlets drawn to face Liberia in Africa U17 qualifier in June

Black Starlets Ghana's U17 side the Black Starlets will open their campaign to reach the 2017 African U17 African Championship with a first round qualifier against Liberia in June. The Black Starlets, giants in Africa's U17 tournament, were not seeded for the qualifiers which means they will play in the first round of the competition in the two legged encounter. The Black Starlets will go through three rounds of qualifiers before they can clinch their place for the competition to be held in Madagascar next year. Ghana will play their first-leg, first round of qualifier against Liberia on the weekend of  24 to 26 June  with return legs scheduled for 1 to 3 July. The second round will be played between 5 to 7 August and  19 to 21 August scheduled for the second-leg of the qualifiers. The countries who were seeded will join the second round which will make that stage tougher.   South Africa, Angola, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Ethiopia,

Pandora Hodge Opening Liberia's first art-house cinema

Pandora Hodge Pandora Hodge, enterprising founder of Liberian NGO Kriterion Monrovia, wants to bring the big screen back to the capital city Monrovia with the country's first art-house cinema. Currently Ms Hodge and her team - plus their army of volunteers - screen films in the local community. But they want to help culture blossom with their own cinema.

China Donates US$3m Military Equipment To Amed Forces Of Liberia

The Government of the People’s Republic of China has donated US$3 million worth of military equipment to the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL). Speaking at the official turning over ceremony of the equipment at the Barclay Training Center (BTC) in Monroviaon Wednesday, Chinese Ambassador ZHANG Yue said the donation is evidence of China’s sincere support to Liberia’s peace-keeping and social stability efforts in the course of the U.N. Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) drawdown. Ambassador Zhang said the donation of 20 heavy duty trucks, two motor road graders, 10,000 sets of military uniforms and 40 military tents is the second batch of substantive military assistance from China to Liberia during his tour of duty in the country. “We take Liberia’s development priorities as our assistance priorities which are aimed at bringing tangible benefits to the Liberian people as the development of the overall bilateral relations, exchanges and cooperation between both countries has deepe

Liberia’s debts stand at US$651.5 Million - CBL discloses

Liberia’s debt stock stood at US$651.5 million at the end of September, 2015, the Central Bank of Liberia has disclosed. In its financial and economic bulletin covering the period July to September 2015 released recently, the bank stated that the amount was reduced by 15.1 percent and 6.2 percent against the stocks that were recorded at the ends of June 2014 and September, 2015, respectively. According to the report, the reduction was occasioned by 23.2 percent and 0.8 percent drops in external and domestic debt stocks for the period under review. The report has, meanwhile, stated that total revenue and grants for the same period amounted to L$12,347.9 million. The report indicated that the amount rose by L$947.5 million and L$1, 603.6 million, respectively. The report also noted that the increase in total revenue and grants during the quarter compared with the previous period was attributed to 2.2 percent and 25.3 percent growths in tax and non-tax revenues, re

Gospel musician turns politician

Kanvee Adams A Liberian Gospel musician Kanvee Adams has joined politics, declaring her intention to contest for legislative seat in Montserrado County electoral district #6 in the ensuing 2017 elections. Kanvee, also a Gospel music ambassador, told reporters in a press conference Tuesday in Monrovia she is prepared to go to the end. “Although there will be challenges and distractions but we will remain focus and will not be deterred,” she stated. She noted that after three years of prayerful time, seeking God’s face about Liberia and consultation with marketers, youths, elders, community leaders and political actors in district#6, she has decided to contest for a representative post to champion the interest of her people in the Liberian Legislature. The Gospel musician said she joined the race to win and change the way business is done in the district, vowing to run an open or inclusive administration that would encourage district#6 residents to make decisio

Liberian Gov’t Vows To Prosecute MPC Leader, Simeon Freeman

Add caption The government has vowed to prosecute the political leader of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), Simeon Freeman, for falsely accusing it of planning to kill key politicians. Freeman told a news conference last Friday in Monrovia that the government had a hit list of ten politicians, including himself, to be killed. But Justice Minister Benedict Sannoh told a Ministry of Information press briefing Tuesday that the claims made by Freeman were false and misleading, noting that the government has the responsibility to ensure peace and stability in the country. Meanwhile, Sannoh has called on well-meaning Liberians to always provide the right information on situation in the country and not information that could create chaos and confusion. LINA

Amara Konneh: Liberia Senate attempt to jail finance minister fails

Amara Konneh was named African finance minister of the year by a banking magazine Liberia's Supreme Court has stopped the Senate's attempts to jail the country's finance minister after he tried to clamp down on politicians' expenses. London-based Banker Magazine awarded Amara Konneh its African Finance Minister of the Year award in 2014. But on Tuesday the Senate voted to jail Mr Konneh for acting beyond his powers by proposing a $1.2m (£800,000) budget cut. The Supreme Court ordered a halt on his imprisonment "until further notice".

Transforming from Bucky Raw to Manolo.

Manolo formerly known as Bucky Raw I remember having a short conversation with this young man on the phone, few months back. We talked about him understanding his target audience and building an image that will give him a larger fan base. We also talked about him rapping in his dialect. About a month ago, he dropped a Mano freestyle that went viral. Shortly after, he changed his name from Bucky Raw to Manolo. Slowly, he is transitioning from a thug hip hop rapper to a Hipco/traditional rapper and the boy has fire. I am glad to see this transformation. These amazing, determine, young talents are up to something. They are going to build something out of nothing and they are going to do it without the help of foreigners. Why? Because they have what it takes to succeed, all they need is a little bit of discipline and it is on its way.

Liberia Government Signs US$64 Million Electricity Package

The European Union and the Government of Liberia have signed two financial agreements for projects totaling US$64 million in the key sectors of electricity, and institutional capacity in aid management. The EU has also confirmed an additional US$34 million in grant funding as part of its ongoing budget support programme, according to a press issued by the EU. Speaking Monday, February 8, 2016 during the official signing ceremony at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning in Monrovia, the EU Ambassador to Liberia, Madam Tiina Intelmann, said the EU is committed to working with the Government of Liberia to deliver the Agenda for Transformation. She noted that in her recent Annual Message, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf highlighted the importance of reliable electricity supply to the country. Ambassador Intelmann said, “…with the signing of the Financial Agreement for the Monrovia Electricity Grid Consolidated Project, the EU together with the Ministry of

Musa Bility protests Domenico Scala's Fifa election role

LFA boss Musa Bility The man overseeing Fifa's presidential polls should step aside due to conflict of interest, says the Liberian FA. Domenico Scala, who heads up Fifa's Ad-Hoc Electoral Committee, is Swiss-Italian - as is Gianni Infantino, one of the five presidential candidates. Scala excused himself from the 2015 elections as he shared nationality with a candidate, Swiss Sepp Blatter. LFA boss Musa Bility says he will go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport if Scala does not withdraw by Thursday. The battle to replace long-standing president Blatter takes place in 18 days' time. "Article 7.4 of the Electoral Regulations is clear that any member of the Ad-Hoc Electoral Committee who has a conflict of interest … is thereby barred from sitting as a member of the Committee and must be replaced," Bility wrote in a letter to Scala on Monday. The five Fifa presidential contenders: Prince Ali of Jordan Frenchman Jerome Champagne Swiss/Italian

Archel Bernard raised over $41,339 to fund a much needed project

Archel Brenard CEO of Bombchel Factory We all have heard the phrase "if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, if you teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime."   Archel Brenard is all about that life, teaching one to fish and giving them a solid foundation. Some whine, some moan, others complain and Archel Bernard raised over $41,339 to fund a much needed project, hiring disadvantage individuals at Bombchel Factory aka African Fashion Wonderland, right in Monrovia, Liberia.    The Bombchel Factory is committed to training some of the most disadvantaged people and changing their lives. A team of expert tailors and excited trainees  produces much more than they can sell locally, so they have set their sights on the rest of the world. Bombchel is not an NGO that is here today and gone tomorrow. They are  Liberians who are not looking for handouts.  These trainees are developing a trade and a way to support themselves and their families, and they are cre

Ouattara, Sirleaf want UN missions extended until 2017

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf President Alassane Ouattara of Cote d’Ivoire and his Liberian counterpart, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf have requested UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to maintain his organization’s missions in their two countries until 2017.The United Nations Operation in Cote d’Ivoire (UNOCI) and the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) are present in those countries to help bolster peace and security after years of civil strife. “I held talks with the President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and together we have sent a letter to the United Nations Secretary-General requesting for the extension of the presence of the UNOCI and UNMIL forces until 2017â€� Ouattara said on his return from Ethiopia and Paris. The Ivorian leader said these requests are necessary given that Liberia is to hold presidential and parliamentary elections in October and November 2017. “President Sirleaf wants UNMIL to stay a little longer and of course we want to assist herâ€� O

Rep. Jefferson Kannmoh elected 3rd Deputy Speaker At ECOWAS Parliament

The ECOWAS Parliament has elected one of its five Liberian members as one of four Deputy Speakers for the Parliament. According to a dispatch from the Liberian Embassy in Abuja, Representative Jefferson Kanmoh (Sinoe County) was elected on a white ballot as the 3rd Deputy Speaker for the 115-Member Sub-Regional Parliamentary group. Representative Kanmoh’s election means Liberia is now one of the four Deputy Speakers who will aid the Speaker in running theaffairs of the Bureau. The Bureau comprises the Speaker and four Deputy Speakers who serve as the governing board of the Parliament. The dispatch says Representative Kanmoh’s election took place Friday, February 5, 2016 during the second day sitting of the ongoing Fourth ECOWAS Legislature (2016-2020) in Abuja. The Session which convened on Thursday, February 4 ends on Tuesday, February 9, 2016. Earlier, on Thursday the Parliament unanimously elected the Second Deputy Speaker of Senegal, Mustapha Cisse Lo, as it

Liberian Ambassador To US Donates To Institutions In Bong

Ambassador Jeremiah Sulunteh (LINA) - Liberia’s Ambassador to the United States, Mexico and Canada, Jeremiah Sulunteh, has presented L$200,000 to the administration of the Bong County Technical College (BCTC) to help upgrade the institution. He has also provided US$500 to the C.B Dunbar Maternal Hospital in Gbarnga and two drums of gasoline to Radio Gbarnga and Super Bongese Radio. Speaking during the presentation of the money and items in Gbarnga Thursday, Ambassador Sulunteh said it was his way of identifying with the institutions in their service to the people of Liberia. On the Bong County Technical College, Ambassador Sulunteh said it was regrettable for the college to still be squatting at the William V.S. Tubman- Gray High School when other community colleges have moved to their own facilities. The Liberian diplomat attributed this to the politicization of activities of the college coupled with poor financial management in the county. Sulunteh believ

After Ebola, Surfing is back In Liberia

Benjamin McCrumade, at right, gets ready for the finals. "Wait for the next one!" a teenager yells, perched on a shaded rock with a group of his friends. "That's it, that's it!" cries another, gesturing toward a swelling wave that's gathering speed as it heads toward a surfer about 25 yards offshore. When he lets the wave pass him by, bobbing over its crest on a scuffed board, the group laughs. "Look at him, he's scared." It's a hot Saturday afternoon in Robertsport, a sleepy fishing town a few hours drive east from Monrovia, Liberia, and the boys are watching their peers compete in the town's annual surfing championship. About 50 locals have shown up to watch the show. When the surfer finally finds a wave he likes and rides it along the coastline, the crowd cheers and throws sand in the air. Benjamin McCrumade was the winner of the "senior" competition. "I'm go

How to Prepare for the Liberian Entertainment Awards

The Liberian Entertainment Awards is the most celebrated Liberian event in the world.  At this time of the year, Liberians gather together in the United States to celebrate the achievement of the Liberian industry the year prior.  It's a time of excitement, controversy and anticipation for the nominees. Don't forget, it is also a time of glam, fashion and all things extravagant for those attending the awards ceremony.  Getting prepare can become stressful for many.  Here are few tips to help ease the tension.    1. Shelter:  Book your hotel room at least three months prior.  If there are other events going on in that city, you won't have to worry about all the hotels being booked.  If you are planing to stay at a friend or family member's home, make sure to discuss about three months in advance.    2. Transportation:  Book your plane ticket early to get a cheap price. Six months prior will be perfect and minimize travel stress.  You also want to decide how yo