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Ebola: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Addresses the Issue

                                                                                   FELLOW CITIZENS: During my remarks on Saturday, at our Independence Day Celebration, I announced that we now face a National Emergency as a result of the deadly Ebola menace. I also announced the establishment of a National Task Force which I would chair along with the Minister of Internal Affairs in his role as Chairman of the National Disaster Relief ... Commission. The Task Force will give support to the Technical Team headed jointly by the Minister of Health and Social Welfare and the Country Representative of the World Health Organization. The first meeting of the Task Force was held on Sunday, July 27. The meeting was attended by the key members of the Technical Team, Ministers and Government Officials, media, political leaders, the security sector, and concerned citizens. The meeting was briefed by the Technical Team on the severity of the disease which has intensified in seven counties –


                                                                                July 8, 2014 - Munnah releases the title track to her “MyMusic MyWay” as a free download for her fans.      The single was written by Munnah and produced by Joseph “Blak” Shines of 2Aries Productions. “MyMusic MyWay” conveys the LIB Princess’s struggle to make it in the music business.   It’s a story of determination, strength and not giving up. “MyMusic MyWay” is well crafted and will be appreciated by all listening audience both for its musical value and lyrical content.   Download and listen today. ( )                                                                              About Munnah Munnah released the “MyMusic MyWay” EP September 28,2013.   The extended EP is packed with her unique blend of American RnB and African HipHop layered with her powerful vocals. Munnah has shared a stage with many artis

Kaifa Yamah: Liberia Music Awards CEO Fires Back After Harsh Criticism

                                                                          During a phone interview this evening, Liberia Music Award's outspoken CEO Kaifa Yamah talked about the criticisms received from some fans and media personnel's. Earlier June 15, 2014, Artist Munnah Nagbe wrote:  "A fix award show is not an award show, all it has done is separate. This show was done for togetherness, uplifting the country and our entertainment industry, but once again I'm heart broken to see the end result of this award. This is what we ... go through day to day as Liberians. Not one Liberian artist from the US WON an award tonight, and I'm still  shocked to how did that happened. I congrats all the winners tonight, and the reason we as artist push this award show was because we wanted to lift our music and work with each other. Many advise me not to speak on the matter, but yet not speaking on the matter is why Liberia is where it is today. I MUNNAH will not do things t