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ZFootball Management CEO "Chris William" Takes Responsiblity for Misspelled "Invincible" Eleven Jersey

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President Weah Pleads with Oppositions "If this government fails, Liberia fails. I want to say to my friends from the other side, campaign is over."

  President George Weah is pleading with opposition politicians to support his government as he strives to move Liberia forward.
“If this government fails, Liberia fails. I want to say to my friends from the other side, campaign is over.
Let us sing a new song, a song that doesn’t see an opposition. A song that sees Liberians and want to see the growth of this country,” he said Thursday at the dedication of the new annexes at the National Legislature.

I believe this message goes both ways. 

Liberian-American beauty queens just descended on Philadelphia

  Gardening gloves cover their acrylic nails. Blue jeans protect their ankles from bug bites and poison ivy.
On this Wednesday evening in July, the six contestants of the 16th annual Miss Liberia in the U.S. pageant, which is always in Philadelphia, are wielding pruning shears and stuffing paper bags with leaves in the overgrowth of Morris Park in Overbrook. But after their service project, in the days leading up to Friday’s pageant at the Suzanne Roberts Theater, they’ll don evening gowns, traditional Liberian dresses, colorful headwraps, and, yes, bathing suits — white ones, as per Miss Liberia in the U.S. tradition. They’ll practice strutting in heels to an Afropop beat and waving like a pageant queen. They’ll talk about their platform, the cause they’re advocating, be it mental health awareness or young women’s empowerment.
All are pageant first-timers. Some have traveled from as far as Atlanta and Minnesota’s Little Liberia, while Miss Liberia Pennsylvania — soon-to-be Pennsyl…

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Berenice Mulubah Adds New Record Label “C Liberia Clearly Records” to the C Liberia Clearly Empire

Popular Liberian Blogger, Berenice Mulubah, CEO of C Liberia Clearly has officially launched her record label called C Liberia Clearly Records. The entrepreneur who was once the co-owner of Zama Records International has added "sole-owner of a record label" to her profile. The new record label debut its first artist "Milton Klechee" early this morning, releasing "Kwedeh", a traditional Liberian song, with a dope music video.  Check out the video below.

Inside Milton Klechee’s Extravagant Private Listening Party (Photos)

ok now 

M. Leelai Kpukuyou and Hazem Double H were atop the invite list to Milton Klechee‘s listening party, where privacy is so valued that guests must follow strict rules.
Leelai Kpukuyou, Double H, Weego-Zico, Amb. DJWeezy D. Boss, James Coco Chea, Emmanuel Y. Kortu and Elvis B.F. Juasemai, DJ Queen B, DJ Daddi Rich, DJ Crucifix, DJ SB, and Rudy k. Jones are few of the special guests that were present at the Private Listening and Visual party, in the private room of Anglers Bar and Grill. 
Testimonies from the Scene.
"I watched the video, I think for a new artist and seeing this kind of work, it's need commending. Bravo to the entire C Liberia Clearly team". Amb. DJWeezy D. Boss.
"I love the song because as an upcoming artists to come up with such a song and more over the production of it,  the tempo is ok.. It can definitely play it on the radio a get to the public and we as DJs by all means will support you. And I want to say thanks to Berenice and her whole team, …