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Liberia: Soul Fresh Drops "Contend and Pretend" video

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Liberian Singer Da Vero Looks Hot In Sexy New Photos

Liberian Singer Faithvonic Opens Up About Personal Experience As Rape Survivor

Liberians in and out of Liberia are outrage over the incident that happened at More Than Me charity foundation. Over 50 girls were raped by the co-founder of the organization, Macintosh Johnson.   One of Liberia's superstar, singer Faithvonic took to social media to express her hurt and bravely revealed that she is a survivor of rape. The singer also called on the government to take actions.  Check out her post below: 
I have problem with rape stories, because I'm a victim.  Every time a girl child life is destroyed it hurt me so bad!!! I wish I was there to help, I wish it never happen. Government please do something about this. Our society is so bad, anything can just happen. Lord have mercy!!!

Liberia: Photos from SOG Record Label CEO King Jaffer and Lovetee’s traditional wedding

SOG Records CEO King Jaffer has married his girlfriend Lovetee at last! This was at a traditional ceremony in Monrovia over the weekend. The two tied the knot Saturday evening in a tradition custom.  Below are some pictures from the traditional wedding ceremony.

Liberia: Kanye West Is In Africa!

It’s not a sham! A week after deleting his Twitter and Instagram accounts, the rapper was back on Twitter. On Saturday he shared a series of videos he captioned "Mind control." The last video featured more than nine minutes of Ye, as he now wants to be known, offering thoughts on myriad subjects including the role he thinks social media plays in mind control. Note some of the videos might contain offensive language. Mind control — ye (@kanyewest) October 13, 2018 "You know when people try to influence you through social media and try to tell you what to do, or if you post something that's, like, positive on Instagram, it gets taken down if it's not a part of a bigger agenda that's like mind control," he said. Read More But it was the videos he shared Sunday that had his music fans more excited. West has traveled to Uganda, where he reportedly has constructed a pop-up studio to work on his next album, titled "Yandhi."…

Liberia. Katie Merley CEO of More Than Me Foundation Steps Down Temporarily

 Katie Merley, CEO of More Than Me Foundation, has stepped down temporarily.
More than Me charity operating in Liberia has admitted to major failings after girls at a school set up to save them from a life of sexual exploitation were systematically raped. “We are profoundly, deeply sorry,” the charity More Than Me said on its website on Saturday after media discovered that girls at her school in Liberia had been repeatedly abused by the charity’s co-founder, Macintosh Johnson. Johnson eventually died of Aids and there are fears that he infected some of his victims – who were aged as young as 10 – with HIV which causes Aids, the investigative site ProPublica said in a lengthy investigative piece co-published with Time. “To all the girls who were raped by Macintosh Johnson in 2014 and before: we failed you,” More Than Me said. “We gave Johnson power that he exploited to abuse children. Those power dynamics broke staff ability to report the abuse to our leadership immediately. “Our …

Sex Abuse Scandal & Cover-up at US NGO More Than Me, Liberian Gov’t Slow to React

A major investigation by ProPublica, the US media non-profit, has unveiled widespread sexual abuse at More Than Me, the US-based school and girl’s empowerment NGO based in Monrovia. The story alleges the NGO head Katie Meyler and the board went to great lengths to cover up the scandal. It also reports that More Than Me and government officials tried to influence the trial of the accused rapist. Report by Bettie Johnson Mbayo, James Harding Giahyue and Tecee Boley MTM was founded in 2009 by Katie Meyler to help get girls from the street to school, but this yearlong investigation conducted in collaboration with Time Magazine, revealed that the girls were raped from the onset. The man was the originally described as the charity’s co-founder, an ex-combatant named Macintosh Johnson, with whom Meyler was having a sexual relationship.
Soon after the founding, according to witnesses and court documents revealed in the report, Johnson began raping girls as young as ten. Admissions from Meyler…