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A Week with Jodi Clarke in Japan

                                                                On a subtropical Saturday night in March, I found myself at Naha airport, in Okinawa Japan, meeting Liberian Afro-Pop/RNB singer Jodi Clarke, for the first time. I had invited him to a promotion shoot for my clothing line.   So, I’d took of my military uniform, got civilianize and took my kids, a friend of mine and we went to the airport.   Honestly, I was skeptical.   Based on few interactions I have had with some Liberian artists, I was little concerned about his work ethic.   Knowing my level of discipline, when it’s time to work, it’s time to work.     Forty-five minutes later, a glowingly handsome young fellow, with a Mohawk, a red sleeveless shirt, and red pants appeared. “Hi,” he says, smiling. “I’m Jodi.” After the short introduction, we were sitting in my car, with our ears glue to the album he was working on, Vision. On Stage, Jodi often exudes sweat through the pose, he’s energetic, and he’s live . Her

Jazz Up Your Life With A Jazz Singer Out of Liberia

                                                                      For those who don’t know, I’m a jazz lover.   I always enjoyed listening to the traditional Mandingo music because it’s the closest sound to jazz that comes out of Africa.   The first time I came across this brother and found out he sings jazz, I had to hear him sing.   The moment in opened his mouth, I felt in love.   He sounded great and it felt good to know he was from Liberia.   I was proud; I had to spread the gospel with you guys. Mr. Alhaj Azziz was born in Washington D.C to Liberian parents Charles Sherman and C. Leona Chesson.   He obtained his primary education in England, high school in Liberia and college in USA.   He started his career writing/playing for South African artist Hugh Maskela.   He wrote the hit maxi single A side “Give It Up” for Masekela amongst many songs.   He has toured Europe (Germany) as keyboard player with the band “Soulful Dynamics” from Liberia and Holland as writer/produ

C-LiberiaClearly Top Ten Countdown

                                                  10.Friday the cell phone man - Blleyon                                                                                                                              9. Sundaygar Dearboy - Bayjay                                                                                                                                                8. Kanvee Gaines - Finally                                                                                                                                              7. Marid Nyenebo - Lekene                                                                                                                                                     6. Black Diamond - Black Out                                                                                                                                               5. Jodi Clarke - Love You  4. Matu Saye - Um lo e zuo bo o   3.Pot B

5 Liberian Promoters: Reinventing Liberian Entertainment in the Diaspora

In the middle of the daze and confusion, the tearing down and rebuilding of the Liberian Entertainment industry, there are five individuals who are willing to go above and beyond to keep this industry alive.   Even though, the foundation haven’t been laid, these ladies and gentlemen are the stones kept in place.   To them, this is not a job; it is a passion and a cause.   Majority of the time, their work is charitable, money going out but not coming in.     Such is the case with the following individuals. I am reluctant to call them show promoters, because they’re people who give up their services for a cause, “building an industry and putting Liberia back on the map.” The one thing they all have in common is that they’re worth checking out.       Augustine Kou Monpleh, founder and CEO of Liberian Star View.       Miss Monpleh passion towards promoting the Liberian Entertainment Industry is of personal conviction.   She understands all so well, what it means to lack su

A Lion from the East

Mr. Samuel K Doe Jr., “A Lion from the East”, is roaring like he should.   Is he the innovative leader the Grand Gedeans seek?   Does he have what it takes to represent one of the most unify tribe in Liberia?   I have to be honest; I am getting a positive vibe from this young fellow.   Mr. Doe, an aspiring candidate of the Grand Gedeh senatorial position, has just arrived in Liberia from the Uk.   Bursting with innovative ideas, hopes and dreams, Mr. Doe hit the ground running.   What do you expect from a lion?   He spends his first few days in Liberia, discussing with over 25 student leaders about education and social-economic welfare for all Grand Gedeans.   He also has plans to visit with the Grand Gedeans that are in prison, on Friday.   Now, that is how you do it.   What is the agenda of Mr. Samuel K Doe Jr. for the next few months?   Well, Mr. Doe intend to spend the next upcoming months, discussing and persuading   major stakeholders and the Grand Gede

You Accidentally Witch Me

Over the years, I have heard and read about Liberians leaving the diaspora, going back home and acting like they are special by not drinking the water and being excessively meticulous about the food they eat.   Let’s investigate this theory a little. For those who are not aware.   I’m a Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps.   When I’m not firing a M4 or M9 at the range, running a combat fitness test, running a physical fitness test, or doing anything that is combat related, I’m going from base to base, inspecting food establishment on the Marine Corps installations.   I am a certify Quality Assurance Evaluator.   With this certification, I’m knowledgeable on foodborne illness, food contimanation and the causes of food illness and its association to health risk.   Below, I’m going to discuss the importance of playing it safe.   Unfortunately, I won’t be able to cover everything in this article, but I’m going to hit the main points.   Before I begin, I want to make

Criticism Sandwich: Giving Constructive Criticism; You Should Try It Sometimes

Criticism could be a helpful tool or a destructive tool; it all depends on how well you package your criticism.   If your intension is to be helpful, here are some simple tips to help you package your intension so that the outcome is what you are hoping for.   If your intension is to destroy the one you are criticizing, then do what you do best, no help from me.   I’m all about motivation and not demotivation.   This technique of criticism is called The Criticism Sandwich and it is very productive.   1) First, Start with Something Good Rather than listing the reasons the leader’s plan is falling apart, start with something affirmative. “I really like the approach here because it does X, Y, Z.” 2) Second, Add the Criticism After you’ve put a good amount of effort into saying something positive, mention the issues that need to be addressed. 3) Third, Add a Positive Closer Finally, once you’ve finished the critical comments, top everything off with a positive endi

Boobs and Brains

Recent study done by “experts” at a university in New Zealand has proven that most men gaze at women’s breasts.   Yes they do.    I’m sure some women do take a peek at other female’s breasts as well, but for different reasons.     If breasts are distractions, Miss Best Garlo is sure doing lot of damages because the girl is packing.   I’m sorry; I had to bring the message as raw as the character I’m writing about.   Have you taken the time to listen to Best Garlo talk show on New FM Radio?   Raw, raw, raw.   I came across a title from one of her recent show, my reaction was, “wow, the girl can’t be serious?”   Too rated R for my blog.   On a more intellectual note, Miss Best Garlo has a whole lot more to offer than those double D’s sitting on her chest.   The challenge is getting passed them, which shouldn’t be hard to do, she has too much to offer upstairs, all it’s going to take is a second of conversation with the Diva and all those sparkling intellectual ideas will come fly


Photo credit: Will Taylor III Photography         One of the primary missions of GetCryztalClear is to make sure that all hard working Liberians receive the support and recognition they deserve. The work and contribution of every Liberian is important for the recovery of our nation. It is important that we all receive the support as we travel through these challenging times. Saying thank you is not always enough to truly honor Liberia's newest generation of innovators. Their unique talents require that we support and recognize them. Today, GetCryztalClear is spotlighting Miss Mapillar Dahn, a brilliant and talented young Liberian lady, who is adding colors to Liberia.   Mapillar Dahn advises businesses, organizations, and individuals on how to use the web and social media to get their brand messaging to the rest of the world and build relationships.   She is a seven year veteran of the web. She owns and operates Designs by Mapillar, a company specia

Liberian Designers: The More You Know, The Better

Imagine walking into an event wearing a jaw-dropping Liberian outfit.    You can hear the crowd whispering in the back, you know they are talking about your outfit.   Then, someone screams out of the crowd, “Who’s the designer?”   And you replied, “Yapawolo.”   I haven’t heard of a designer by the name of Yapawolo, Yapawolo is just a name I threw out there, but the truth of the matter is, few years ago, we didn’t know the names behind the amazing Liberian designs, honestly, that was the least of our concerns.   Today, the story has changed; we are becoming aware of the names, labels, and major events that are happening within the Liberian fashion industry.   We now have the Liberian Fashion Week, Monrovia Fashion week, Liberian Fashion Award and many more.   Over the last few years, the Liberian fashion industry has made a tremendous leap and it is soaring international.   Now, you know there is no way on God’s green earth; I’m going to keep such vital information from my fan