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A Week with Jodi Clarke in Japan

On a subtropical Saturday night in March, I found myself at Naha airport, in Okinawa Japan, meeting Liberian Afro-Pop/RNB singer Jodi Clarke, for the first time. I had invited him to a promotion shoot for my clothing line.  So, I’d took of my military uniform, got civilianize and took my kids, a friend of mine and we went to the airport.  Honestly, I was skeptical.  Based on few interactions I have had with some Liberian artists, I was little concerned about his work ethic.  Knowing my level of discipline, when it’s time to work, it’s time to work.   

Forty-five minutes later, a glowingly handsome young fellow, with a Mohawk, a red sleeveless shirt, and red pants appeared. “Hi,” he says, smiling. “I’m Jodi.” After the short introduction, we were sitting in my car, with our ears glue to the album he was working on, Vision.

On Stage, Jodi often exudes sweat through the pose, he’s energetic, and he’s live. Here, though one can still detect a faint current of life, he is shy, extremely serious and deeply concerned about the Liberian music industry.
Jodi is obviously passionate on stage but I don’t see him doing this for long.  After a long conversation with him,  as we took an early morning walk along the Okinawa’s water, I can safely conclude that he will quickly fade behind the scene.  His work ethics remains me of American rapper/producer Puff Daddy; he has more interest and understanding about the business aspect of the music industry.  I see him being more of a producer, than anything else.  Until that time arrives, let’s enjoy the work of Liberia’s greatest Afro—pop singer.
                                                                                   Jodi featuring Bracket: Number One
                                                             A new fan asking questions about his music

                                                                                Jodi and my models on set

                                                                              Shot from promotion shoot

                                                                             Eating breakfast at the hotel

                                                     At his welcome get-together with fans and friends

                                                         Watching one of his videos with his new fans

At the Japanese grocery store
Jodi Clarke - Love You


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