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Liberia: Senatorial Elections Debate Set For November 25th

The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) will on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 launch a nationwide effort to bring together candidates for the December 16 special senatorial election to discuss their plans for their candidacy with the electorate.  
The debate, to be held in each of the 15 counties, will be launched within Kakata, Margibi County, with the support of the International Research Exchange (IREX) and the USAID. The Press Union of Liberia has also partnered with the Federation of Liberian Youths (FLY) in providing the platform that will allow 139 certified candidates to come face-to-face with voters.

The debate will be broadcast live on community and national radio stations in the counties. To provide a wider participation, the sessions will take screen questions through calls, social media and text messages from citizens.

“The Press Union sees the debate as an opportunity for candidates and electorate to interact under cordial conditions, whereby their aspirations and concerns will be s…

2015 Liberian Entertianment Awards

The Liberian Entertainment Awards: Liberia's Biggest and Proudest Event. Celebrate your own LIVE on February 21st at Howard University Theater in Washington DC

2014 Liberian Artist Jodi Clarke in Paris

Liberian artist Jodi Clarke in Paris, starting his European tour, with promises to be a trip to remember, sharing his musical gift with that part of the world. 
Jodi Clarke in Paris 2014
Jodi Clarke in Paris 2014

What Has Chris DeShield Been Up To?

" A lot of people have asked, "where am I going to drop my album?" I've been working on my album and also producing for other artists. 2015 with GOD's grace, will be a good year. I just produced Artist G rise next single "lib ladies " which is on I tunes .  I have my new single Love the City, which is on sound cloud for Free.  Our country has been through soo much . I'm just doing my part and Reppin Liberia in a good light ."  Chris DeShield

Alvin S. Kpou aka Douk De Lib: Next Level-Epic, Over the top, and all for the better