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Liberia: Rose Dousuah & Prince Horace's Gilded Wedding in the Quintessential Subur of New Jersey

Fashion designer Rose Dousuah of Roshe Design and promoter Prince Horace have officially walked down the aisle. On August 7 in an intimate ceremony at the The Terrace in Paramus, New Jersey, the Liberian celebrity couple tied the knot. In attendance were the CEO of the Liberian Entertainment Awards, Tarkus Zonen, Jersey International partners, Ms. Debbie Ivy and Debornic Wilson, CLiberiaclearly, CEO Berenice Mulubah, celebrity makeup artist, Patient Suelue, DJ Versitile, DJ 2Much, fashion designer, Zoe Arku, fashion designer, June Demey, Royal Family Radio CEO, Victor Jones, political activist Taa Wongbe, celebrity makeup artist, Kevin Nivek Kiadii and celebrity MC Jimmy Dee. It was an all out celebrity guest list. Victor Jones documented the special day on facebook live. The bride looked radiant in a white courture gown. The dope afrocentric bridemaids dresses and hairstyle represented the bride's nubian goddess personality. The food, the music, the guest l

5 Little-Known Facts About Joemade That Will Make You Love Her Even More

Joemade Scott is well-known in the Liberian entertainment industry for her blogging and entrepreneurial skills. But, despite what we believe we know about Joemade, there are a number of intriguing facts that may have slipped under your radar. In honor of Joemade, here are 5 facts about her that you probably didn't know, all of which will make you adore her even more. So read on and have fun. 1. Joemade mother is her greatest inspiration. The entreprenuer mother was the 1st female Chief Justice of Liberia. This is why she is extremely ambitious. Hardwork runs in her family. 2. She works in the operating room as a surgical technologist,a job she looks forward to leaving soon to fucous on her business full time. 3. Joemade skpped the 4th grade because she was ahead of her peers. 4. Her favorite Liberian food is palm butter and/ or palava sauce. 5. She is an introvert until she is comfortable with a person, then she will let loose. Hope you enjoy these fun facts about the

Liberia: Gospel Singer B2Y2 Concert in Philadelphia Was A Success

One of the most passionate performances in the Liberian community was recently put on by Gospel singer and piano maestro B2Y2, and it is possible to characterize this event as being among the most spirited. This is demonstrated by the believers who went to the concert, which featured prominent gospel musicians such as Minister JustPrince, Minister Abraham Gibson, Minister Gloria Ndobor, Minister Tieyee Chea, Orsay Karnga-Gbaa, Pastor Allen Doue, Minister Thomas and Tuku Doue, Minister Zoe Karnga Jared. Also performing at the concert were LA$B and Minister James Verdier. B2Y2 is very passionate about his work, and he has a goal in mind that inspires him to reach even greater heights. In an interview with the C Liberia Clearly blog, the gifted gospel singer said that he is looking forward to releasing some Liberian gospel songs for his people.