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Liberian Super Model Amina Jajua In LEVIS Commercial

Liberian Super Model, Amina Jajua , hits Los Angeles to shoot a Levis commercial.   Check it out 

L'Frankie and PCK Song 'Coming Home' Broke the Internet

Check out the song by L'Frankie and PCK that had social media sharing. 

Liberian Star View Nominated for West Africa Fashion Awards 2016

Liberian star view (LSV) Liberian Star View (LSV) online magazine, owned by the first Liberian Entertainment blogger,  Miss Augustina Kou Monpleh, is nominated for the West Africa Fashion Awards 2016  Best Online Fashion Media of the Year .  This is the first and only Liberian magazine to be nominated for this category. Bravo to LSV and team.

Bernice Blackie Releases New Single 'You Changed My Story'

Watch Bernice Blackie hot new song. 

The Chains of Tradition - Mikel Jentzsch

Mikel Jentzsch author of Blood Brothers - Our Friendship in Liberia Below is an essay written by the author of "Blood Brothers - Our Friendship in Liberia," Mikel Jentzsch.   The Chains of Tradition   Journalist David Lamb once wrote:“Ten thousand AMERICAN farmers turned loose on AFRICA´s soil could transform the face-and future- of the continent as surely as they did their own land. It seems so easy. Yet farming is still a hoe-and-sickle enterprise…more primitive than any in the world.” I have often thought about this quote with great frustration. Why couldn´t 10,000 AFRICAN farmers do what other farmers have done to their country? As I grew up in Liberia and have built up a Moringa Farm in Nimba, Liberia, I have gathered enough hands-on experience to dare an assessment. If you ask yourself and your business associates honestly, they will agree that tribal influences, jealousy, bureaucratic oppression, corruption and traditional thinking will make ho

The Blind Prostitute

Liberian movie The Blind Prostitute Success Moive Production presents a Dell Film 'The Blind Prostitute'.  Watch below 

Meet the Pink Panthers: Liberia’s first female fleet of motorcycle taxi drivers

Clad in bright pink jackets and helmets, the entrepreneurial group of female motorbike taxi drivers—dubbed the Pink Panthers All-Girls Motorcycle Club—is challenging the cultural norm in Liberia and doing a so-called “man’s job”, with gusto. Thanks to support from the U.N. Development Programme and Angie Brooks International Centre , a Liberian NGO for women’s rights, the girls have gone from being a loosely banded novelty of female riders to a branded entity with official gear. Now, the two agencies are working together to help Liberia’s first female fleet of motorcycle taxis get financing for their bikes and protection from harassment. The women picked the name Pink Panthers because pink referred to femininity and panther to strength in an effort to reflect their ability to work in a male-dominant environment.  It’s a risky gig, acknowledges Dearest Coleman, the 30-year-old founder of the group. During her six years working as a motorbike driver, she’s been r

Tourism Tops Nagbe’s Agenda -Says “It Is The Strongest Point At MICAT”

Eugene Lenn Nagbe Growth over the last several years has made tourism one of the world’s most significant sources of employment and Gross Domestic Products (GDP) particularly for developing economies. In Liberia, the tourism sector remains largely untapped. The West African nation is swarmed with beautiful sceneries that include lush vegetations, cascading rivers and springs, serene lakes, mountains, lagoons, fine tropical weather, as well as a host of phenomenal endangered species that could attract revenue and development. The newly appointed Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Eugene Lenn Nagbe says his first priority is to develop the sector. Speaking on Capitol FM’s “Late Edition” talk show on Monday, January 11, 2016, Minister Nagbe said, “This is the strongest point at MICAT but it is that point that has been most overlooked and underutilized.” Minister Nagbe who has served has headed the Ministries of Transport and Youth and Sports stres

Award Winning Artist ConCCoins Releases An Irresistible New Single

Conccoins ft. DenG 'Some More' Award winning Liberian born/Australia based artist and official hit maker ConCCoins, releases another hit single Some More featuring music giant DenG.   According to ConCCoins, this is his first colloque song and we should expect more of his songs in his national tongue. The artist was very excited and pleased to work with one of his role models, DenG.  Together, they created this magical piece 'Some More'.  Sure, we want more and more and some more.  Listen to Some More here

conCcoins takes home Best Local Artis of the Year Australia

conCcoins conCcoins, a Liberian artist based in Australia, took home the Liberian Entertainment Awards Australia 'Local Artist of the Year' award.  The young artist who have been in the music business for only three years, bragged to C Liberia Clearly about taking home the best award of the night.  conCcoins told C Liberia Clearly that we should expect a lot more from him this year. 

Xten is a lesbian

Xten Xten is a lesbian and she's not in the closet.  In the picture above, Xten is standing with her  hot and sexy ex-girlfriend Jeana. Even though they are not together, she still thinks the jue is hot. Is there hope? Maybe.

Official List: Liberian Entertainment Awards 2016 Nominees

Liberian Entertainment Awards 2016 Nominees Liberian Entertainment Awards 2016 Nominees *Best Artist DenG FA Black Diamond Benji Cavalli G-Rize *Best Model Clarence Cooper Garmai Klee Cianneh Browne Amina Jajua *Best Fashion Designer Joanna Arku Precious Lakis Angie H Crystal Wonyen Wilhelmina Cooper *Best Music Producer Cypha D'King Infectious Michael Just Prince Killer Beatz Rawlo *Best DJ Dj Shine Dj London Dj Chirpz Dj Weego Zico Dj Lib *Best Actor Dream Debo Owusu Dahnsaw Chi-Chi Neblett Bobby V. Zoe Korto Davis *Best Movie Freedom Out Of My Mind The Professional Yamah in America The God of Champion *Best Music Video Slow it Down Higher Liberian Beauty The One *Best Radio Personality Master Queen Lincoln Ward Henry Costa Martina Brooks Beans Gutt *Song of the Year #9 Kemah Spoil You With Love Bartender Slow it Down *Best New Artist Mr

Is Moses Swaray Still In Love With His First Love

Moses Swaray Moses Swaray posted on social media earlier today that his first love, when is comes to music, is Reggae music and he's considering doing a Reggae album. This is what he posted. "The first kind of music I started singing at age 5 was reggae music, influenced by Alpha Blondy. I might do a full reggae album one day, who knows ? I still love it.."

Liberia's Mobile Phone Company CellCom Sold to a French Company Called Orange

French telecommunications group Orange said Tuesday it had reached an agreement to buy 100 percent of Cellcom, Liberia's number two mobile operator, for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition "will enable Orange to strengthen its positions in Africa, which is a strategic priority for the Group", it said in a statement. Orange noted that the Liberian market had room for expansion as only two-thirds of the population own a mobile phone, a lower rate than in other countries in West Africa. With a considerable number of subscribers already, "Cellcom has excellent potential for growth over the coming years", said Orange. The company's founders and employees will remain involved in the business to support its performance, Orange said, and it would contribute marketing and technical expertise to further strengthen the network operator.

White Mom’s Open Letter To Protect Adopted Liberian Son: “To The White Parents Of My Black Son’s Friends”

Maralee Bradley wrote the controversial piece to share the steps she has taken to ensure the safety of her Liberian son. M oved by the failure of a grand jury to indict Timothy Loehmann , the officer who shot and killed 12-year-old  Tamir Rice ,  Maralee Bradley, the White adoptive mother of a Black son, posted an essay on her blog titled  To the White Parents Of My Black Son’s Friends . Bradley wrote the controversial piece to share the steps she has taken to ensure the safety of her Liberian son. An excerpt from To the White Parents Of My Black Son’s Friends reads: I’ve been wrestling with talking to you about some things I think you need to know. I’ve wrestled with it because I feel my own sense of shame– shame that I didn’t know or understand these issues before they touched my family. I’ve felt fear that you’ll respond in subtle ways that make it clear you aren’t safe for my child. I’ve been concerned that you won’t believe me and then I’ll feel more angry than if I h

Become A Better Performer

Tan Tan An artist inbox me on Facebook about a week ago, asking for some tips on how to be a better performer.  I promised him that I would do an article, hopefully it will help other artists who are interested as well.  Here it is.  1. It's about the audience.  No matter how much you practice in your room or at rehearsal, it all means nothing if you can't connect with your audience. Your audience is filled with fans and fans-to-be. Chances are, they've spent their hard-earned cash to get into the door tonight, and dammit, you'd better give them something worthwhile! Once you enter that stage, remember that it's no longer about you anymore. It's about them and how you make them feel. This is your audience, and their hope is to be taken away from their everyday life for just a few hours to enjoy some live music that they can truly connect with. Whether your material will make them smile, cry, or rock out, it's imperative that you engage t

DenG Apologies to fans for this statement "Doing music is a waste of time."

DenG on set of his new music video. Within less than a day, after Liberia's most popular artist DenG posted on social media that he was quitting the music industry, he posted this statement on his facebook page apologizing to his fans.  "Wow!!!! I sincerely apologize to all of my fans around the world for calling my passion which is music "a total waste of time". I am truly sorry for saying that.... "Yor please forgive me ohhhh". I'm grateful Mama Liberia. Hmmmm! So Liberian people really love and care about their own this much???? Wow!!!! I am so proud, shocked, amazed and deeply impressed by the amount of comments, posts, phone calls and messages in my inbox lately. LIBERIA SHALL RISE AGAIN! DenG is not quitting. DenG is here to stay! LIB MUSIC ON MY MIND WHOLE DAY, ALL DAY! ‪#‎ RESPECT‬ #" DenG The artist is expected to drop a new video soon.  Some are calling his prior comment about quitting a publicity stunt. 

Reggae Artist Black Diamond’s Charitable Efforts

By: Claudia Sara Smith   During the month of December, many homeless people received handouts, which included sandwiches and cans of soft drink. Not a day went by that a mouth was not fed, which has been a gesture of kinds that has positively affected the homeless. Reggae star Black Diamond, who’s been making hits after hits since the start of 2003 and is also a two-time award winner chipped in along with Sarah Monika, an Australian professional, in feeding the less fortunate. “I decided to help out with the feeding initiative because I believe in giving and being there for those that are in need; the ones who society has forgotten,” Black Diamond said. “We have to become involved in opening opportunities for the next generation and not just focus on ourselves. I do these things because I was in their shoes and would not want to sit around and watch our people go hungry around the holiday season,” he noted. Hundreds of people have stood aside and watched t

Colloque Singer DenG Quits Music: “I need to stop dreaming and face reality”

DenG Liberia's hit maker, DenG, the first Liberian artist to sing R&B in Colloque, creating a new genre of music called Colloque & Rhythm, dropping hit songs like Kemah, Lappa Fine, Jue You Bad and many more, claimed that he is quitting the Music Industry and starting a business.  The artist who just returned to Liberia from a tour in Australia, posted this morning on his facebook page, "Starting my own business now and forgetting about this whole music thing because it's a total waste of time." In an inbox chat, DenG told C Liberia clearly, "Every day is the same story, nothing changing, it's time to focus. I need to stop dreaming and face reality." The reality is, the music industry is a hard road to travel.  It takes more than talent to survive, it takes determination, patience, and hard work.  Most can't handle the demands.  Music is normally not an overnight success. Many years of no money but more work.   

Interview with Buffy C. Joseph-Fredericks, Founder and Director of Liberian Women in Business Empowerment Network

Buffy C. Joseph-Fredericks "For the Liberian woman desiring to take that vision from a dream state to reality, I say... just DO it. Do not wait for everything to be perfect. Learn everything about the industry you want to do business in. Never stop learning. Network and connect with people who inspire you, cheer you on  and will boldly tell you when things are not right. Know that there will be challenges and obstacles; understand  that you might have to hit the reset button a couple of times and you might have to let some people go. You will fall, but get up and keep pounding every time you do. Find mentors, but be wise about the counsel you receive. Just because someone loves you doesn't mean they know what's best for you and your endeavors. Finally, partner with God. He knows what's best and He has an amazing plan for all of us." Buffy C. Joseph-Fredericks  Buffy C. Joseph-Fredericks believes in impact made by women.  She is the founder and di