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Most Fashionable Liberian Musicians.

Most musicians severely underestimate the importance of their image. Yes, music is about 'music', but music business success is about a total package that includes music, image and visual stage show among other things that need to be fully developed in a congruent way.  From the outrageous trend to the well groomed trend, there are seven Liberian musicians who has a sense of fashion. They don't just wear it, they own it.  Check them out.                                                                          Maxwell Sandi: His Ghana-must-go outfit made international headline news.  His fashion doesn't have boundaries.      G-Rize: If it is not red, it is not G-Rize.          Jon Bricks: The Zama King is colorful, he is not afraid of bright colors.       Munnah aka Lib Princess: Less is better.  Less clothes more skin for her fans.   Saga AP: A little bit of this and a little bit of that.   

Liberian Entertainment Awards 2015 Winners

                                                                      By Berenice Mulubah                                   Despite the hail of snow raining down on February 21, 2015, Liberians turned out in great numbers to celebrate their arts and culture and to congratulate these winners.  The winners for the Liberian Entertainment Awards 2015 are:                                                                                                                                                              BEST NEW ARTIST: Togar Howard ..   . SONG OF THE YEAR: They Vex - DenG       BEST DJ: DJ Ant Flahn       BEST FILM MAKER: Courage Borbor   BEST ACTOR(ESS): Frank Artus   BEST MODEL: Younger Ziama   BEST ARTIST: DenG   BEST GOSPEL ARTIST: Bernice Blackie   BEST FASHION DESIGNER: Roshe Dezign   BEST FILM: Gbahtuo in America   COMMUNITY CRUSADER: YOTAN Liberia   BEST HIP

BossyDiva Review: Liberian Entertainment Awards 2015 (LEA)

                                                                           By BossyDiva Racheal Barway aka BossyDiva     I've been involved with the LEA for the last 5years. My intended was to watch my Liberian artists entertain their fans,  but got a fashion displayed. I have a passion for our entertainment industry and strongly believes we have what it takes to go mainstream, with the support of our people. To my knowledge, the show was well planned, but poorly executed.   1. The welcome party was overcrowded and the DJ played only 1 Libe rian song. which didn't resonated well with me. I waited for the next day to see if there was going be a change. First of all, I must applaud my fellow Liberians for showing up in a huge number despite the snow storm, to show their support to our entertainment industry.   2. The red carpet was a disaster, very tacky. The guests took pictures standing on the backdrop of the LEA.   3. Guests and Entertainers were sta

The Maintain Show: Get the Scoop

                                                                     By Berenice Mulubah                                                                                                                                Left to Right: Radio Personality Talee Supercute, Actress Sana K Idibia and Actor/model/host Valentino Lucas                               The Maintain Show has taken social media by storm.   Every Liberian media page has posted about the show at least more than once.   Field trip to the Maintain Show                                                                                      During my visit in Washington DC, Radio personality Talee Supercute, Radio personality LibDiva, actress Dee Jarry and I took a field trip to see how the Show is put together.   Not only did I watched a live taping of the show, I also had a one on one chat with the host and producer.   Here are five things you didn't know about the Maintain Show. 5. Before the ta

Fatu Gayflor: A Message to My Fans!

                                                                         The golden voice of Liberia, Princess Fatu Gayflor has been out of the Limelight for a while. Yesterday, during a phone conversation with C Liberia Clearly, the Princess talked about some projects she has been working on and asked that we delivered a special message to her fans.                                                                       "I have been focusing my time on The Liberian Women's Chorus for Change.  The Liberian Women’s Chorus for Change inspires awareness and dialogue about domestic violence and other concerns of the local Liberian community through traditional song and stories. Throughout the spring and summer, we will be performing for Philadelphia’s Liberians at various sites, and networking with local social service agencies and activists to connect people with resources so as to foster individual and community strength and dignity.  We have a two year contract with t

Fay Nelson: A Comedian With A Builder's Mentality

                                                                      By Berenice Mulubah   When you operate with a builder's mentality, you empower as many people as you can on your way to the top.  That's the mentality Ms. Fay Nelson had when she came up with Liberian Comedy Center.  Liberian Comedy Center is a facebook page promoting Liberian comedians. Within a few months, the page gained 11000 plus fans and growing faster by the minute. "I used to make little fun videos here and there, but I didn't go hard on it until I saw Mary Love and others doing videos.  That motivated me to create Liberian Comedy Central.  Liberians are very good at comedy.  It is my passion to bring Liberian comedians together and put us out there."     But first, Fay had to lead from the front ," if you want to start something, you have to get off the ground yourself. I did few more videos, hoping that one of them went viral. I wanted mine to go viral first, to br

Liberian Movies: Hottest and Sexist Liberian Actors

                                                                      By Berenice Mulubah Checkout the hottest Liberian men in the movie industry.  If you can't stand the heat, don't look. These guys are smoking hot. Here are the10 hottest and sexiest Liberian actors who are burning up the movie scenes.                                                                                     Albert Capeheart   Jose Tolbert   Eddie Waston   Frank Artus   Diezi Dunbar   Bill Myers   Bobby V. Zoe   Montel Swaray   E Owusu Dahnsaw   Dream Debo