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Shoana Clarke Solomon: Modern Day Liberian Renaissance Woman

 Being a multi-passionate careerist is not celebrated within the Liberian society.  We have a popular phrase that discourages the idea of handling more than one career, "Jack of all trades, master of non." Our society encourages us to learn one and master one.  The modern day Liberian woman is not buying into that.  Women of today around the world are multi-careerists and Liberian women are counted in.  Meet Shoana Clarke Solomon, a Liberian multi-passionate careerist.
"If you are a creative spirit and you can do many things, do them. There are lot of people who can’t multitask, I tell them don’t, but who can, let them." Shoana C. Solomon 
Shoana is an international photographer who travels throughout the world photographing monumental events. She was the only female photographer allowed front and center to photograph the Nobel Peace Award Ceremony in Oslo, Norway in 2011. Shoana has taught photography for the past 12 years both in the US and Liberia.
Shoana the executive
Shoana Solomon is the founder and Executive Director of Cachelle International, a multimedia and arts company founded in 1999 in Pennsylvania, USA. In 2009 Solomon relocated her business to Monrovia as a means to give back to her country. She is also the owner of Cachelle Salon, specializing in natural hair, the owner of Liberia Travel & Entertainment Network, the owner of Cachelle Guest House and creative Art Center.
How do you manager multiple businesses: The people who succeed in making moves are those who have successful people helping them. I’ve been blessed. I have very good people that work for me. A lot of them been with me from the beginning. Each business has a manager and I have been able to delegate responsibility. The key is to train your staff, teach everyone like they are kindergarteners and test their abilities.  I moved to Liberia 6yrs ago. At the beginning, I had difficulties. Some people I hired, lacked
integrity and loyalty but I learned to live with it. It was very frustrating at first. Three out of five of my staff were stealing from me. I was stressed. I even started losing my hair and ended up in the hospital. I can gladly say, I have decent people working for me now and they make things easier for me. I just ignore the drama and do what I have to do.

What motivated you to move to Liberia and start all these businesses: My obligation to Liberia to give back. God blessed me with life and it is only right to go back and give. Take my salon for example, it's a woman's initiative that teaches them how to run a business. We have amazing raw talents in Liberia. I just created a TV show called A Lone Star Rises. I wanted people to see the talent we have in Liberia.  Hopefully it helps them get sponsorships. 

How do you balance work with family: I have a very supportive husband I met in Liberia. We have three beautiful girls. It is very difficult but what I do is involve my kids in everything that I do.
If you were placed in a situation that requires you to let go of all your careers except one, which one would it be:
The creative art centers is my priority. It is my way of giving back, getting young kids out of the streets, and empowering them. It transform lives. It is gratifying to see young kids not in the streets but taking classes that build confidence. I’ve seen shy children within 8 weeks blossom into confident young people.
What would you like to be remembered for: I want to be remembered for the work I do with helping people achieve their greatest potential by tapping into their personal powers.
Where do you see yourself in the next 5yrs: I don't know. I move where the lord wants me to. I never know what He has planned for me.
What would you say to a young kid coming up in your footsteps: If you dream about doing something or being someone, you need to be a doer instead of a talker. Take a picture of it, put it on your wall, take the steps to make it happen, do research, ask around and take positive steps towards your dreams. Don’t just let it sit in your head, you have got to put it on paper.




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