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By DK                                                                                           From culture to culture, we have adopted the idea of prepping our girls/daughters for her marital home.  I for one am the product of such raring practices. My mom felt that I had to learn to cook, clean and take care of my body to become a good wife someday.   Her mother taught her the same and her mother's mother did the same.  When asked why, she said "one day all these qualities will make you a GOOD WIFE for some lucky man".   I've tried to get her to break the circle but I was told if I didn't possess these qualities, she would consider her self a failure,  so I was a "Good Child" and went along.                                                                                 Now, keep in mind I grew up the only girl in the house with two brothers, yet, my mom never mention such talks to the boys.  Wont they too need learn how to cook, clean,


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By Berenice Mulubah                                                                           Did you have to go to school for drawing and baking? Well, I did take some art courses in college, which helped; but the talent has always been there. As regards baking, I’m a Pastry Chef; a graduate of the Johnson & Wales University College of Culinary Arts. Cake designed by Arway Sayeh-Swepson Cake designed by Arway Sayeh-Swepson                                               How did you know you wanted to be a cake designer ?    I’ve always been very creative and have never been afraid of exploring new ideas.   As a teenager, I came across a cake decorating book and marveled at some of the designs. Right there and then, my imagination went wild.   As an Artist, I knew cake decorating was my calling. So, I began to read and practice to improve my skills. What do you feel are the newest trends in Wedding Cake Design? Some of the trends in Wedding cakes a


                                                                             ANNUAL MESSAGE to the Third Session of the 53rd National Legislature of the Republic of Liberia Theme: “Consolidating the Processes of Transformation” By Her Excellency Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf President of the Republic of Liberia Capitol Hill, Monrovia Monday, 27 January 2014 (As Prepared)   Mr. Vice President and President of the Senate, and Mrs. Boakai;   Mr. Speaker;   Mr. President Pro-Tempore;   Honorable Members of the Legislature;   Mr. Chief Justice, Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, and Members of the Judiciary;   The Dean and Members of the Cabinet and Other Government Officials;   Mr. Doyen, Excellencies and Members of the Diplomatic Corps;   Her Excellency, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations;   Officers and Staff of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL);   The Command Officer-i