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Liberian Music 2014

Liberian Entertainment Awards 2015: Top 5 Nominees

                                                                           **BEST NEW ARTIST: 1. Lady Mouthphy 2. Togar Howard ... 3. Bryan Doe 4. Pity D'Best 5. Foreign Ward **BEST DJ: 1. DJ Spek Takula 2. DJ Ant Flahn 3. Dj Versatile 4. DJ Yung T 5. Dj Bossman **BEST MUSIC VIDEO: 1. Munnah - Celebration 2. Peter G - Too Much 3. David Mell - This Love 4. Raw Pekin ft FEJ - Trouble Maker 5. Jodi - PYT **BEST FILM MAKER: 1. Alfred Musa Dukuly 2. COurage Borbor 3. Richard Dwoumah 4. Tibelrosa T 5. Alexander Wiaplah **BEST FILM: 1. Pressure 2. Trio 3. Killer Bean 4. Gbahtuo in America 5. Avenger **BEST ACTOR(ESS) 1. Frank Artus 2. Josephus Tolbert 3. Al Johnson 4. Dream William Debo 5. Joseph Weah **COMMUNITY CRUSADER: 1. YOTAN Liberia 2. Trokon Glay 3. Karen Koukou Twaglee 4. Bill Rodgers 5. Brenda Brewer **BEST ARTIST 1. DenG 2. Jodi 3. David Mell 4. Munnah 5. G-Rize **BEST GOSPEL ARTIST 1. Kanvee Adams 2. BEr

Foday Gallah: Ambulance supervisor, Monrovia, Liberia and Ebola survivor

                                                                                    Meet Time Magazine Person of the Year, Foday Gallah, 37 Ambulance supervisor, Monrovia, and Ebola survivor I am the supervisor on the Honorable Saa Joseph District No. 13 Ambulance. I go out in person. You are there to regulate the movement of the ambulance and sometimes supervise the cases that would come on board the ambulance. ... The first time I had to pick up an Ebola patient, you don’t want to hear it. I was very afraid. Before then we had gone through a training with the Ministry of Health, so we knew how to wear the PPEs [personal protective equipment]. Though the PPEs were on me, the fear was still there. Approaching the patient, I saw this patient lying in a pool of vomit and feces. Wow, it was something to see. I was very, very afraid. Sometimes we carry up to 50, 60 patients a day, depending on the number of calls we have to receive. Because we have only got two ambulances with th

Morris Kanneh: Liberia's Ebola Dead Body Team

                                                                                                                         Meet Time Magazine Person of the Year, Morris Kanneh, 45                   Driver for the Liberian Red Cross dead-body-management team in Monrovia I was working for the Red Cross. My boss man called said, “Morris, the administer want for you to go and drive for the Ebola team.” So I said, “What, Ebola? How could I go on the Ebola team? I’m not prepared.” ... I went through the training, and they assigned me on a team. I become the first driver for [the] Ebola [body team]. We drove all over the country. I started in March, in Lofa [County]. On July 12 I picked up the first two bodies in Monrovia. The first was a lady. I was afraid from the beginning, but I was protected. She was on a bed. She looked dried up. Her eyes were red and there was blood in her nose. It was horrible. Then it hit our nurses. We lost many nurses there. I had to pick up my friend, a nurs

Salome Karwah: Nurse's Assistant and Ebola Survivor, Liberia

                                                                            Meet Time Magazine Person of the Year, Salome Karwah, 26 Nurse’s assistant at the Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) clinic in Monrovia and an Ebola survivor We heard that there was a new sickness coming by the name of Ebola and it is in Guinea. And I was afraid, because Guinea is not far from Liberia. And most of our businesspeople go to Guinea to buy goods and bring them to ... Liberia. So I knew it was a possibility that they could bring it to our country. I was working for our family clinic in the Smell No Taste area [near the airport, in Margibi County, an hour and a half from Monrovia by car]. I was a nurse. Both my mother and father, plus my elder sister and I, [were] medical personnel. We got Ebola through a crisis that happened near our town. This lady, 26 years of age, she was pregnant, from [the city of] Kakata. And then she got sick. And then she died. A lady from my

Nelson Sayon: Liberian Red Cross body-management Ebola team, Liberia

                                                                                                          Meet Time Magazine Person of the Year, Nelson Sayon, 29                         Worker with the Liberian Red Cross body-management team, Monrovia We pick up the bodies, the dead bodies, dead Ebola bodies in the street, from the communities, from the homes, and take them to the crematorium. Normally we used to bury. But then the community members got upset, saying that we cannot bury. Because whenever we went to bury in ... the community, they would take rocks and begin to stone our vehicles. Some were afraid that if we do bury, the body will resurface and they will contract Ebola. So the government of Liberia made a decision to cremate all bodies. So from that point in time we start picking bodies from the street and start taking them to the crematorium. I volunteered myself to help my country, Liberia, because there were dead bodies in the houses and in the community. It

A Rising Liberian Star: Tracey Danielle Jones

                                                                              Tracey Danielle Jones is just 10 years old, making international headlines.  This child star has a voice that is mightier than her age. Currently residing in North Caroline with her parents, the young star has already tour Liberia, meeting the vice president of Liberia and other cabinet members. Earlier this week, she was named 'Child Celebrity of The Day' by African Entertainment website.                                                                              

African Music Flash 2014


Liberian International Artist Jon Bricks: Still Hipco Video Releases.

                                         STILL HIPCO- JON BRICKS ft. ZHENG ZHENG. NEW.