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2021 Liberian Entertainment Awards: Complete Winner List

  The Liberian Entertainment Awards event, popularly known as the LEA, has come to an end for the year 2021. See who took home the prize in each of the 15 categories. Take a look at the list below.  Fashion Designer of the year – Angie H. Couture Comedian of the year – Angel Michael Gospel Artist of the year – Moses Swaray Music Producer of the year – Flexzzbeatz Film Maker of the year – Alexander Wiaplah (Ush) Best New Artiste – Natif Film Actor Of The Year- Eddie Watson Film Of The Year – Wheel And Deal Music Video Of The Year – Pon It By CIC Song Of Year – Story By Natif Radio Personality Of The Year – Master Queen DJ of the Year – DJ Yung T Model Of The Year – Queyon Makor Hipco Artist of the year – MC Caro Music Videographer of the year – Jackie Russ Artist of the year – Kpanto

June Damey: First female to dj at Liberian Entertainment Awards After Party

  June Damey, who created a buzz at Anglers during the Liberian entertainment award (LEA) after party for being the first female DJ to DJ the LEA after party, can be seen in the above picture looking gorgeous and confident on the set. June has worked as a model, a designer, and is currently a DJ. June has gained recognition via her work as a model and fashion designer, and she is now one of the very few Liberian female DJs, making her a unique addition to the DJ world.

Liberian Entertainment Awards: June Damey stuns in Angie H and J wonyen designs

  On the red carpet for the Liberian Entertainment Awards 2021 was designer June Damey of Damey's Collection, as the red carpet host. The designer walked out in the creations of her colleagues designers, Angie H and J Wonyen, looking like a creative princess.  A layered African print dress by Angie H, a see-through tan dress by J Wonyen, and two additional dresses by both designers were among the pieces she wore.  June made a splash on the red carpet on December 29 when she wore those show-stopping looks. 

Liberia: Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh New Year's Message

  On New Year's day, Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh wrote a powerful message to the people of Liberia. Check it out below:  Some people are saying that there is nothing good about the New Year 2022 because nearly all of the people of Liberia are suffering in the misery of the poverty pandemic coupled with the corona pandemic. But let it be said to these people that Ngala (Our Creator in the Kpelle language) does not give us a burden that we can not bear. This New Year Message is directed at raising awareness to motivate people to bear the burden of the suffering by doing the right thing. So, we are grateful to Ngala for giving us yet another chance to do the right thing. There is a Call for us Liberians to move in the right direction because 80 per cent of the people of Liberia have concluded that Liberia is headed in the wrong direction (Afrobarometer, 2020).  Here is the evidence for this conclusion: Over 80 per cent of the people of life in longstanding and widespread poverty