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                                                                         Liberian artists expressing their frustrations, pains, and desire for hope and healing from the Ebola virus in Liberia. So far 1,578 people are believed to have died from Ebola in Liberia alone, according to the latest numbers from the World Health Organization. The country has seen a 52% of increases in cases in just the past three weeks.                                                                              


                                                                                    Mother Rosie Dillon-Wiah : “She did not die from Ebola. Shurina had been ailing in the past year and the death of her sister, Toose Sieanyene Yuoh, last week really took a toll on her. After Toose died, she stopped eating and never really recovered. She went to the funeral, but passed out. She was taken to the SOS Clinic and they treated her and said she has low blood. When she saw the body of he ... r sister, she dropped again. She had not eaten for a week, that’s why she was weak and she died. When they came for the body, they asked whether she had sore mouth, I said no. She was not vomiting, not bleeding. Then they told us that we had called the wrong rescue team and they took the body away, but there was no sign of Ebola on Shurina, I swear.”

Obama Pledges Thousands of Troops To Ebola, UN Increases Financial Ask to $1B

                                                                                                                                                                                               President Obama: "It's a potential threat to global security"   President Barack Obama has called the Ebola outbreak in West Africa "a threat to global security", as he announced a larger US role in fighting the virus. The world was looking to the US, Mr Obama said, but added that the outbreak required a "global response". The measures announced included ordering 3,000 US troops to the region and building new healthcare facilities. Ebola has killed 2,461 people this year, about half of those infected, the World Health Organization (WHO) said. The announcement came as UN officials called the outbreak a health crisis "unparalleled in modern times".                                                                    The WHO

David Mell Fires His Manager Lena Marshall On Social Media

                                                                                         David Mell with Lena Marshall     David Mell aka the Melody fired his manager on social media.  These two were spotted together few months ago at the Liberia Music Awards as artist and manager. We are sorry to announce today that the business relationship be ... tween these two is over. In a recent video posted by David Mell on his facebook page, the artist accused his former manager of 'trying to kill his dream', as he announced to the world that Lena Marshall is no longer his manager.

Ghanaian President to Pay Solidarity Visit to Liberia

                                                                                            Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama   Monrovia,  September 13, 2014 :  Ghanaian President and the ECOWAS current Chairman John Dramani Mahama will pay an official visit to Liberia on Monday, September 15, 2014. While in Liberia, the Ghanaian Leader will make a donation of assorted food items to aid Liberia’s fight against the deadly Ebola virus. According to a Foreign Ministry release, the visit by the Ghanaian leader will also be a show of solidarity by the people of Ghana to Liberia as the country goes through this difficult period. The release said President Mahama will also meet President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for a brief bilateral discussion.  The military aircraft carrying the food items arrived in Liberia   on Saturday   at the Roberts International airport. The Ghanaian Leader is expected to also pay similar visits to neighboring Sierra Leone and Guinea which a

A tribute in commemoration of our father the late President Dr. Samuel Kanyon Doe

By Samuel K. Doe Jr. I can’t believe that it has been 24 years since our young innocent lives changed on that fateful day of September 9th 1990 and will never be the same. Growing up as children of the late president, like most other families in Liberia, we were thought from the ... onset the significance of education and the respect of elders. Reward was synonymous with hard work from our early years. On numerous occasions, we were denied funds to go out on excursions with classmate and friends, funds to needlessly go shopping for toys or sometimes, as harsh as may seem, money to even celebrate birthdays if we underperformed academically in school, other times, any news of us disrespecting our nannies, teachers or elder for that matter would be frowned upon and seriously dealt with. (African Style) Most people would think why would this be the case? After all, our father was the president of the Republic of Liberia; our father’s strict ways of discipline may appear unorthodox an