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Soul Fresh Liberia’s music Group, Announces full date of ‘’Unfinished Business ‘’ Album

Liberia’s Music Duo, JB and SHINNING man, of the group Soulfresh, has officially released the full date of the launch of their pending Album. The ‘’Unfinished Business’’ Album is well loaded with a lot of great songs some of which are already out, dubbed  ‘’Content and pretend’’ Single Ladies’’ Break My law ‘  In the coming days, we should expect more songs to be out from soul fresh, all part of the Album.  Pls see the flyer in order to get full dates, and venues, of activities, leading to the Album’s Launch.

Liberia's Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf "Do I look like somebody to say I'm 80 years [and that] I cannot remember? Come on."

 Liberia's Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  Former President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf at 80: "Do I look like somebody to say I'm 80 years [and that] I cannot remember? Come on." Ellen reacts to statement attributed to her that she's "80 years old and cannot remember anything" Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has dismissed reports claiming that she told investigators of the alleged missing L$16 billion that she is 80 years old and cannot remember anything. In a BBC interview with Jonathan Paye-Layleh about the statement attributed to her, which has been trending on social media, Madam Sirleaf categorically denied ever making any statement of such, describing the article as "tricky propaganda." "Anybody who said that, needs to go and look at themselves. Do I look like somebody to say I'm 80 years [and that] I cannot remember? Come on. You have a foolish paper here that is always doing sensational

Lberia Pure Honey Awarded 1st Prize at National Honey Show in the United Kingdom.

Liberia Pure Honey was awarded 1st Prize in its category this weekend, on October 26, 2018, at the National Honey Show in the United Kingdom.   Pure Honey CEO, Gladys Freeman competed against honeys from across Africa but the “Liberia Pure Honey” won first prize because of its superior aroma, taste and viscosity. Gladys said: “We view the award as belonging to all the employees of Liberia Pure Honey, the beekeepers of this nation and our dearest country Liberia. Liberia Pure Honey wants this award to be a source of inspiration to all Liberian owned businesses. It demonstrates that Liberia has the resources to produce premium products that can compete on an international stage.”

Liberia: SOG Record Releases Preview of CIC’s Upcoming Song ‘’Morning’’ (Video)

Liberian singer CIC The release of ‘’Morning’’ preview, both Video and Audio,is a clearly indication that Cralor-Boi, is a mile close to becoming the man of the moment. The video preview is already trending on social media, and it’s winning the hearts and admiration of fans. The song is expected to be released Nov. 2, of next month.   CIC explains deep emotions and feelings through his social media page, that led to the inspiration of ‘’Morning’’ and the chemistry  that existed between he and Duke Blac, the engineer of this much anticipated hit.

Liberia: Royal Hotel unveils new brand ambassador "DJ Master Queen"

Liberia: DJ Master Queen with Wael Hariz and Helen Hariz Royal Hotel on Tuesday announced Grace Weah, popularly known as DJ Master Queen, has signed an agreement to become the Hotel's newest brand ambassador.    As part of the deal, the much-sought-after Media Personality will become the face of Royal Hotel in a deal that represents a major branding coup in the marketing industry. That means spending free nights at the hotel, free spa and restaurant services. Master Queen is also expected to post on social media about the hotel suites, gourmet food, spa treatments and more. Queen is a perfect fit for the brand, which is known for its knack at luxurious treatments. DJ Master Queen is one of the most recognizably stylish faces in the entire Liberian Entertainment Industry,  with charisma and charm to match.   

Liberia: At least 7 died in tragic Motor accident along the kakata highway

Liberia: Kakata Highway A truck driver lost control on Kakata Highway, which caused the lives of at least seven individuals, eyewitnesses disclosed.  May they Rest In Peace. 

Liberia: Could Christoph be shown love in Nimba while performing at DJ Blue birthday bash as guest artist ?

Liberian rapper Christoph As the euphoria keeps building, report has it that team of Liberian entertainment promotors including artists are all trooping in for the biggest showdown in Nimba, including Christoph.  It is not clear if fans of Bucky Raw, will vibe or show Christoph love in Bucky's hometown, but we are following. Since the beef ensued between the two artists, it has created panic from the organizers of the events, as to the safety of Christoph while on stage performing. Hosts thinking he could get disrupted by Bucky's fans in Nimba.  Christoph was advised not to show up in Nimba by some entertainment pioneers in the heat of the beef but, the MEMG CEO could not hesitate but to turn out for the event, as he should.  Let's watch and see the update from the show as C Liberia Clearly stands committed in bringing you updates from Nimba.

Liberia: Karen Koukou Twaglee "My personal perspective on the More Than Me tragedy and the Unprotected documentary"

Karen KouKou Twaglee speaks against More Than Me Saga The CEO and Founder of PDS Self-Esteem Image Campaign, Karen KouKou Twaglee opened up on Facebook, expressing her views on the More Than Me tragedy. Check out her views below --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It took me 5 days to finish the documentary because I couldn't stomach it, because it triggered emotions of my own nightmares with abuse. DISGUSTED, ASHAMED, HORRIFIED, and ABANDONED are some of the adjectives and raw emotions I felt as I watched and listened to the testimonies of girls that were abused, raped, and impregnated by a HIV infected man that was supposed to protect them! As a mother of girls, a Liberian, a founder of a non-profit whose mission is to educate, empower, and inspire girls, and a SURVIVOR of molestation and rape myself, this is personal! The lack of accountability, integrity, responsibility, leadership,

Woman charged with witchcraft in Canada

A 27-year-old Canadian woman is facing witchcraft and fraud charges after allegedly conning a 67-year-old man of $450,00 in what authorities are calling an "evil spirit blessing scam."  Samantha Stevenson, of Toronto, has been charged with "Pretending to Practice Witchcraft," according to a Thursday release from York Regional Police in Ontario.  Stevenson, acting as a psychic, allegedly convinced the victim that she could help rid him of evil spirits if he transferred large sums of money to her, police say in the release. Steven, who used the alias Evanna Lopez in the scheme, did not return the money, police say. The man sold his home several years ago and transferred the money to Stevenson, police say.  Stevenson later requested more money, purportedly to burn in an effort to "ward off the spirits," police say. The victim allegedly sold his car and used credit cards to pay Stevenson that money.  In total, the victim lost more than $600,000 Ca

Liberia: Christoph Speaks Against Rape in Song "Your Own"

Christoph refused to respond to Bucky Raw beef song, but drops a social awareness song instead.  The song is clearly a gender base violence joint that seeks to speak out against issues affecting women's and children's right in society.  "Your Own" actually left fans surprise, as many expected a hard come back from Christoph as a reply to Bucky's diss. Christoph took the high road, addressing an issue that is very crucial to his society. Recently, Liberia was hit with a discovery of sexual assault against students at  More Than Me institution.   Christoph song "Your Own" can definitely be used as a tool to bring more awareness to the situation. Check out the song below:  Your Own

Liberia: Floyd Nation’s CEO is back with another Banger tittle “Mine” featuring J Slught

After dropping "Kuo" with a splendid video directed by Proxy Kojo, Floyd Nation's CEO "T Floyd" is back with another splashing hit called "Mine".  Mine is just exceptional and it will excites you to know that he's not just alone on it. He is featuring J Slught, Bevonne Record front Singer.  The two artists voices are just amazing and will thrill you to the highest level. Dope and superb engineer, Valemo all helped to make the "record" a well deserving Hitz with a smashing beat magic. 

Liberia: Bucky Raw Apologizes to Christoph, calls to smoke “Peace Pipe”

Trapco Artist Bucky Raw has openly apologized to Christoph after a high tension beef song against MEMG head artist Christoph.  The rapper publicly made an apology through a Facebook post on his timeline. His apology to Christoph has created mix reactions amongst Liberian entertainment lovers. Check out the screenshot of Bucky's apology to Christoph. 

Liberia: More Than Me Addresses Inaccurate Tax Returns, Loses 2 Board Members, Has Funds Suspended by Donor

Liberia: The More Than Me Academy in Monrovia, Liberia. (Kathleen Flynn, special to ProPublica) The charity, featured in a ProPublica investigation and documentary, misreported contributions to the IRS.  In the wake of a ProPublica investigation into More Than Me, the charity scrambled this week to answer questions about inaccuracies in its tax returns. One of its largest donors suspended funding, citing a violation of trust. And the charity confirmed another board member has resigned, as well as a member of its Liberian advisory board. The story and documentary showed how the American charity, which set out to save Liberian girls from sexual exploitation, missed opportunities to prevent the rape of its students by a key employee who had AIDS when he died. The charity has since said it will provide private, schoolwide HIV testing for students at its academy. Officials issued an apology, for the first time acknowledging they failed the girls who were raped, a

XXXTentacion 'confessed' to beating his pregnant girlfriend, stabbing eight people in newly obtained secret recording (Audio)

 Florida rapper, XXXTentacion,  who was fatally shot and killed in June was awaiting trial for a 2016 domestic abuse case involving his pregnant girlfriend,  Geneva Ayala  before his death. XXX whose real name was Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy , was charged by the Miami-Dade County state attorney’s office with aggravated battery of a pregnant victim, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, and witness tampering, accusations the alleged victim detailed in a January 2017 deposition. He pleaded not guilty to the charges and maintained his innocence up until his death. But in a new audio recording obtained by Pitchfork which was secretly recorded by an acquaintance shortly after the rapper's arrest in October 2016, XXXTentacion can be heard admiting to beating up his girlfriend, Geneva Ayala. “I put my source of happiness in another person, which was a mistake initially, right? But she fell through on every occasion until now. Until I started fucking her up bruh

'I was molested by our house-help at the age of 10' - Made In Gidi housemate, Shile says

 Olasile Sotuminu, one of the housemates from the just concluded season one of the Made In Gidi reality show has revealed that he was sexually molested at the age of 10 by his parents house help. Tweeting this morning, he wrote, 'I really don't like getting too close to ladies, because the moment you get too close and start sharing secrets, you become vulnerable and an average woman will always think good of herself before considering you at every point'. He went on to say, 'guess the genesis was when our househelp started molesting me at age 10. It all began with checking out Pee-Pee, till when she started taking me at every quiet angle of the house, and the fear of maximum beating from mum won't even make me voice out'. 

President Trump reacts to reports that Chinese and Russian spies hacked his iPhone

 Today,  New York Times  reported that  President Donald Trump ’s cellphone conversations are being intercepted by Russia and China to gather information on his associates and policy positions. According to the report, the discovery was made by White House officials  who were alerted by individuals working within these foreign governments.  However, the names of the White House officials and individuals working within these foreign governments have remained anonymous for security reasons. In his reaction, Trump described it as another 'Fake News' tweeting, 'the New York Times has a new Fake Story that now the Russians and Chinese (glad they finally added China) are listening to all of my calls on cellphones. Except that I rarely use a cellphone and when I do it’s government authorized. I like Hard Lines. Just more made up Fake News!'.  

Meet Sahile-Work Zewde, the top UN official who has been appointed as Ethiopia's first female president

Ambassador Sahle-Work Zewde has been nominated as the new president of Ethiopia, the State's news agency reports. Zewde, a top official with the United Nations (UN) replaced Mulatu Teshome , who tendered his resignation before the parliament on Wednesday. By her appointment though ceremonial, Amb. Zewde will be first Ethiopia's female president and the second African president after Sirleaf Johnson of Liberia who served as the 24th President of Liberia from 2006 to 2018. Who is Sahle-Work Zewde? The 68-year-old diplomat studied natural science at the University of Montpellier, France. She is fluent in Amharic, French and English. She was previously the special representative of the United Nations secretary general to the African Union. She also served at the organization’s Nairobi office with a rank of undersecretary general. Sahile-Work Zewde began her diplomatic career as ambassador to Senegal in 1989 with responsibilities in neighbouring African co

Liberia: 11-Year-Old Sues Dad for ‘Persistent Non-Support’

Eleven-year-old Robertlyn Poopeh did not mind her father being handcuffed and escorted to the Monrovia Central Prison on Wednesday for allegedly failing to support her education. Robertlyn, a student of St. Theresa Convent in Monrovia, sued her father for his alleged refusal to provide her basic needs, something she said was unfair to her mother. She filed for the writ of arrest through her mother but took the stand in the judge’s chambers to explain why she sued her father. The minor lamented that she has been out of school due to her father’s refusal to honor his responsibility by paying her tuition. “My mother said she doesn’t have money, every time we call him he doesn’t come so we brought him to court so the court must compel him to help my mother,” she explained. Youku Morris, Robertlyn’s mother said, since 2015 her ex-fiancé has refused to support their child in spite of numerous promises. Youku said the Ministry of Gender, Women, and Children Protection Section of

Liberia: Root FM Ceo Henry Costa Banned Bucky Raw Songs

Liberian Talk Show host "Henry Costa  Root FM Ceo and host of "Costa Show", Henry Costa, posted on social media that all of Bucky Raw songs are banned from his radio station, after he learnt that the deported rapper mentioned him in his latest diss song, "Warning Shots". In "Warning Shots" Bucky accused Henry Costa of messaging  his girlfriend "Dee Raw", who is the mother of his daughter. Henry Costa immediately responded, saying that Bucky Raw songs will no longer be played on Roots FM. Costa also stated that he prefer Coolnanee than Bucky Raw, who he referred to as a "Less Busy Doportee." Shortly after posting the message, Henry Costa deleted his post.  Check out the screenshot below. 

Bill Cosby Denied Retrial, Wife Camille Accuses Judge Of Bias

Cosby gets rebuffed by the courthouse. Bill Cosby has apparently lost his first appeal to see his conviction overturned. According to CBC , the judge presiding rendered their decision on Tuesday after careful consideration into the matter, causing Cosby's wife Camille to again, accuse the judge of malpractice & bias against her spouse. Cosby's wife believes a confrontation with a pivotal pre-trial witness may have swung things out of favor. Cosby's defense team wants their client released on bail while he files the multiple court injunctions against the judge's presumptive "bias." The 81-year old is currently facing three to ten years in a state penitentiary for sexually molesting a woman in 2004. Bill Cosby has reportedly been given a single cell to himself, as well as access to a "dayroom" where he can watch television and eat his meals, somewhat removed from the anguish of regular prison life. Due to h

Liberia: President George Weah Declares Education is Free at Public Universities

 President George Weah does keep his promises, doesn't he? The University of Liberia and all public universities in Liberia are now tuition free! President of Liberia, President George Weah has sensationally declared that the University of Liberia and all other public universities in Liberia tuition free. Yes, you got that right: no cost at all for any student pursuing undergraduate education at public universities in the country.  Weah made the announcement during his visit to the University of Liberia and also took to his Facebook page to announce the joyful news to the world.  Speaking to the crowd, he also promised that he would make University education free in the country and make Liberia an example to other African nations on the continent. During the last campaign before his election, George Weah said to a large congregation of his supporters, "I played football in Europe. I would have stayed in Europe and enjoyed my money, but I came to Liberia to redeem

Wizkid, Tiwa Savage romantic video ‘Fever’, stirs up reactions (VIDEO INCLUDED)

Reactions have been pouring in on Twitter following Wizkid’s sexually intense video with Tiwa Savage, further fueling their relationship rumours. Nigerians had expressed their views suspecting that there is something special going on between popular Nigerian singers Tiwa Savage and Wizkid due to their level closeness. Tiwa ex-husband Teebillz had, in September, put an end to the relationship rumours between the two when he stated on his Instagram post: “Whether you like it or not Ayo is my little brother and he knows not to cross me on blood Gang… My Big Homie Sauce kid aka Sinzu guaranteed me on that even though he’s my blood. Don Jazzy will never allow that!” Wizkid and Tiwa’s love story continues 😍 😍 😍 😍 — I-F-E on the M-I-C !! 🎤 (@IFEontheMIC) October 24, 2018 Here are some of the reactions: Teebillz had edible catering , Wizkid now used tiwa as the stew in his own fever video 😭😂 — DADDY THE FATHER (@SemiloooreAkoni) October

Liberia: 19 Year Old Liberian Shot in Chicago

Liberian: Prince Kargou Chicago has one of the highest homicide rates in the country, so business is brisk at Leak & Son's Funeral Home, which arranges nearly 3,000 funerals a year. "On Saturday, the most funerals take place,” Spencer Leak Sr., president and CEO of the funeral home, told VICE News. “We may find ourselves with 10, 12, 15 church services throughout the community, all at the same time.” What they've found is every mourning family mourns in its own way. VICE News followed the painful experience of one family grappling with the loss of their teenage son, Prince Kargou, as they said goodbye with the help of Leak & Sons. Kargou’s father, who brought his children to Chicago to escape the war in Liberia, and his girlfriend, who witnessed the murder, say the tragedy is an example of how the violence permeating the city is taking innocent victims. "There should be no 'wrong place at the wrong time' in America," Kargou's

Liberia: MTM Situation - 'A Tip of the Iceberg'

Facia Harris, the spokesperson of the group in a petition to the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Gender and other government agencies, said they were deeply troubled by the ProPublica report released on October 11, detailing the incidents of rape, sexual abuse and exploitation of the Liberian girls under the care of the More Than Me Academy  Amid the public outburst of anger and indignation over the rape and abuse of over a dozen girls by a staff of the More Than Me (MTM) Academy, along with attempts by its founder, Katie Meyler, to cover-up evidence and protect the culprit, Macintosh Johnson (now deceased), the chair of the SHEROES International Forum Liberia, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, believes the situation is much bigger than More Than Me. "A tip of the iceberg", she called it. Speaking at her Capitol Building office last week, in a prelude to the launch the 'Jewel Starfish Foundation' to provide scholarship and other education empow

Single ticket in South Carolina wins $1.537 billion Mega Millions jackpot

Hate to break it to you, but you're not the nation's newest millionaire -- unless you're the lone person in South Carolina who picked the magic Mega Millions numbers to win the $1.537 billion jackpot. Should the unidentified winner pick a one-time cash option, they would walk away with a cool $878 million. Otherwise, the full $1.537 billion jackpot would be paid in annuities over 29 years. The numbers drawn Tuesday night were 5, 28, 62, 65 and 70, and the Mega Ball was 5. Only one person matched all the numbers to win the jackpot, Mega Millions said. A whopping 36 tickets nationwide matched five of the six numbers for second-prize tickets. The jackpot fell just short of the all-time US lottery record, set in January 2016 when three winning Powerball tickets split a $1.586 billion prize. Mega Millions officials had earlier estimated that Tuesday night's prize would reach $1.6 billion, but the total wasn't finalized until after sales stopped shortly be

Meet 'TOKA KAHN CLARY' American Boxer Originally From Liberia

Featherweight David Berna (left) vs . Toka Kahn Clary. Photo credit: Scott Foster STATS Bouts: 26 Rounds: 110 Weight Class: Featherweight Born: 6-22-1992 Residence: Providence, Rhode Island KO’s: 63% Toka Kahn Clary (25-1, 17 KO’s) WBA-NABA/WBC-USNBC Featherweight Champion Born in Liberia but now an American citizen, Toka arrived in the U.S. at age 7, stopping in Philadelphia for a year before making Providence, Rhode Island his permanent home. Toka Kahn Clary has been a fighter his entire life, both in and out of the ring having overcome all sorts of adversity. He has an impeccable amateur career having won a National Golden Glove championship. He became a 5-time New England Golden Glove champion and has earned both a bronze and silver medal in the U.S. championships. Toka took the bronze medal in the Pan-Am games, a gold medal in the Russian games, and finally a bronze medal in Olympic trials. Toka ended his amateur career after compiling a very impressi

Liberian Music: Bucky Raw sends “Warning Shot”and "Closed Casket” to Rivals

Liberian Hipco  rapper Bucky Raw Bucky Raw could be quoted from his facebook page earlier today as saying “PLEASE I DONT WANT NO ONE CALLING OR BEGGING ME TO STOP❗️ MY LIFE WAS THREATENED AND MY FAMILY WAS ATTACKED VERBALLY.❗️ TRAPCO❗️KAE &KARNEL GO TO SLEEP.DADDY BOUT TO HANDLE BUSINESS” These warining could be directed to chiller coolnee, Christoph and others that are already trowing “Diss” at him. Of recentDROPPING SOON ❗️ GM ❗️ PLEASE I DONT WANT NO ONE CALLING OR BEGGING ME TO STOP❗️ MY LIFE WAS THREATENED AND MY FAMILY WAS ATTACKED VERBALLY.❗️ TRAPCO❗️KAE &KARNEL GO TO SLEEP.DADDY BOUT TO HANDLE BUSINESS❗️COVER BYEl Prazsy Montana, coolnanee openly trow diss at Bucky Raw, thru a song tittle “A sweet for you” a diss track which prompted a swift respond from bucky, thru a facebook post as when he said “he does not respond and roll with gays rappers”  Next time coolnaee also took to his facebook page warning bucky to not enter old road. Old road is where cool

Liberian Music: CIC Soon to drop new song “Morning” strictly dedicated to the Ladies

Liberian singer CIC Maurice Tosh Gayflor, widely known as "CIC" surprises and thrills his fans thru social media hours ago, when he announced the release date of his new song "Morning".  According to the SOG Record Lead Vocalist, the song is dedicated to the ladies. "Morning" when drops will be added to the list of several love songs the Lonestar Cell brand Ambassador has dedicated straightly to the Ladies.   The song is produced by Swagpro Ent hit producer dukeblac and Beat Monster, a Nigerian producer. The now anticipated joint, according to information gather will form part of many songs expected to  be a part of CIC's Album set to be released in December.    

World Bank Report on Liberia Shows Alarming Inflation, Revenue, Slump and Budget Shortfall

Liberia: Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel Tweah Liberia’s economy isn’t doing any better, fiscal deficit continues to widen as recent World Bank report puts it at 5.2% of the GDP in FY 2018 compared to 4.8% of the GDP in the previous fiscal year. This is a result of a significant shortfall in revenues and higher than anticipated non-discretionary expenditures, according to the report. Non-discretionary spending is spending that is required by a budget, contract, or other commitment. Core non-discriminatory expenditure and interest revenues constitute about 75% of domestic revenues. The deterioration of the economy has also been attributed to slower than anticipated economic activities which resulted from prolonged period of political uncertainty, tax waiver policies in the run-up to the presidential elections in 2017, unresolved court dispute on the collection of petroleum levy and lower projected grants. All these have summed up to shortfalls in revenue amou

Liberia: Cllr. Reeves Laid to Rest After State Funeral

Liberia: The late Cllr. Lemuel A. Reeves, served as commissioner of the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) up to the time of his death  The Government of Liberia, family, and well-wishers on Saturday, October 20, held a solemn state funeral for the late Commissioner General of the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS), Cllr. Lemuel E. A. Reeves, Sr., in Monrovia. At the state funeral, held at the Sacred Heart Cathedral Church on Broad Street, Monrovia mourners from all walks of life paid their last respects in a befitting farewell to this great son of the land. In attendance were President George Manneh Weah and First Lady Clar Weah; Speaker Bhofal Chambers; Representative Munnah Pelham-Youngblood; Finance Minister Samuel Tweah; Defense Minister Ziankahn; Public Works Minister Mobutu Nyenpan; Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill. Also at the service were Justice Minister and Attorney-General, Cllr. Frank Musa Dean as well as magistrates and justices of bot

King Jaffer and Lovetee Dahn's Wedding: See the Liberian Celebrities Who Attended!

Liberian Record Label owner King Jaffer and Lovetee Dahn's wedding King Jaffer and Lovetee Dahn wedding guest list was just as star-studded as you'd imagine! Master Queen, who MC the couple reception, was one of the first wedding guests seen arriving on Saturday.  Superstar CIC was also joined by DJ As A Boy.  Cyhpa Da King and Hazem Double H also showed up to support the couple. Check out photos below of the celebrities who attended.