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DenG postpones Pool Party due to 'severe physical pain.'

The New Year gig of DenG's "Grateful Concert" has been postponed as the singer grapples with health issues, African Entertainment Music Group (AEMG) announced Sunday. In a statement posted on the promoter's site, African Entertainment Musical Group revealed that the concert that was set to begin at the RLJ resort on January 1, in Paynesville, Monrovia, has been postponed indefinitely. "Since his return from the US, DenG has been suffering from severe physical pain that has impacted his ability to perform," the statement read. "He remains under the care of expert medical professionals at the SOS Clinic who recommended enough rest." "DenG is devastated that he has to wait to perform for his fans," the statement said. "He plans to spend the next two weeks proactively working with his doctor to recuperate," the statement said.  According to his publicist, DenG recently opened up about his insomnia and fatigue when he left the record

Top 10 C Liberia Clearly most viewed articles  of 2017 

How was 2017? Yes, a little crazy, but overall, a great year for C Liberia Clearly.  Our following and views increased. As the year draws to a close, here’s a look back at our most popular articles. These are the numbers from our website, not including our Facebook views. 1. 62,034 Views 2. 43,515 Views  3. 29,078 Views  4. 23,260 Views  5. 20,363 Views 6. 14,195 Views  7. 14,085 Views  8. 12,140 Views 9. 11,189 Views 10. 10,299 Views Note: 2 articles on the above metric are from 2016.  They were replaced with these 2 articles from 2017.  

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President  elect George Weah vows to end corruption and promise “better life”

President elect George Weah has said corruption will have no place in his government. In his acceptance speech following Tuesday’s run-off election in capital Monrovia Saturday, Weah said in the next few days he would set up a government committed to delivering on promises made to the people. “Those chosen to serve will and must be dedicated to the ideas of grassroots social transformation…persons looking to treat the Liberian people through menace of corruption will have no place in this administration.” He promised to build his administration on the institutional gains made under Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s administration and improve the lives of the people, protect rights and foster inclusion. Weah, a former FIFA World Player of the Year and Ballon D’Or winner, will succeed Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in the Liberia’s first democratic transition since 1944. The 51-year-old won the first round of voting in October with 38.4 percent of the vote. None of the 20 presidential candidates could obta

15 Best / Hottest Liberian Songs Of 2017

The end of 2017 is here. We take a look back into the year to bring you the  15 Best / Hottest Liberian Songs Of 2017 . C Liberia Clearly has compiled these songs in no particular order. 

Liberia: Written Copy of Unity Party Standerd Bearer “Vice President Boakai” Concession Speech 

C o n c e s s I o n  ST A T E M E N T Delivered by Honorable Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr. Standard Bearer of the Unity Party & Vice President, Republic of Liberia In Acceptance of the Results of the 2017 Presidential Run-off Election ********** National Headquarters of the Unity Party Congo Town, Liberia Friday, December 29, 2017 Fellow Liberians;  My Great Partisans; Auxiliary and other Support Groups;  Executives and Members of Collaborating Political Parties;  Well Wishers and People of Goodwill; Members of the Press: Let me start off by thanking all of you. I express my deepest gratitude to the peace-loving people of Liberia for their determination to quench their thirst for the consolidation of our democratic entitlements. My deep appreciation and affection go to my Wife, Mrs. Kartumu Yarta Boakai, my children and relatives for enduring this tedious but worthy undertaking to the end. Indeed, I remain proud of you.  To all Liberians who supported us, I say thank you. And to those

Liberia Music Industry: C Liberia Clearly Top 10 Male Singer of 2017

The Liberian Music industry has grown over the years. In 2017, our artists dropped high quality videos, many new collaborations, more singles have been dropped, albums have been released and surprisingly, show-stopping performances have been nailed to the dot. This list is about the top 10 hardest working male artists among all the hard working male artists in the Liberian Music industry. These artists have shown growth and results. Their musical dexterity just can’t be missed.  10. Foriegn Ward 2017 was a great year for Foriegn Ward music career. He sold himself as a brand. He hasn’t master art of the music game, but when he understands there is a legitimate reason the word “game” is attached to the music business, I’m 100% sure that he will play to win.  His video “No Makeup” is a classic, absolutely beautiful. In 2017, he dropped an album “Broken English” along with a custom Mobile App, dropped two quality videos and got booked for over 15 shows.  9. Benji Cavalli  Benji Ca

Liberian Music Industry: C Liberia Clearly Top 10 Female Singers of 2017

In an industry dominated by male artists, these female stars have done well to stand out and be some of the biggest names in the Liberian entertainment industry and most especially their hard-work and consistency. So we, in our humble opinion, have compiled a list of the Top 10 Female singers in Liberia based on Vocal Ability, Lyrics and Delivery, Mainstream Acceptability, Consistency, and Commercial Value. Here goes! 10. Nyae Slanger  This Hip Hop rapper might not have the huge fan base some others on this list have, but lyrically she can give the best in the land a run for their money. In simple terms, the girl can rap.  Her singles, “The Guest List”, and most recently “I Want to Know” have been doing well to keep her buzz going, and one gets the feeling that once she gets comfortable with the Liberian culture, she’ll be one of the hottest names in the Liberian Music industry and it’ll be very well deserved. Among her peers she’s already very well respected. 9. Pillz Pillz i

Meet Jimmy Dee - Liberian Entertainment Awards 2018 Host 

Jimmy Dee is the host of Liberian Entertainment Awards 2018.  He will be along side his co-host Lisa Togba on March 10, 2018, in Atlanta, Georgia.   Jimmy grew up in America but lived in a Liberian home , everything was so Liberian for him.  His grandma only spoke bassa, which she felt comfortable communicating with him only and that's how he learned to speak bassa fluently. As a kid he was very active and hard headed . He used to love imitating ppl in church and just being a clown whenever he could in school . He participated in school plays and concerts so by high school he was known as the show boy in the family!  While in high school, hevstarted getting lead roles in major theater productions and acted in few independent films. By the time he started college , his first MC gig was when his aunt Teta Dousuah decided he should be the host for her wedding. This was a bit different from his usual acting and singing , he had to make ppl laugh , excited , and keep them interested in

George Weah: First Ever World Footballer Of The Year To Be Elected President

George Manneh Weah could dribble, sprint and shoot. He also possessed a good leap to power headers past goalkeepers. But he has scored his best ever goal by winning the Liberian presidential election following results announced Thursday evening. Weah is not your ordinary African footballer, who just wanted to play football to escape the harsh reality of poverty and his childhood. He dreamed he could help his country and he initially did through his prowess on the football pitch. But he is about to be handed the keys to the presidential mansion, where he can make all those differences he had always dreamed about. It is instructive to note that Weah defeated the outgoing Liberia President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, in the first round of balloting in 2005. However, just like in 2017, he did not pole the required 51 per cent of votes in the first round. In the second round in 2015, Johnson-Sirleaf polled 59 per cent of the votes compared to 41 per cent for Weah. But right now, the 51-year-old

George Weah’s harshest critic Henry Costa congratulates Weah on his Presidential Victory 

Over the last few months, Henry Costa has proven to be George Weah’s harshest critic, using provacative adjective towards Weah, referring to him as dull, dumb and stupid.   Well, journalist Costa was one of the first to congrats President-elect George Weah, moments after the National Elections Commission (NEC) released the first provisional runoff election results, with the presidential candidate of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Senator George Manneh Weah capturing 61.5% of the total votes cast, while Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai of the Unity Party (UP) receiving 38.5% votes. Check out Costa message: 

NEC Releases Provisional Results, CDC 61.5% Of The Votes, UP 38.5%

The National Elections Commission (NEC) has released the first provisional runoff election with the presidential candidate of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Senator George Manneh Weah capturing 61.5% of the total votes cast, while Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai of the Unity Party (UP) receiving 38.5% votes. Addressing a widely attended news conference, NEC Chairman, Jerome Korkoya said the Commission will release another results from the Counties, this pronouncement by the NEC Chairman which was live on all local radio stations drew supporters of the CDC to jubilate around the country. The NEC Chairman also disclosed that the next pronouncement of results from the just ended runoff election will be announced tomorrow at the same venue.