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New Video: Marry Me - Saga AP

Saga AP Marry Me by Saga AP, watch below. 

DenG - The Girls Boyfriend

DenG - The Girls Boyfriend, Listen Here

StarmeloD - Tassina

Tassina by StarmeloD - Listen Here

Tito Gee ft StarmeloD - We The Man Them

Tito Gee ft StarmeloD - We The Man Them  Listen Here

Fifa World Cup: Africa will get two extra places if tournament expands - Infantino

Gianni Infantino Africa will get an additional two World Cup finals places should the tournament be expanded to 40 teams from 2026, says Fifa president Gianni Infantino. Infantino proposed the expansion from 32 teams before he was elected by world football's governing body in February. Africa is currently allocated five places at World Cups. "My proposal has been 40 teams and if that happens then my proposal has been to have at least two extra places for African teams," said Infantino. The move would not come into effect until 2026 with the format of 32 teams already confirmed for Russia in 2018 and Qatar in 2022. The Fifa boss is still set to be interviewed by ethics investigators after allegedly breaching its code of ethics. The allegations relate to a possible conflict of interest when using private jets laid on by a World Cup-bidding country; that he filled senior posts without checking people's eligibility for the role; and billing Fifa fo

Congolese singer, Koffi Olomide gets 18-month jail term for assult

Koffi Olomide Legendary Congolese singer, Koffi Olomide is sentenced to an 18-month jail term without the option of fine by a Kinshasa court following an assault on one of his female dancers in Nairobi, Kenya few days ago. A congressman, Zakarie Bababaswe reportedly started a campaign against Koffi upon his arrival in Congo, going on TV to question why the singer was still walking scot-free despite damning evidence. A Kenyan publication, The Star reports that the 56-year-old singer who has a long history of violence was then immediately arrested and charged to court for assault on the victim known as Pamela. After reportedly pleading his innocence with his lawyers arguing that Koffi was manhandled by the police, the singer was found guilty of the offence and was subsequently sentenced to over a year in jail, the publication revealed. Koffi Olomide was also once convicted in his home country in 2012, after assaulting Diego Lubaki, his producer.

Strong Gbana Pekin: Liberia At 169 - Truly Independent or Very Dependent?

Liberia, a nation founded by free slaves from America through the efforts of the American Colonization society in 1821 is the oldest and only African republic that gained her independence without violence. After the arrival of the first group of slaves on a ship called, “The Mayflower” on March 9, 1820, they settled on the historic Providence Island before negotiating with tribal leaders as well as engaging in warfare with indigenous tribes for the acquisition of land. Originally known as a settlement for freed slaves and governed by series of Governors, Liberia declared independence on July 26, 1847; 26 years after her founding. Joseph Jenkins Roberts, the first black Governor of the settlement became Liberia’s first president. The Past: Liberia’s past is marred by many events and factors that served as impediment to her development and progress; the major one been the Americo-Liberian and Indigenous factor. The years that followed after Liberia gained her indepen

Liberia's Best DJs Exclusive Interview Series Part 1: Bernard Blue Benson aka DJ Blue

Bernard Blue Benson aka DJ Blue Disc Jockeys (DJs) have a vital role in the music industry.  Why? They are like a liaison between the musicians and the fans. DJs directly play music to the consumers and interact with consumers on a more regular basis than the musicians. These Disc Jockeys also clearly understand the music taste of the fans, given their direct and regular interaction. They are very vital in introducing new music to the music consumers.    Musicians worldwide have created solid relationships with these Disc Jockeys. They always have their ear to the streets, so they are the first to know which new artists have a buzz, what songs are liked by the consumers and what songs have no audience reaction.  DJs can provide reliable feedback to musicians. Have Liberian musicians made the best use of Disc Jockeys?    In this C Liberia Clearly DJs Exclusive, we tried to figure out the relationship between the Liberian DJs and the Liberian musicians, starting with


Wait Na bY Kizzy W, listen HERE

Alice Yawo: DenG Old Management Takes On New Artist

Alice Yawo After two years of nurturing DenG music career from the bottom to the top, Alice Yawo and DenG fell out and it was a nasty fall, ending their professional relationship. Alice stepped away from the music business for few months, to refresh and regroup.  The manager has resurfaced with a fresh face, Kizzy W and he is very talented. On July 6, 2016, the team dropped a hot song.  Check it out:  Wait Na

Strong Gbana Pekin: Breakdown in Family Values and Discipline - Factors and Way Forward

Strong Gbana Pekin | July 18, 2018  “Our pa them coming o!” That was the statement of alert by the first person who sees the orange light on top of the front passenger side of our father Bishop Kortu K. Brown jeep. At that moment, everyone will neutralize all abnormal behavior and we will position ourselves in the strictest way possible. For those who had complaints against them pending for the day, your body usually transformed into an empty warehouse for the fact that you don’t know the kind of verdict you were going to receive. The above paragraph is an upright testimony of how tight and firm were the grips of our parents on us. Most of the ills in our Liberian society these days are the result of breakdown in our Family Values and Discipline. People often blame the breakdown on the 14 years civil conflict; however, there are many other contributing factors. Bad parenting, deplorable economic conditions, technological advancements, etc, are just few factors. Bad