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Meet Roseline Paye-Laleh the Brain Behind Liberin Girls Killing It

Berenice Mulubah | March 31, 2015 6:00 am
 Liberian Girls Killing It, is a Liberian facebook page that is 11,269 fans strong and very active.  The page is a spin-off from another African social media page called African Girls Killing.  Inspired by African Girls Killing, the founder felt that Liberian girls are too fabulous and needed a platform of their own to show case their beauty and style. Opened February 2013, the page has become one of the most popular Liberian pages on facebook.  The page is ran by Roseline Paye-Laleh and her partner Tenneh Cooper.

Meet Roseline Paye-Layleh Roseline Paye-Layleh is a mother of three.  She has been with her Domestic partner for nine years.  She is majoring in health service management and lives in New York. Roseline shared her appreciation for the page success with C Liberia Clearly, "I never necessarily anticipated this much activity on my page but it is a really welcoming and heartwarming surprise. I receive about ten to fifteen pictures i…

Miata Getaweh Reveals the Story Behind I DID IT FOR LOVE

Berenice Mulubah| March 30, 2015 5:00 am 

Thomas L. Burphy: A Liberian Native On A Mission

By Berenice Mulubah
                                                                  3/27/2015 6:06am

Liberian Daily Observer Interviewed The Most Talked About Liberian Blogger: Berenice Mulubah

Click the link to read more: Interview with the most Talked about Blogger

Liberia's Best Female Singers of the 21th Century

These beautiful nightingales of Liberia are gifted and hardworking.  They have proven over the years to have vocal power and amazing ranges. They can hit the high and low notes.  Most importantly, these ladies are committed to their career.  They are professionals. 

                                                  Musulyn Myers also known as “Sweetz”
She made her marked on  MTN Project Fame Season 5 as the last and only non-Nigerian standing at the finale and hasn't stop since. 

                                                           Munnah also Known as Lib Princess
Munnah is a powerful vocalist but she is also the most controversial Liberian artist.  She keeps the scene interesting.

                                            Leona Moore also Known as Lady Mouthphy
Lady Mouthphy who recently relocated to the United States of America, is currently trying out for America's Got Talent.

Bernice Blackie She is the young, energetic and spiritual. Bernice Blackie has won ov…

The Meaning Behind Munnah's New Single

By Berenice Mulubah
                                                                                        3/24/2015 11:12am

One of the hardest working female in the Liberian music industry, Lib Princess Munnah, is building a lot of buzz about her new single.  Munnah told C Liberia Clearly that her new single "SinGo & LoveinIt" is about her life and it is epic.  She is bringing nothing less than the best. 

"I’m single and really really loving it. Being single doesn’t mean I am lonely.  Being single is not what I want but it is an opportunity for me to know myself and I have come to understand that being with someone, requires you to know who you are.I have embraced sleeping in my bed by myself. I have embraced spending time with my son. I just wanted to put this experience in music, it's therapy to my soul.
Even the video to this song is going to be amazing. This is about my life, it has to be great.  I’m shooting the video in  Miami.  I believe as an artist, you…

Liberian Senator George Weah Came Fourth Out of Forbe's Ten Most Powerful Men Of Africa

Forbes has named Weah one of Africa's Ten Most Powerful Men. Weah is listed along with Zimbabwe’s richest man, Strive Masiyiwa who is quietly connecting the continent, laying underground fiber optics cable through his company, Liquid Telecom while fighting against the scourge of the Ebola outbreak to Tidjane Thiam of Ivory Coast who dominated global business news last week with his announcement that he would be heading up one of the world’s largest and oldest banks, Credit Suisse in Geneva, Switzerland.

Also included is Uganda’s Victor Ochen, youngest African nominee for the prestigious 2015 Nobel Peace Prize for his advocacy for victims of war and the youth. According to Forbes, these African men have been and continue to be at the forefront of taking the affairs of the continent into their own hands and transforming it into the change they want to see in it.

“Against the backdrop of an Ebola outbreak ravishing the country, former football star George Weah won a landslide victory …

From Ghanaian blogger Gabby Nash to Liberian blogger Berenice Mulubah

China's Biggest Record Label, AC Music Shows Interest in Jon Bricks

Famous Liberian Hipco artist Jon Bricks took time off during his recording session and rushed off to AC Music recording studio  yesterday, when he got a message that they wanted to have a meeting with him. 

Even though, Jon Bricks was not completely happy with the full package the record label is offering, because they have their own style of music they want him to sing, he is weighing his options and not completely closing the door to this offer.  Jon Bricks is currently in studio working on two new songs.  

Top 10 Sexiest Liberian Actresses

These ladies are very talented and skillful but I have to be honest, it is not just their acting skills that keep their fans glued to the television screen.  These ladies are hot and they are steaming up the television screens.  The competition is fierce and high.  Liberian women are known for being sexy.

Let's check out the top 10 hottest and sexiest Liberian actresses.

Diamond Sonpon from Blessed Curse Nadia Kehzie from Imported Bride 1&2 Chi-Chi Neblett from Kiss My Tears Ce Dean from Boyz Cry Crescentia Sieh from Dilemma Mamai Karneh from Scarred Patricia Giple from Delude Korto Davis from Touch My Body Lisa Sahraoui aka Harietta Murphy from Larry Powell Josephine Borbor from Hatred

Zimbabwe expelled from 2018 World Cup

Zimbabwe have been expelled from 2018 World Cup qualifying for failing to pay former coach Jose Claudinei Georgini. Football's world governing body Fifa said in a statement it had taken the action "as a result of the non-payment of an outstanding debt".
Fifa added that Zimbabwe's Football Association (Zifa) failed to make the payments despite a grace period.
It ends Zimbabwe's chances of reaching the finals in Russia before the Warriors have even kicked a ball.
The African zone qualifiers are due to kick off in October, with the draw to be made in St Petersburg in July. Zimbabwe have never qualified for the World Cup.
Brazilian Georgini, nicknamed Valinhos, managed the national team from January to November 2008. He has been owed money since and Zifa was first ordered by Fifa in 2012 to pay him.
Zimbabwe were given several deadlines and warnings but the debut remains outstanding. Fifa said Zimbabwe did not appeal against its expulsion.
Zifa is i…

Rapists should be kept in zoos - Actress Ini Edo


Ice Prince unveils new label

By Berenice Mulubah 

Fubbi Franklin Armah Henries Committed to Promoting Talented Liberians

It is a very exciting time in the history of Liberian entertainment.  Even though the Liberian entertainment industry is severely underdeveloped, the entertainers are optimistic. Not even the lack of financial support can stop their drive and determination. With the help of few supporters, they have poked their heads out from under the debris of the civil war and shooting for the stars.    One of these supporters is an amazing young fellow, Mr. Fubbi Franklin Armah Henries. 

Mr. Henries volunteer his time and finances to promote musicians, from amateurs to seasoned artists. He draws musicians from every genre: Hipco, traditional, and gospel. Fubbi also financially support radio programs that promote Liberian music.  He also help artists build social media profiles and pages for exposure.
 Fubbi explained that one of his goals is to create an environment where people can come together to support local artists in their community.
Fubbi Franklin Armah Henries currently provides regular s…

Glam and Glamours: Grand Gedeh Fashion Police Awards (GGF)

On March 7, 2015, Liberians came out in style at the Grand Gedeh Fashion Police Awards, hosted at Yeadon Borough Hall 600 Church, Yeadon, Pa 19050.   Check out few photos from the event. 

#AMVCA2015: Is Denrele Edun the worse dress?

Red Carpet Photos of Africa Magic Views Choice Awards 2015 #AMVCA 2015

African Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCAs), at the Eko Convention Centre, Lagos and as always, African celebrities have us fixated on their fashion and style choices for the big night.