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T.I. Wishes Tiny A Happy Wedding Anniversary, Shares Wedding Pictures

TI took to Instagram to share some vintage weddings photos of the couple on their most special, accompanied by a heartfelt caption that read as follows: "Happy 7th Anniversary Mrs H. Looking at these pics Seems like the time flew by. Never a dull moment... Everyday we LIT!!!! Stay Making this Family shit look sexy. They ain't never seen shit like US!!!! Can't expect nobody to understand this thing of ours... it's unfathomable to most. Through the good & bad we stay up,whether right or wrong we gon RIDE!!! That's all I can ask for. With all my love... Mr. H." Who knows what this means for the couple's future as husband and wife, but they're clearly still looking out for each other. Check out the full Instagram post below.

Photos: Knocked Down by Love - Behind the scenes 

Love Weah just returned from Liberia.  The producer/actress recently went to her native land to film her upcoming movie "Knocked Down by Love," produced by Korto Davis.    The story is about three friends who became really close while on the camp in Ghana. After the war one of the friends moved to the states while the other two moved back to Liberia. The movie starts at the airport as the girls reunite for the first time. Love plays the friend who returned from the United States.  Check out some behind the scene photos.    

Sweetz Looks Unrecognizable in this photo

Could it be the makeup, the hair or the fashion?  Sweetz looks way older and mature in this photo.  Is the new look a part of her branding process?  Is the singer targeting a much older and mature audience?  Hmm.  

Brooklyn Park Heat: Bite marks and wig pulling - the drama came too soon

The second season of reality show "Brooklyn Park Heat" will be airing very soon.  But, the drama is already leaking out.  Yesterday, one of the cast members posted this disturbing photo of bite marks from a recent fight on set.  Mehn, it's crazy.  

MZ Menneh is gaining pounds! Is she pregnant? 

Since she came back from visiting her lover, Lorenzo Loveland,  in Liberia, she’s reportedly gained 15 pounds. There's Nothing wrong with gaining some weight… Mz Menneh is still beautiful, but she she be caring Loveland's baby? Hmm.  👀👀

HOTT FM 107.9 Welcomes Lincoln Ward with a Private Dinner

It was Double H himself in the kitchen.  Last night, at the home of HOTT FM co-owner Double H, Liberian entertainment industry big names gathered for a private dinner, to welcome IRep Lib CEO, Lincoln Ward aka the Legend.  Few names attended, DenG, CIC, Stoneluck Shine, Master Queen, Cypha the king, DJ Blue and more.  Lincoln is currently in Liberia promoting his company.  

Paul Flomo in Lofa

Comedian Paul Flomo is something else.  

Tiny Shows Off Hourglass Curves In Snake Print Bikini — Tempting T.I. After Bahamas Getaway?

Tiny Harris and her estranged hubby T.I. went vacationing in the Bahamas.   The  42yr old is looking FINE. The mother of five flaunted her amazing bikini body on July 29 in some insane pics she posted to Instagram to show off her recent family getaway with estranged hubby T.I., 36.  “Just a lil recap of my vacation in the Bahamas… 👑♋️💦💋,” Tiny captioned the Instagram gallery of photos of her in a skimpy snake print bikini. Go girl.  

Prinze Whyee ties the knot 

Movie producer, Prinze Whyee married his long term girlfriend, Korpo, yesterday at Victory Harvest Fellowship int. Church in Philadelphia, PA.  The wedding was heavily attended by celebrities.  Some on the guest list were Choicy D, Fabulous P, Cartherine Lemu and many more.  Check out few photos below.  

Kobazzie lands in England for Liberia's Independence Celebration 

Kobazzie arrived early this morning in England.  The artist will be performing at the 170 Liberia's Independence Day celebration.  

What do you think of PCK new hairstyle 

PCK traveled to China and the first thing he did was upgraded his hairdo.  Do you like it?  Let us know why or why not.  

Which African Musician Can Beat Flavour Swag

Drop the name of an African musician who beats Flavour swag.  

Mr. Eazi: First African musician to be named Apple Music’s ‘Up Next Artist’

The rave of the moment, Mr. Eazi, has made history as the first Nigerian and indeed African musician to be named Apple Music’s ‘Up Next Artist’. The initiative is aimed at showcasing emerging artistes to the world. The announcement coincides with a new documentary clip, a live performance and a Beats 1 interview of the singer all to be featured exclusively on Apple Music. Following the recognition, Apple’s streaming service will promote Mr. Eazi’s songs on its playlists and on the iTunes store. Apple launched its monthly Up Next series in April with 6lack (aka Ricardo Valdez), a 24-year-old rapper and singer from Atlanta. He was followed by Norwegian singer-songwriter, Sigrid, in May and rising R&B star, Khalid, in June. Meanwhile, during his chat on Beats 1 radio, which was broadcast on Wednesday evening, Mr. Eazi spoke about his early days from moving to Kumasi at an early age, experimenting with genres of music, mixing Azonto and Ragga music, to coining Banku music after releasi

There Is No Public Record of Flex Sirleaf Being Signed With Akon Record Label

When you google Flex name, the biggest articles that should pop up, should be about Akon signing Flex, but most articles about Flex is by C Liberia Clearly.  Is Flex signed with Konvict Kartel, Akon's record label? I cannot tell you for sure, because there is no public record to prove it.  Yes, Flex did do a collaboration with Akon, but there is no public record of Akon claiming Flex as his artist, verbally or in writing.  All of Akon artists are mention on his website, but Flex Sirleaf name is not included. There is no post of Akon welcoming Flex to his record label.  Why?  Why is Akon hush hush about signing Flex, but public about all of the other artists he did signed? Well, the Liberian community is taking Flex word for it, until Akon decides to go public. 

New Liberian music video alert: 2C - Make It

 From his new album, Bridgin Da Gap, 2C just dropped a new one "Make It".  Check out the video below and our exclusive interview with this amazing artist.   1.       What is the name of your album and what inspired you to name it? Bridgin' Da Gap is the name. I mean the name speaks for itself. What inspired me was coming in the game at a very young age, and I've been doing my homework trying figuring out a way that Liberia could be heard on the international stage and be loved by everyone no matter the race or culture. I feel like everyone in the industry is well-known and respected except Liberians. This Bridgin' Da Gap album will change that! There's a track on this album for everyone which will get the people involve and let them know that we can do the same thing they're doing but even better. 2.       Why is Make It the first song you released? I come from Liberia and like I said we are not respected in this game so my first single i

Lincoln Ward CEO of IRep Lib vacationing in Liberia 

Lincoln Ward, CEO of IRep Lib, arrived in Monrovia Sunday, for a family vacation with his wife. It is his wife first time in the country.  The entrepreneur posted these photo with this caption:  "Long day but thank God we finally made it. Hello Liberia. Welcome to Monrovia Yolanda Covington-Ward. Have a taste of my culture as Lib BackBone would say." 

 Kcee gives out scholarships to primary school pupils in Abia state (photo) 

KCee awarded scholarships to three pupils of Chima Anyaso foundation on Friday, July 21, as he took to his Instagram handle to post pictures of the event with the caption:  "Yesterday I went to support the AHUOMA FOUNDATION an initiative of my good friend @chimaanyaso in Abia state. Paying attention to Details to important aspect of our society such as the education of our children should be our priority not just the government but to all Nigerians capable of lending their support. God bless you all and have a great weekend thanks.” 

President Sirleaf Reopens Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex

Monrovia – President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has described the completion of the renovated Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville City outside Monrovia as a clear demonstration of the birth of China friendship with Liberia. President Sirleaf made the description during program marking the turning over of the sports complex to the Liberian government by the Chinese Government on July 22, 2017. The 35,000-seat stadium was built in 1986 and was first renovated in 2007 the government of Liberia announced a US$7.5 million renovation funded by the Chinese government in 2005. The Hunan Constructing Engineering Group began work in 2005 and completed the renovation in 2007 when the stadium was turned over to the Liberian government. The Liberian government in 2014 announced a US$18 million renovation funded again by the Chinese government. Two years after the start of the second renovation, the stadium was officially completed in April 2017. Presidents Said appreciated the People’s Rep

If Flex is going to have sex with a Liberian celebrity it will be Munnah

During an interview on the Lady T show, when Flex was asked which Liberian celebrity would he have sex with, he said, "Munnah."   I can totally see it.  He's edgy, she's edgy, I can see these two having some off the wall sex, maybe, even giving us some cute entertainment babies.   What do you think?  

First Impression of Sweetz Is Not Very Sweet According to the Public 

Sweetz Myers is coming off to the public as not very likable.  She may have a hand full of fans, pushing the numbers, we will say about 3500, but the number is stagnant.   She has a great voice, but the girl is not marketable.  No wonder her manager tried to used Quincy B vibe to sell Sweetz.  The girl doesn't have star quality.  Hating or not hating, the street is talking and they are not feeling her diva attitude. According to many who have attended events with Sweetz, including Fabulous P, the girl is just not radiating in real life. Sweetz attended the Liberian Entertainment Indepence event by DJ Fanz and didn't mingle at all with the other celebrities.  Oh well, it is her image and business, but for the talent she has, the girl could be way more acceptable to by crowd, if she learn to work the crowd and network.  As usual, Peter G and Wokie Dolo stoled the hearts of everyone at the event.  

CIC Wow Audience With Creative Entrance on Stage at "CIC Thank You" Event

CIC stage entrance at his "Thank You" event was dope.  He put a lot of thought, creativity and practice into showing his appreciation to his fans with a spectacular performance.  Not even superstar like DenG has put this level of thought into performing for his audience.  The cane and all white is definitely working in CIC favor.  He should make it his thing.  Check out his entrance video below.  Click: Great Entrance CIC

Isaac Dogboe knocks out Argentine Javier Chacon

Ghana’s Isaac Dogboe knocked out former World title contender, Argentina’s Javier Chacon on Saturday night at the Bukom Boxing Arena.  It took him seven rounds.  The 22-year-old hard puncher went straight at Chacon in the first round, battering the visitor with ferocious punches.  In round six, Dogboe pounded on Chacon, staggered him with a ferocious left hook but the experienced Argentine stood firm. Chacon retired on the stool at the start of round seven.  After the fight, Dogboe said: “Chacon is a very tough fighter, he can move his head very well, but irrespective of that I know that I will take him down.”  He added: “I’m ready for the world title because that has been my target from day one.” 

Power couple Prince Horace and Roshe stepping out for Liberia's Independence Day 

I am a little hesitant to put them in the power couple category, but they are a power couple, they are both CEO's in the industry and are a couple.  So, why am I hesitant? You don't see them doing a lot of couple stuff in public.  You might see them in the same room, at the same events, but always so far apart.  Not tonight, they are stepping out together.  

Bilikon House Party Disrupted by Armed Robbers - Stole valuable items from attendees 

Bilikon Entertainment Annaul House Party didn't end so well.  At 3am, during the hype of the party, armed robbers showed up.  Within 30minutes, they took away lots of valuable items from attendees of the program,  phones, money, etc.  Properties got damaged, but no one harmed.  

President Ellen Johnson Sirlear Promised to Cover Medical Expense for Semah Eye Surgey at Golden Image Awards

Yesterday, Culture Ambassador Juli Endee hosted her annual Golden Image Awards.  The event was crowded with dignitaries, to include the president of Liberia, Vice President of Liberia, senators, chiefs, Foriegn kings and officials.  Semah graced the audience with his beautiful voice, performing newly released collaboration "Most High".  At the end of his performance, president Sirleaf promised the young musician a brighter future, a fully paid surgery.  

SCI TECHLiberia ranks 2nd out of Africa, 12 in the world, at maiden global robotics competition

Benin, Liberia lead Africa in ranking at maiden global robotics competition.  Benin and Liberia were ranked highest among the 40 African countries that participated in the just ended FIRST Global Challenge robotics competition held in the United States capital, Washington DC. The six-round maiden international robotics event saw 163 national teams including 6 continental teams made up of students from around the world competing with the common goal of increasing their knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). At the end of the event on Tuesday, Benin ranked 7, followed by Liberia which ranked 12 out of the 163 participating countries for getting the most cumulative points over the course of the competition. Their tasks were to build robots which will accomplish engineering tasks as a global society to solve water crisis. Robot kits were delivered to each team in the first two weeks of March 2017. The teams were organized into two competing alliances, each a

Kendeja Resort Now Owned By Ghanaian 

According to FrontPage Africa, Kendeja resort, the former historical culture facility that was sold and turned into a resort, is now owned by a Ghanaian.  Liberian staffs are complaining that the managing staffs are being quickly replaced by Ghanaian nationals.  

O.J. Simpson granted parole; will be free from Nevada prison by October

O.J. Simpson is about to be a free man once again. Simpson has been granted parole from the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners, and is eligible to walk out the gates of Lovelock Correctional Facility by Oct. 1 of this year. Simpson had been found not guilty of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman in 1995, and the attention surrounding this parole hearing echoed the frenzy that surrounded that mid-‘90s cultural touchstone. Simpson has spent the last nine years as an inmate at Lovelock following his conviction on a range of charges arising from a September 2007 robbery. Simpson had conspired with several others to reclaim some of his own memorabilia, and broke into a Vegas hotel room where a memorabilia dealer was staying.

Master Queen on the Golden Image Awards Red Carpet 

Master Queen rocking a black Angie H dress on the Golden Image Awards 2017 red carpet.  She is also the red carpet host for the event. 

Kobazzie - The Rough Boy Is Looking Not So Rough 

When he first came out, Kobazzie the Lorna boy image was not fresh and style.  It doesn't seem that way lately, the musical sensation is cleaning up his image with a new look.  

Usher's ex-wife reacts harshly to rumors that he infected her bridesmaid with herpes and settled her with $1.1million

Wow, her respond is what we Liberians called, "Kpang". Check out Usher's ex-wife, Tameka Foster reaction to rumors that her ex-husband infected her bridesmaid with herpes and settled her with $1.1million: