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There Is No Public Record of Flex Sirleaf Being Signed With Akon Record Label

When you google Flex name, the biggest articles that should pop up, should be about Akon signing Flex, but most articles about Flex is by C Liberia Clearly.  Is Flex signed with Konvict Kartel, Akon's record label? I cannot tell you for sure, because there is no public record to prove it.  Yes, Flex did do a collaboration with Akon, but there is no public record of Akon claiming Flex as his artist, verbally or in writing.  All of Akon artists are mention on his website, but Flex Sirleaf name is not included. There is no post of Akon welcoming Flex to his record label.  Why?  Why is Akon hush hush about signing Flex, but public about all of the other artists he did signed? Well, the Liberian community is taking Flex word for it, until Akon decides to go public. 


  1. Really?? When r u so called bloggers gonna stop trying to bring people down?would u post shit like this for foreign artists?or because he's a Liberian?cliberiaclearly blogging is not for fakers find another thing to do with ur time,if u r less busy watch movies instead....


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