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Is It That Complicated?


Girl meets boy, girl and boy falls in love.  Three years into the relationship, boy proposes to girl.  Girl says, “Yes but not right now.”  She asked him to get his life in order before going to the alter.  Fair enough, I would say. 

Boy had few minor things in his criminal record but nothing he couldn’t work around.   He also needed a stable career.  At the time, he was unemployed.  With few kind words of encouragement from her, he went back to college and ended up with a degree, four years later.  With his record been cleaned for the past four years and his new degree, he was able to get a decent job that required him to work overseas for a year.  That was not a big deal for the strong couple, they decided to tie the knot after he returns. 

Boy went oversea, and like a gentleman, he kept in touch with the love of his life.  He became a proud son to his mother; he took care of her and took care of his sweet love.  Now, let me clarify something, the girl was awesome, very beautiful, with a good heart but she was not a saint.  She had a passed.  She was what they called, “the village slut”.  To be fair, she didn’t become “the village slut” intentionally.  She was a na├»ve girl, looking for love in all the wrong places.  Men knew that about her and took advantage of her by promising her what she wanted until the sex was over.  Over the years, she grew emotionally strong.  By the time she met Boy, she was emotionally independent and stable, unfortunately, the repetition remained the same, and her passed follow her.

Even though boy knew her passed, he was still willing to take her to the alter. 

After a year, boy returned back to the States.  Few weeks later, girl started hearing rumors that the boy came back with a wife.  When she asked him, he said, “It is a lie.  Why would I be that ungrateful to you?  You were there for me before I became somebody, I could never do that to you.”  She believes him but the rumors continue.  After a while, she got fed up and decided to ask his mother.  This is what the mother said, “Why would my good son marry a slut like you,” and she hung up the phone.  When the girl confronted him about what his mother told her, he said, “Ok, I will be honest with you.  I did get married but it is not real.  I was just helping out a friend I met oversea to come to the States.  If the marriage was real, would I be here living with you and not with her?”

“If you are telling the truth, why didn’t you tell me from the beginning?  Why didn’t you ask me first if I was comfortable with you helping her?  Why all the secrets?”

Hmm, ladies and gents, what do you think?  If he is telling the truth, what could be some of the reasons he kept it a secret from her?


  1. Men always try to do things and help people. We don't tell women some things because we don't want to hurt them because we love them. What he did was wrong if he was in love with this woman and wanted to marry her. Another thing it could of been his mom who influence him to go a different route. Momma's boy, not me, do many things for their mother but realize they are not happy with that decision. I say this boy is not a man and needs to grow up.

  2. This is an absolutely amazing piece. Keep up the good work.

  3. Boy did it to appease his mother. He knew dog gone well Girl wouldn't go for that BS. Unfortunately that is a growing story of many immigrants, especially in cases where the in-laws do not approve of the relationship. Women and men have to understand the battle of being in a relationship where parental satisfaction is a must. If his or her mama or daddy can't stand you, either work on bringing them over to liking you or hang in the towel, because 7 times out of 10, it's not going to end well. They will never respect what you build and always look for ways to under mind your relationship. Great talking piece BM.

  4. Good job BM. Keep it up.

    It's hard to please both mom n girl at the same time, but been honest to the girl would have helped.

  5. Boy seems to be taking Girl for granted. Not cool at all...


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