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5 Liberian Promoters: Reinventing Liberian Entertainment in the Diaspora

In the middle of the daze and confusion, the tearing down and rebuilding of the Liberian Entertainment industry, there are five individuals who are willing to go above and beyond to keep this industry alive.  Even though, the foundation haven’t been laid, these ladies and gentlemen are the stones kept in place.  To them, this is not a job; it is a passion and a cause.  Majority of the time, their work is charitable, money going out but not coming in.   Such is the case with the following individuals. I am reluctant to call them show promoters, because they’re people who give up their services for a cause, “building an industry and putting Liberia back on the map.” The one thing they all have in common is that they’re worth checking out.



Augustine Kou Monpleh, founder and CEO of Liberian Star View.    Miss Monpleh passion towards promoting the Liberian Entertainment Industry is of personal conviction.  She understands all so well, what it means to lack support as an entertainmenter.  Miss Monpleh was once a struggling actress, who didn’t get any encouragement from her friends and she refuse to see another talented Liberian go through that.  “My vision is to keep working hard until something good comes out of this entertainment industry. What's suffering us all right now is that we refuse to work with each other, work and motivate each other. Sometimes it gets tiring but a passion will always stay as long you have your people best interest at heart.”

Augustine Kou Monpleh, she treats Liberian entertainers like family. 
Lincoln TheLegend Ward, founder and CEO of "I REP LIB", strives to promote and shine the spotlight on the rapidly growing entertainment industry in Liberia and its diaspora. He and his team focus on outstanding Liberians and their work inside and outside of Liberia. They also showcase rising stars in Liberia and update around the world on what is going on in and around the community. Founded in 2010, I REP LIB evolved from previous websites such as TLU (The Liberian Umbrella) and LIB Africa, all of which were created to promote Liberian entertainment. In an effort to support Liberian entertainment, I REP LIB has teamed up with and Fabric F.C. 101.1 FM in Liberia to bring broadcasts of interviews and other entertainment content to Liberia. They have also partnered with Access Liberia to bring Liberian entertainment to mobile applications. Overall, I REP LIB wants to play a significant role in bringing needed recognition and appreciation for Liberian entertainment on par with that given to entertainment industries in other African countries.
If you are a rising star, Lincoln TheLegend Ward is the right man to get your name out there.
Junda Morris-Kennedy, founder and CEO JMKPublicist! Promoting the African Fashion & Entertainment Industry.  Some of her clients are, Liberian RNB and Afro-pop singer Jodi Clarke, DSP, Eric W Dennis Jr., BClay, Lisa Togba, Bothdol fashion, Collins Chic Liberian Fashion out of the UK and many more.   Mrs. Morris-Kennedy fearlessly promotes Liberian fashion designers, with a high level of confidence in their work and capabilities.  She produced numerous fashion events, both in the U S and internationally, to include Dayton Fashion Week.  Her next big event is Fashion Awards Liberian.      
Junda Morris-Kennedy doesn’t just promote Liberian designers, she celebrates with them.
Jimmie Rahian Z York, founder and CEO of Mr. York Entertainment is Minnesota’s #1 promoter.  Jimmie York is not just an entertainment promoter, he’s the GPS of Minnesota, if you are visiting the twin city and having difficulties finding your way around the city, contact Jimmie York, and he will make life easier for you.  He has a soul for what he does.  He sees himself as a healer, using entertainment to help folks release their stress.  If you have an event going on in Minnesota, you want promoter Jimmie York on your team, if you are visiting the city, check out his hot spot, The BC Lounge. 
Jimmie Rahian Z York brings soul to the Liberian Entertainment Industry.
DJChris Thebest, Chief operating officer of 3Kings Entertainment.  DJChris is holding the floor down in Des Moines, Iowa.  When I first heard Des Moines, Iowa, my reaction was, “are there Liberians in Iowa?”  Not only do we have a large population of Liberians in Iowa, some major Liberian events are held in Iowa.  Liberian artists are constantly flowing in and out of Iowa for performances.  DJChris is the key ingredient who ties it all together. 
DJChris Thebest, don’t underestimate the location, he has the gift to make it larger than life. 
Who is the best out of these five promoters?  It will be an ungodly act to determine that right now.  All five of these individuals are effortlessly and tirelessly putting in the time, determination and passion it requires when it comes to raising the entertainment bars for Liberia.  The least I can do is say, bravo, ladies and gents. 



  1. Many thanx to you guyz.....

  2. This is ur man Dj Hash, international and LIB Dj in Milwaukee WI here to support all LIBERIANS young stat and bring u the best of Entertainment with live performance. listen to music that u have herd and forgotten about and the one u haven herd yet all from ur one and only LIB Dj Hash.

  3. Amazing Berenice! You are such an talented writer. Thank you so umch.


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