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A Lion from the East

Mr. Samuel K Doe Jr., “A Lion from the East”, is roaring like he should.  Is he the innovative leader the Grand Gedeans seek?  Does he have what it takes to represent one of the most unify tribe in Liberia?  I have to be honest; I am getting a positive vibe from this young fellow. 
Mr. Doe, an aspiring candidate of the Grand Gedeh senatorial position, has just arrived in Liberia from the Uk.  Bursting with innovative ideas, hopes and dreams, Mr. Doe hit the ground running.  What do you expect from a lion?  He spends his first few days in Liberia, discussing with over 25 student leaders about education and social-economic welfare for all Grand Gedeans.  He also has plans to visit with the Grand Gedeans that are in prison, on Friday.  Now, that is how you do it. 
What is the agenda of Mr. Samuel K Doe Jr. for the next few months?  Well, Mr. Doe intend to spend the next upcoming months, discussing and persuading  major stakeholders and the Grand Gedeans on how best to commence the transformation of Grand Gedeh. 
His supportive sister, Ms. Celue Doe posted on face book earlier, “I thank God Almighty for my big brother Samuel K Doe Jr. safe arrival home to the Republic of Liberia yesterday. When Lion is on the ground even the big big Elephants dem can be damn scared! Hahahaha LOL. Be safe ya big brother and enjoy yourself! What God has for home is for you. PERIOD. Please tell our people of Grand Gedeh County that I love them!!.”
Good Luck, Mr. Samuel K Doe Jr., it is great to see more young Liberian politicians.  One thing for sure, 2014 and 2017 are going to be some very good years for the nation, Liberia.  Let the race begin.  Long live Liberia, Long live Lone Star.  The Lone Star Forever. 


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