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Self Motivation

It is a great feeling to be strong and independent.  How about being your own motivator?  How about taking charge and putting yourself back in control?  You can, just by learning that all true motivation, the only kind that lasts, the only kind you can count on, is internal motivation.
      One day, each of us will die.  If you have ever stood at the bedside of someone who was passing out of the world, you know that no matter how tightly you might have held that love one's hand, their last breath was breathed alone.  When you or I take our last breath, in earthly matters, we will breathe it alone.
   In spite of everything that anyone can do to help, in spite of the doctors and the assistance, in spite of the needs and tears of those who stay behind, when we leave, we will leave alone.  There may be abundant spirits to guide us, but of those we leave on earth behind us, not one of them can share that journey with us.  We take our first breath by ourselves.  And we take our last breath alone.
   How then is it that somewhere in between, in time we call life, we expect someone else to do our breathing for us?
   No one will ever breathe one breath for us.  No one will ever think one thought that is ours.  No one will ever stand in our bodies, experience what happens to us, feel our fears, dream our dreams, or cry our tears.  We are born, we live, and we leave this life entirely on our own.  That "self," and the divine spirit which drives it, we what we have.  No one else can ever live a single moment of our lives for us.  That we must do for ourselves.  That is responsibility.
   Personal responsibility is the essence of self.  I, for one, would rather not give that up.  Why would we ever want someone else to do our thinking for us?
   Take charge, your own internal coach is waiting to do just that.  It is your best friend, your closet ally, your strongest believer.  It will show you the best in yourself and help you achieve it.  It will give you direction, put purpose in your stride, strengthen your will, and give you unquestioned belief.  It is loyal to the end.  It is the coach that never goes home.  It is the ultimate motivator.  It will never fail you.  It cannot fail, it is you.

For my spiritual folks, it's the holy spirit inside of you, it lives in you. 

Self motivation is the best motivation.  Take control of your own life. 


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