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Liberian Music Industry: Think of it as a business

For the passed two years,  new talents have surfaced daily, in the Liberian Music industry, but very few business minded individuals to invest in and manage these talents.  The music quality and videos quality are also improving.  Now, the industry needs Cooperate minded individuals to take it to the next level.  To do that, we need the entertainers to understand that their talents alone can't take them from a habit level to a business level. They have to present themselves as professionals, giving business owners a professional reason to take risk and invest into their talents. A lot of our musicians lack professionalism and are very ego driven. Refusing to allow and work with entrepreneurs who are willing to present them effective marketing strategies that will take them into the Cooperate world. 

This industry needs communities and national support.  It is a known fact, our society do not believe that arts and culture can vitally contribute to the economic growth of the nation.  Wrong, wrong, wrong, far from the truth.  But, we have to show the nation that they are wrong and give them a reason to invest into the Liberian Music industry.  For a career that is naturally not respected by the society and is seen as a waste of time, we need to show the business side of us, the professional side of us, and use that as a marketing strategy to gain favor and support from our nation. We have to be professionals.   
There are so many talented individuals making music. The Business industry is ignoring the music industry because of the concept that music is not important.  This results in a large amount of talent dying out and being forgotten, or struggling for a long time before anything to assist them takes place.  
Another factor that pulls down the Liberian Music industry  is ‘culture’.  Most Parents never or hardly support youth that want to pursue music as a career.
Leaders are still stuck in the mindset of making young doctors, lawyers, accountants and engineers, forgetting there is an overflow of those qualified for those sectors and not in music.
Change continues to take place worldwide but the main problem faced in Liberia is that we would rather feed off Western influence and not create our own or even support them, killing the music industry to a larger extent.
The government needs to step in and we need to give them a reason, by being professionals and taking business serious.  The Liberian Music industry is a business, not a habit. 


  1. I have a good friend in Liberia who is a very talented Reggae Singer, I'm trying to help him leverage himself online and on Social Media to get his music out there. It is hard I must admit because of their limited resources, technology and internet data but we just have to keep educating them. One thing the Liberian people do have is Patience.


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