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Liberian Entertainment Awards Responds to Critics

Tarkus Zonen, president of the Liberian Entertainment Awards

The Liberian Entertainment Awards came under fire after their 2016 event.  Mr. Tarkus Zonen responded to this critics yesterday, on his social media page. Read below.  

The Liberian Entertainment Awards hosts a weekend of events geared to celebrating the Liberian culture of arts & entertainment. The mission is to celebrate Liberians who are excelling in Music, Movies, Fashion and Services. With that being said, there were several mishaps that occurred over this past weekend and we'd like to formally apologize to all our guests for that.
Criticism is a gift that sometimes come in nasty packages. And I am proud of Lincoln, Diamond, Alvin, and... others for taking a leadership mantle on the betterment of our entertainment industry.
Every year, we defund/change 20-30% of our program. By definition, we are going to failed at times. And every year we take the constructive recommendations of guests as we look to improve "The LEA Experience". We understand that the "end all" is to have a successful event we can all, as Liberians, be proud of. We are currently reviewing all the issues that arose between our vendors, ticket scammers, inappropriate attendees, and our organization that ultimately minimized the potential attendee experience. We are looking to do a full review of the weekend and provide more information on how we intend to improve this organization.
Thanks to our vibrant nominees and attendees for making The Liberian Entertainment Awards a focal point for our industry. Congrats to all the winners at the 2016 Liberian Entertainment Awards - and we truly appreciate your talents. We are starting to get to a point where people believe that Liberian talents are as good as anyone else in the world - if not better. However, mistrust and misunderstanding are the biggest cause for conflict, division, and non support. And we take pride in protecting the integrity of the nomination and voting process. Thanks to the LEA Academy for their tireless research in determining who most deserve The LEA.
The Liberian Entertainment Awards represents what Liberians are capable of. And we want to tell that story for a long time. Thank you for your support, patience, and mutual desire to uplift Liberia.
Treating people with respect and valuing them is a universal language and that culture will always trump strategy.
The Liberian Entertainment Awards:
"Excellence in Music, Movies, Fashion & Services"
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  1. sound speaking.. addressed the entire matter in just a click. It is definitely not easy to deal with multitudes. As we watched the pages of Liberians in the USA last week, I must admit that heaps of them went in to see that all the hard efforts of that team be led to disgrace.
    my words to LEA - keep working hard and even much harder and built yourselves a better platform.
    Last week brought you all the missing spotlights so make good use of it. great job partners


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