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Liberia Music Awards 2016 Official Nominees

Liberian Music Awards
Liberian Music Awards (LMA), official nominees listed below. 

Song Of The Year

1. Kemah By DenG
2. #9 Remix By Dj Squeezer Ft. Eric Geso
3. License Plate By Dash Coleman
4. Back To Buchanan By T. Crack & P.C.K & L. Frankie
5. Cook Pot Seat By Vero Ft Casimoney

Artist Of The Year

1. DenG
2. Eric Geso
3. Togar Howard
4. Yung Muse
5. Dash Coleman

Hip Hop/Rap Artist Of The Year

1. Bucky Raw
2. Petro Padmore
3. Scientific
4. Tito Gee
5. Knero

Hipco Song Of The Year

1. She Make Rock - Roland Ross Ft Vic
2. Yamayama Thing By Waste Dem
3. Inside Outside By Bigg Timee
4. Gbanna Man By Christoph
5. They Lie By Takun J.

Hipco Rapper Of The Year

1. Ag Da Profit
2. Chiller Coolnanee
3. Lil Beshop
4. JD Donzo
5. Tru Storry

Hipco Artist Of The Year

1. Crafty K
2. JB (From Soul Fresh)
3. Skoolboy Wizzy
4. Amaze
5. Lady Skeet

Female Artist Of The Year

1. Skylett White
2. Xten
3. Da Vero
4. Miss Menneh
5. Famatta

Male Artist Of The Year

1. DenG
2. Eric Geso
3. D-12
4. Black Diamond
5. F.A

Collaboration Of The Year

1. Your Killing - Speedo Ft Tan Tan
2. DJ Squeezer - Number 9 [Remix] (Feat. Eric Geso & Casimoney)
3. Juka By Xten Ft Starmelod
4. Kaleka - Nate K Ft Joel
5. Lounka Me - Rise B. Ft Quincy B. And JB

Dj Of The Year

1. Dj Flexz
2. Dj Mcgrady
3. Dj Chirpz
4. Dj Shine D' Beast
5. Dj Nelly

Reggae/Dancehall Artist Of The Year

1. Ak45
2. Jyounkonde
3. Ne-Oh William
4. Seek
5. Shadow Man

New Age Gbema Artist Of The Year

1. Joseph Dean
2. K-Zee
3. Friday Thecellphone Man
4, Georgee B
5. Benji Cavalli

New Age Gbema Song Of The Year

1. Hitch -K-Zee
2. License Plate - Dash Coleman
3. Shake Ur Waist - OneCopy Ft Friday Thecellphone Man
4. Miss Official - Georgee B
5. Slow It Down - Benji Cavalli

Afro Pop Artist Of Year

1. Yung Muse
2. G-Rize
3. Eric Geso
4. DenG
5. Starmelod

Producer Of The Year

1. Killer Beat
2. Just Prince
3. Jackie Russ
4. Infectious Michael
5. Stone Luckshine

New Artist(S) Of The Year

1. (The Loma boy) Kobazzie
2. Teddyride
3. Xten
4. Master Lee
5. Christoph

Group Of The Year

1. Soul Fresh
2. P.C.K & L' Frankie
3. African Heat
4. Big Hands
5. 2face 1hit

Gospel Artist Of The Year

1. Min. Ivan P
2. Bernice Blackie
3. Bob Q
4. Sayon T. Mayson
5. Moses Swaray

Traditional Artist Of The Year

1. Master Black
2. Miss Menneh
3. Marvalous MC
4. Casimoney
5. Marie Nyenabo

Video Director Of The Year

1. Alvin Nyemah
2. Musulyn Myers
3. Prince Joe
4. Lorenzo "Randy" Loveland
5. Faron Films

R&B Artist Of The Year

1. Jodi
2. Joel Smart
3. Quincy B
4. Lexcico
5. Soul Smitter

Performer(S) Of The Year

1. Eric Geso
2. Yung Muse
3. Dee Niceb
4. 2C
5. T-Man Williams

Afro Dance Song Of The Year

1. Go Home - Lib Dream & Happyface
2. Alhaji - Black Diamond
3. Skoolboy Wizzy- Emoji
4. Saga Ap - Show Me Your Power
5. X Ten Ft Starmelod - Juka

Freestyler Artist Of Year

1. Certify Boss
2. Bucky Raw
3. Mr. Monrovia
4. Ag Da Profit
5. D-Boy the Rebel

Artist Of The Year U.S.A.

1. Dash Coleman
2. Bigg Timee
3. Knero
4. 2C
5. Black Diamond

Artist Of The Year Africa

1. DenG
2. Mr. Smith Lib Money
3. Speedo
4. Eric Geso
5. F.A

Video Of The Year

1. License Plate - Dash Coleman
2. Am I Your Lover - Mai Myers
3. Alhaji - Black Diamond
4. Benji Cavalli - Slow Down
5. Hitch - K-Zee Ft. Quincy B.

Artist Of The Year Europe

1.Alonzo Teah Abasi
2.Ebenezer Akoi
3.Precious Ngwu
4.King O'bryant
5.Samuel Dahai Gbaa

Radio DJ /On Air Personality Of The Year

1. O’neal Roberts (Truth Fm)
2. DJ S - Alphonso T. Sayeh Jr. (Magic Fm)
3. DJ Baby Boy (Bushrod Radio)
4. Prince Tulay (Elbc)
5. Master Queen (Hott Fm)

Artist Of The Year Australia

1. E Plus
2. Sugar Boy
3. ConCcoins
4. Gemacco
5. G Starboys

The Future of Liberian Music (Radar Artists) This category though not
a nominated award, it showcases amazingly talented individual and groups
that the LMA is paying attention to. They are Artist that have all the
pedigree to catapult Liberia Music to a whole new level.

VIC (this prolific hipco lyricist has earned an award nomination without an
album- the Gbanna man from red has earned his respect)

Nyea Slanger (without an album the Female MC has solidify her position
and the future of LIB music)

Ziggy Ray (the 6 years old hipco Phenom has taken the industry by storm-
the Straight A Student is balancing school and his God gifted talent)

Other mentionable artist:
Homeboy Jethro- Hipco


  1. Lol who came up with this list?

  2. Artist of the year, with no album or original hit songs or song or at least a mixtape? #LMA Thats a joke!

  3. No list for video producers in other country guys, please see other work from other countries not only Liberia and America.

  4. There are a lot of famous earphone manufacturers like Panasonic, Apple, Sony and the like but the best and the ones that are on top of the line are those from Shure, Boss, and Sennheiser. Girl


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