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Ten Reasons to Visit Liberia

By Berenice Mulubah 
Monrovia, Liberia

Liberia is a small tropical country, sitting on the West Coast of Africa. I can't promise you all the comfort that modern technology has to offer, when visiting Liberia, but if you are looking for a spot to have fun and bond with nature, Liberia is the place to be.  Here are ten great reasons to make Liberia your next vacation spot.

Traditional Liberian Hospitality.  Liberians are known for being very hospitable to their guest, foreigners or not.  When hanging with Liberians, don't expect a dull moment.

Delicious Cuisine. The primary staple is rice. This complex carbohydrate forms the centerpiece of the meal, and savory sauces provide flavor. Meat or fish is used as a garnish or ingredient in the sauce rather than being the focus of the meal. Snacks of mangoes, bananas, sugarcane, coconut, fried plantain or cassava, and citrus fruits.

Glamour Beaches. Liberia is surrounded by a lot of beaches to compliment its tropical weather.  Best place to hang out during the summer.

Bonding with nature.  In Liberia, you will find many mountains to climb, waterfall, lakes, and tropical forest. 

Surfing. Robertsport is a true gem for surfers. There are surf breaks for all levels of surfers. It is really easy to pick a wave that suits your experience and comfort level. 
Cultural experience.  Some of the best African drummers in the world are from Liberia.  Many djembe drummers from around the world, travel to Liberia for lessons from the experts.  Liberia has great cultural dancers and aerobic dancers.  The cultural experience is endless.

Intriguing Arts and Craft.  Art, beads, pottery, weaved clothing and woodcarvings are very important in Liberia and can be found anywhere you go. When browsing the art, you’ll probably notice certain symbols and images that come up repeatedly, like the famous Liberian handshake which tells a story about a  handshake adopted by the freed slaves who returned to the motherland.

Experience Village lifestyle.  Want to retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern city life? Why not visit some of the laid back villages in Liberia.  These quieter areas are where you are going to get the most interaction with the locals on a more personal level, which is the best way to  learn about the culture.

National Park.   Looking for wildlife experience, this is the place to be. Sapo is probably one of the last places on Earth to experience virgin rain forest. Sapo is beautiful. Looking from a bird’s-eye view, one can see rain forest from horizon to horizon, and it does not contain the expanse of rubber trees one is used to seeing in rural Liberia.
Leopards, forest elephants, crocodiles and various poisonous snakes are all present. 

Rich History.  Liberia is Africa’s oldest country.  It was colonized by America, Liberia got her independence on the 26th of July 1847. You will be able to visit historical sites while visiting Liberia.  


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  4. Correction!!! Liberia was never colonized.


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