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Eric W. Dennis Jr. Masterpieces

Eric is one of the most talented Liberian artists and I am thrilled to introduce his masterpieces to the world.
 I was particularly intrigued by this painting as it brilliantly tells the story of a typical Liberian pekin (young boy).
. It’s my hope that by having this painting available to a broader audience, I can help extend the appreciation of Eric’s great talent.
                               A copy painting by Eric W. Dennis Jr.  Looks like the original to me. 
A painting of a man and his wife.  Job well done.
                                                         Eric W. Dennis Jr. at work.

I truly love this piece. 
I choose to use few words on this article because these paintings speak for themselves.  Amazing work done by a talented young man. 

Please meet the man behind these paintings.  Mr. Eric W. Dennis Jr.  From Liberia West Africa. 
For contact: 



  1. Our people (Liberians) are so talented! If only we had the right platforms to display the so many talents in Liberia. Oh Liberia! Your potential is too many! God bless you Dennis.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Lillian. I'm sure it will help keep him motivated.

  2. Keep up the good work Eric! Exceptional work!!!

  3. Pure talent. Picasso at his best.

  4. You didn't say how to contact Eric!

  5. Thanks BMulubah for always writing such amazing stories. Our goal at JMK Publicist is to create avenues for Liberian talent to showcase their creativity. Be on look out for the first Liberian Art Roadshow featuring Eric Dennis Jr and more Liberian talents. For more details email us at

  6. Yes truly does take me back to my home thanks got representing

  7. I would love to buy a piece by him, these are amazing! How do I get in contact with him?


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