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Entrepreneur on the Rise: Lisa Togbah of Angel's Lips

                                                                         Liberian girls, rock.

                                                                        This one is amazing.

           Creative and innovative, young entrepreneur, Lisa Togbah, will be launching Angel's Lips, this December, during Monrovia Fashion Week.

Lisa Togbah is no stranger to hard work. She is an actress, a model, a bachelor degree holder in Psychology, and has now decided to add entrepreneur to her list of achievements. With a deep love and passion for fashion and people, Lisa created Angel's Lips Cosmetics. Angel's Lips Cosmetics is a lipstick and gloss that cater to women of color.  “I felt like, as an African woman, I wanted to create a brand that my people can relate to.”   Angel's Lips mission is to boost the confidence of black women as they step into the room.  Their slogan is, don’t be seen, be noticed.

Well, CLC (C-Liberia Clearly), has clearly noticed something special here.  We have noticed that Angel's Lips is more than just a Makeup brand but a campaigned for young creative Liberian entrepreneurs. 
Ms. Lisa has turned her shame into her game.  According to Ms. Lisa, she was teased as a little girl for having big forehead.  The young Liberian who moved to the United States at age 12, began to idolized women with big foreheads like hers, talking about models like Tyra Banks and the rest.  She eventually fell in love with the modeling industry and wanted to see herself in magazines just like her idols.  “I felt more accepted because the more you are different, the more the modeling industry gravity towards you. Over the time, it opened my eyes and helped me with myself esteem.   The more pictures I took, the more I saw myself as beautiful.”
What’s next for Ms. Lisa Togbah?
“We decided to create a non-profit organization, alongside with the business.  We will take the profit from  the proceeds of Angel Lips and give it back to the business women aka market women of Liberia.  They are hard working women and we want to recognize their hard work.  The foundation is about giving as much as doing business.  1oyrs from now, I don’t want to work for anyone, I want to have Angle Lips all around the world.  As a kid, I always saw myself dreaming about Liberia, how could I help keep it on the map? I want to open doors for people in Liberia.  I couldn’t ask for anything more than to give back to my country.”
I could hear the passion from her voice streaming through the phone.  At one point, I had to stop writing because I got sucked into the waves of wisdom coming from this young lady. 
When asked who her biggest supporter was, she said, “my mother is my #1 supporter, a very hard working woman who paid for me to go to school, in the words of Maya Angelou, she’s a phenomena woman, her passion and her spirituality rubbed off on me. I draws my strength from her ambition and drive.” 
What Ms. Lisa expects from her experience at Monrovia Fashion Week?
“I expect to introduce the brand, to create the networking avenue and build relationships. When we start moving heavily into Liberia, I don’t’ want to blind side the market.  I really appreciate Monrovia Fashion Week for allowing us to show case our brand.  We all have a common goal, putting Liberia on the map and I’m just excited to be a part of history.”
Holly Molly, is she a beauty with brain or what?





  1. This is what we are looking for. The war is over in Liberia and Liberia can only be build by Liberians. Bravo Lisa! We are watching you do it. Emmanuel Herron.


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