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Producer Stone Luckshine Steps Out of Bound - Calls Out Major Artist Managers on Social Media

Liberian music producer Stone Luckshine
Stone Luckshine set Facebook ablaze when he posted these words on his page.  

"Hmmmmm why Some liberian managers/sponsors always think they are helping or running charity homes and not looking at the business part of the industry? They ride all the big cars, spent all the money on girls, use their artists to get popular, want to be on every party, brand themselves more than their artists, and when their artists noticed they are only being used by these socalled managers and sponsors and decide to leave because their time around these labels are only about party all day and night, but at the end they get nothing. Its funny to see Some LIB MANAGERS/ SPONSORS on posters and flyers, as if they are going to perform, hahahaha. You guys really need to work hard bosses, and stop acting like you are the star.
We don't know techno manager but we see his work, we don't know DenG manager but we see his work. We know QB and Kobzzie managers, we didn't see what they were actually doing.
Edwin Tisdell, Lyee K Bility, Jafar Jaffar King T-Bund etc you guyz need to do more for your artists and stop acting you are the star."Stone Luckshine

The producer signal out the managers of three major artists within the Liberian music industry, Kobazzie former manager, Lyee Bility, Soul Fresh manager, Edwin Tisdell and CIC manager, King Jaffar.  What is confusing about his statement is when her pointed out that the managers want to be in the spotlight, but yet, Stone Luckshine has his name on every artist paid beat.  What is the difference between a producer leaving his signature on every beat, by adding his name to a beat that is paid for and a manager being in the spotlight with his artist?  In an industry that lacks job descriptions, the lines get blurry very fast.  Artists find themselves doing the job of a media personality.   Producers find themselves directing business owners.  Everyone and everything is all over the place.  What is it to Macdonlds how Burger King runs it business? Why Fatu Gayflor is concern about the ins and outs of Zaye Tete and her manager?  Will Don Jazzy fight Davido's battle in public? Is it Mariah Carey concern to question how the business structure is ran between Janet Jackson and her manager? 

Well, within the Liberian entertainment industry, every entertainer is an activist and a media personality, therefore, a business becomes everyone's business, without having legal ties to that business entity.  Leave the media job with the media, the legal job with the lawyers and marketing job with the PR's.  

To move this industry forward, we need structure, good order and discipline with clear understand of our job description. 


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