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JB SoulFresh Call On Musicains To Stop Disrespecting Media Personalities, DJs, Promoters, Managers and Sponsors

JB Soulfresh
Wise Words from JB of Soulfresh.  The artist posted these words early this morning on his Facebook page: 

I see too many drama in our slow motion music industry these days on social media..
The chain of unity is breaking slowly especially between promoters, bloggers, djs, managers, sponsors and the artists...
Every year all we hear is Liberian music is getting there..
Yeah no doubt, the music is better now, the fans are responding...
But from a business stand point, we are going no where folks..
It's time to make the money and no excuse about that...
But how can we make this money especially the artists?
It is by beefing with our promoters, bloggers, djs, managers or sponsors?
For me NO!
My fellow artists, I know most of us have worked tirelessly, so we can't wait to succeed.
Yes, I feel the same too but I believed we can't do it on our own. We need these guys..
So if we have problems, there are ways to state these burning issues instead of coming down so hard on them in a way that they may feel insulted.
Though most of them have some negatives but let us not also forget about their positive impact and contributions to this industry too.
We all may have our differences but respect for each other should be the key cos one way of the other we can't do without each other..
Let us live as one, capital one and small one #CIC..


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