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Liberia: Bucky Raw Team Kissing Up to Nigerian to Get A Deal

Bucky Raw
In the Liberian Entertainment Industry, when the higher-ups speak on being humble and respectful, the first respond you receive from most entertainers is "I don't kiss ass." A comment that has been used by Bucky team over the years. Is this phrase limited to just the Liberian Entertainment Industry? Looking at these text messages between Bucky's team and Don Jazzy, it is contradicting from what we have been told. It sure do look like ass kissing. Don't get me wrong, being humble and respectful, especially when you need someone to dedicate their time to you, is highly encouraged. What is not acceptable, is for Liberian entertainers to be so disrespectful and rude to their own people within the industry, but willing to kneel down to foreigners. Check out these screen shots and give us your input. 


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