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Liberia: Top 7 Iconic Music Videos Directed by Jackie Russ

​By Robert Serge Saint-Pe

Alex Nyenga, alias, Jackie Russ has enjoyed a seven-year stint as a videographer which has put him behind the camera of numerous memorable Liberian music videos, earning him several nominations and awards.

He has again proven himself as a top-notch video director over the past months, which has landed him nominations for the 2021 MTN – Liberian Music Awards (MLMA) for Best Music Videographer and the 2021 Liberian Entertainment Awards (LEA) for Video Director of The Year. 

Even if Jackie Russ is not a familiar face, he is definitely a household name who has worked with many top Liberian artists and influential celebrities. One of his unhighlighted gesture is that he gifted Caroline M. Moore, better known as MC Caro with her first ever music video for her song “Bring Our Money Back” in 2018.

Here is a look at the top seven iconic music videos directed by Jackie Russ.

7. Christoph Ft. Margas – Hold Your Polaruh (2016)

“Hold Your Polaruh” was directed by Christoph and filmed by Jackie Russ. The Nyenga brothers collaborated on arguably one of the most trending Liberian songs in 2016. The video shows some pool scenes and other surroundings, but also provides a scenery that frowns on the abuse of men on women.

6. C-Jay – My Vow (2018)

After debuting his career with the hit song “Boss Chick”, C-Jay’s label, Bilikon Entertainment, turned to Jackie Russ to film “My Vow”, another song that quickly rose favorable amongst music lovers.

5. Christoph Ft. Quincy B – Too Talking (2018)

The official audio track came out in 2017, but due to the death of Quincy B few months after the song’s release, along with few other complications, the video was not released until April 2018. The video reminds fans how impactful Quincy B was during his time alive, and portrayed some acting scenes from Christoph.

4. Peaches Ft. Christoph & Takun J – You Frisky Ehn (2020)

Whenever old skool blends with new skool, it always turns out to be a classic. Majority of the scenes were filmed up Ducor Palace Hotel, one of Liberia’s historic buildings. The song’s visual also displays some dance moves from the King of Hip Co, Takun J.

3. Faithvonic Ft. T.Crack & Kpanto – Bounce On You (2021)

The song was produced by one of Liberia’s renowned producers, Stoneluck Shine, and features two heavy street jamboree favourites, T. Crack and Kpanto. It was dropped in October 2020 and played a role in Liberia’s 2020/2021 County Meet, as fans had something to dance and cheer to while supporting their respective counties. The video was released in early 2021.

2. TeddyRide Ft. DJ Blue – Pray For Me (2020)

An award nominated masterpiece for both audio and visual, “Pray For Me” was an absolute banger in 2020. The video was filmed by Jackie Russ and executively produced by Mr. Johnny Kephe.

1. Natif – Story (2021)

“Story” is arguably one of the most talked about Liberian songs in 2021, and Natif decided to team up with Jackie Russ on the concept for this explicit video. The video is rated 18 for parental guardians with scenes of nudity. It also features comedian, Angel Michael for guest appearance.


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