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12 Reasons Why Most Liberian Celebrities Have Inactive Facebook Fan Pages

By: Berenice Mulubah 

Why are most Liberian celebrities Facebook fan pages boring and inactive?  Simple answer, because it takes a lot of hard work to run a fan page than a profile.  Most don't want to put in the work. Most of our celebrities rather market themselves on their Facebook profile or group, which is less beneficial to the overall goal, than on their fan pages, which is more profitable for building a fan base.  Think about this, why settle for less, when you can have more by putting in the time and effort?  For those who cares to build that fan base and increase their online presence and look more legit, slow down on the profile and group posting, put all energy on the fan page.  Yes, it will take time and hard work, but you will benefit in the end.  Here are some tips on how to run your fan page and increase your following.  

1. Amazing Cover Photo

You want an amazing image that will draw fans in.  Have that bad*** picture on the top.

2.  Use An Engaging Profile Photo

Your Cover Photo is important for first impressions, but your profile photo is what your fans will see every day (or whenever you post). Make sure that you put some thought into this. Show your face, let it be clear as day, let it brighten up your page. 

3.  Create Tabs That Drive Your Goals 

Your tabs (the four featured boxes plus the eight hidden below them) are your opportunity to drive your goals. Create tabs to tell more about your brand, sell product, drive subscriptions or feature a contest.

4. Use your Insights

Brands love to ignore Facebook Insights. Lots of stats, lots of numbers. Math is hard or something. But Facebook Insights are incredibly… insightful! When used properly, you will get a better idea of what types of content your fans respond to and when they’re more likely to engage. If you ignore Insights, you’re spittin’ in the wind. I’m not real sure what that means, but you end up with spit on you. Hahaha

5. Respond to Fans

It’s not a one way street, people! When you share an update, your job is not done for the day. If you’re doing it right, your fans will Like or even comment. When they comment, this is a sign that they want to engage with you. Take them up on it! Continue the conversation. Respond to their thoughts. Maybe they have concerns. Address them! Ignoring them will result in a missed opportunity. Responding will build brand advocates!

6. Allow fans to message you

Go to Admin Panel > Edit Page > Manage Permissions and make sure that you have the box checked to show the “Message” button. When this button is available, your fans can privately message you. Think this is a bad idea? Think again. Your fans don’t always want to communicate publicly. Sometimes they may want a personal touch. And in most cases, these people will ones most likely to be a long-term customer.
Just make sure you respond!

7. Share diverse content

Don’t just share status updates. Don’t just share links. Share a little bit of everything. That doesn’t mean you ignore status updates and links. Certainly share them, too. But also share videos and photos. Share content of others. And use the Questions app for quick questions and feedback.
In the end, keep things interesting!

8. Share Photos

There is no type of content that generates better response than photos. Share them!When you share photos, it takes up more space than a link thumbnail in a fan’s News Feed. And it’s more eye catching than a status update. Find creative ways to share photos whenever possible to increase engagement!

9. Be Brief

Your fans aren’t on Facebook to read your stuff. I know, it’s crazy. But they’re friends with a few hundred people and Like another 100 or more brands besides you. I’m not telling you this to hurt your feelings. I’m telling you this because brevity is important. Your fans are scanning their News Feeds, looking for interesting information. If you write a book, they’ll ignore it.
Be brief. A study by Buddy Media said that the most successful Facebook posts use fewer than 80 characters. That’s not easy. But use it as a goal!

10. Prompt a Response

Don’t just write a post that says… I read this… it’s great… blah, blah, blah… see ya…
Write a post that says…
I read this… it’s great… blah, blah, blah…
What do you think? Like it? Love it? Do it? Should I like it?

Don’t expect fans to automatically know they should respond. Actually ask for it. Either end with a question that will encourage a response, or come right out and ask for a Like, comment and share. Such posts are much more likely to result in a desired action!

11. Run Facebook ads to increase engagement

I do this all the time.  I actually heard that some folks were gossiping that I do buy likes.  I believe that I need to spend money, to make money. Don’t just sit back and feel bad for yourself when only 16% of your fans see an important post. Understand that due to time online, not much more than that should be expected. Embrace it! Run Promoted Posts. Pay the $5 or $10 to reach more of your fans.

12. Run Facebook ads to increase Likes

You’re rocking your Page. Your current fans love you. You even grow naturally because your current fans engage so much that your stories are regularly shared with their friends. But you are impatient. You want to grow faster. You can, with the help of ads!
Create ads and sponsored stories that target non-fans. Bring in new fans by focusing on people with specific interests related to your Page or of people who are friends of your current fans.

I'm not going to lie to you, running a fan page takes work, but it is good for entertainment business, great for marketing yourself.  If you don't have the time and motivation to run your fan page, you can always hire a social media specialist like Berenice Mulubah. :-)
Good luck guys.


  1. Nice tips Berenice.. keep it up. You're proudly Liberian

  2. Nice tips Berenice.. keep it up. You're proudly Liberian


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