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Exclusive Interview: Sarita Sackie CEO of Untamed Colors

Sarita Sackie CEO of Untamed Colors

 Liberians are making great strides within the Beauty industry.  Every week, new products and companies owned by Liberians, pop up on the beauty industry scene.   This week, we had a chit chat with a young entrepreneur within the industry,  Ms. Sarita Sackie, CEO of Untamed Colors. 

     Could you give our audience a brief introduction?

·         My name is Sarita Sackie.   I am an entrepreneur and makeup artist. My father is Kpella and my mom is Bassa.  I was born and raised in the Tri State area. I am an American chicken, lol.  Like many first generation born Liberians in America, I’ve had to find a balance between growing up in America and my Liberian roots. I’m thankful to have such a large family and community.  The values I’ve learned about family, culture, and respect are the drums that beat my heart and spirit and I will always carry with me. American chicken or not, lol.

      What are some steps you took early on to become a recognized entrepreneur?
·         Whether we realize it or not, many Liberians have an entrepreneur mindset. Growing up, my grandmother ran and still is running a cook shop from her home, and later a restaurant. During the summer months, when it was warm, she would sell her roasted meat and chicken along the sidewalks of Park Hill Staten Island with other old ma’s. Sometimes during the July 26th games, I would join her, selling sodas that I purchased for 25 cents for $1. That’s a 75 percent markup and big money to a child! So from early on, I was exposed to entrepreneurship. That helped me to realize that I want to be my own boss and own my own company. 

 Could you share with us some of your branding experience? What did you learn about branding from your experience? 
·         Branding is one of those things that is super important for your business, but also ever evolving. One of my favorite quotes is from Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn, he said “If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late”.  That’s my motto for everything I do, because it reminds me to just do it! So many times we have these wonderful ideas but we are afraid to put them out there, because we perceive it as imperfect. The difference between an idea and a business, is action.  Is my business perfect No, but I’m learning a lot along the way about my business that will help it continue to grow and succeed. Such as my target market, what products work, gaining sales experience, making connections with influential people, just to name a few. Had I waited I would’ve never been where I am, to do what I do, and on my way to a better tomorrow

      What separates Untamed Colors from other beauty products on the market? 
·         Untamed Colors is more than just makeup, it’s an attitude and a state of mind. When you have what feels like a world against you and your very essence,  it’s easy to choose the path of negativity and resentment. Instead, choose to even out your skin tone with our HD Foundation that comes in a wide range of shades, lengthen and curl your lashes with our ultimate volume mascara, and pop on one of our many  lipsticks. What makes us different is the fact that I aim to empower women by teaching them the benefits of feeling their best and looking their best. We are creating an army of tameless spirits who unapologetic and embracing their femininity as an armor to maneuver in this difficult world. 

     This is a news and gossip blog, you can't end this interview with leaving us with some juicy gossip.  Are you in a relationship?  If so, how long have you been in this relationship? If not, are you open to being in one?
·         Lol.  Yes, I am in a relationship! We’ve been together for about 2 years! I think it’s important to find someone who wants you to grow as well as willing to grow with you!


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